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Katie Couric on Ann Curry departure: 'It really broke my heart to see'

From one former Today co-host to another: You’re going to be fine.

Katie Couric was taking questions during her web show yesterday, and naturally, the topic of Ann Curry’s departure came up. “It really broke my heart this morning to see Ann, because I know she’s suffering and feeling a lot of pain with this transition,” she said. “It’s really hard for everyone on the show.… This kind of tumult is really hard for everyone.”

Couric said she didn’t have any insider knowledge of the negotiations, but stressed that she thought Curry was a great reporter, and echoed what Curry herself said about her passion for covering important international stories — which will be Curry’s job in her new role. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'Game of Thrones' wraps up season 2. Plus: 'Prometheus,' E3, and Bonnaroo

Just when you thought Sunday night TV couldn’t cause more smoke to pour from your overtaxed DVR, tonight’s Game of Thrones season finale will run 10 minutes long, invading into the penultimate episode of Mad Men, all the while competing with the MTV Movie Awards. Next Sunday, the season premiere of True Blood and the season finale of Mad Men run up against the 66th Annual Tony Awards. It’s. Just. Too. Much!

Fortunately, there are six other days in the week, and plenty to occupy your time. There’s dark literary thrillers to devour, alt-y music festivals at the foot of the Smoky Mountains to enjoy, and the giant gaming confab known as E3 to overwhelm the senses. And then Friday, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus bursts into the multiplex, hugging the faces of filmgoers nationwide. Enjoy!


Game of Thrones season finale, HBO, 9 p.m. ET

How will Tyrion handle the return of his father, the true Hand of the King? What will Daenerys do to retrieve her dragons? How will Arya fare upon escaping Harrenhal? READ FULL STORY

Katie Couric and Sarah Palin's morning showdown is nearly upon us: Who will YOU watch? -- POLL

Batten down the hatches, morning show watchers! A storm will be brewing tomorrow at precisely the same time as your cup o’ Joe. As we reported yesterday, Sarah Palin will guest host the Today show tomorrow morning. Elsewhere on the airwaves, Palin’s former nemesis Katie Couric, a beloved former Today anchor, will be in her second day of a week-long stint at Good Morning America.

Under normal circumstances, this head-on competition between two such charismatic and formidable figures is the stuff producers pray to the ratings gods for. Add to that the contentious relationship between the news anchor and the conservative political star, and now you have a full-on media event. Below, refresh your memory of Couric and Palin’s first encounter, then tell us which woman you’ll be watching. READ FULL STORY

Katie Couric's talk show will be called 'Katie.' Enough already with the eponymous talk show titles?

In the grand tradition of Oprah, Ellen, and Anderson, former CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric’s syndicated daytime talk show — debuting in September 2012 on ABC affiliates — will be called Katie. Judging by the look of the pastels ‘n’ purple promo pic to your right, Katie will be shot in soft focus from my bedroom circa 1994. READ FULL STORY

Katie Couric calls Sarah Palin 'fascinating,' says Donald Trump acted like 'a jackass'

What has Katie Couric been up to since her stint on the CBS Evening News came to an end last month? Well, as the TV vet told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show Monday, she’s been helping her daughter study for her final exams, discovering the wonders of tequila and karaoke, and getting ready for her next project: an Oprah-esque daytime talk show for ABC. But because anyone interviewing Couric is legally obligated to bring up Sarah Palin, Leno also took a few moments to ask the former anchor whether she thinks Palin’s going to actually run for president in 2012.

“You know, I think that’s anyone’s guess,” Couric answered. “Sometimes, she’ll retreat for awhile and then she’ll pop back up. I think she’s really fascinating. She’s really polarizing — I think even people who don’t like her are fascinated by her. They’re almost motivated by their dislike of her.”

Fair enough! But what does Couric think of Donald “I Will Not Seek The Presidency” Trump, who recently said that he might actually run for president after all? (Sigh.) “Because I live in New York, and I’ve seen Donald at various events, you know, he actually can be a very, very nice person with a good heart,” said Couric. “But I think he was just acting like a jackass for awhile, don’t you?” READ FULL STORY

'The Colbert Report': On a bathroom quest, Stephen encounters David Letterman and Katie Couric

Last night, Stephen Colbert let us in on a little secret: Everyone who works at Viacom — the company behind networks including Comedy Central and CBS — has to share a single bathroom, which is located on the set of The Colbert Report. (The arrangement’s particularly tough on Craig Ferguson, Stephen told us — “He has to fly in from L.A.”) They also share a single bathroom key. Naturally, when someone wants to pay a visit to the porcelain throne, things can get a little complicated. Watch the clip below to see Stephen make a surprise appearance on the set of The Late Show, then get caught unaware by a certain newswoman once he finally makes it past the bathroom door. READ FULL STORY

Katie Couric to depart from CBS Evening News, so who should host next?

After nearly five years as the anchor for the CBS Evening News, Katie Couric officially announced today that she would be departing the program. Couric will reportedly be pursuing other projects, one of which may include a daytime talk show that she would co-host with her former Today Show cohort/Thanksgiving Day parade commentator Matt Lauer.

While we can’t wait to see what Couric does next (hey, if Gwyneth Paltrow can keep returning to Glee, she can, too!) we’re equally curious about who will take over her post on the Evening News. The rumored front-runners for the job include equally qualified newscasters like Scott Pelley, Harry Smith and Russ Mitchell, but who else could possibly be her successors?  READ FULL STORY

Katie Couric stops by 'Today,' stays tight-lipped about her future plans

Yesterday, Katie Couric got a little testy when Barbara Walters pushed her to reveal what she’ll be doing after she leaves the CBS Evening News. But Couric was a lot more relaxed discussing the subject today on Today — maybe because this time, her interviewer was old pal and former colleague Matt Lauer. Even so, she didn’t reveal much about what’s next, saying only that she’s “really excited about the future” and is “in the middle of figuring it out.” Couric did, however, reveal that she’d love to have a smart, syndicated show in which she covers “a whole host of subjects” like medicine and health, controversial social issues, and politics. Hmm — possibly alongside old pal and former colleague Lauer?

Watch Couric’s appearance at her old stomping grounds below. READ FULL STORY

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