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'Vampire Diaries': Say goodbye to Katherine Pierce by reliving some of her best moments -- VIDEO

It’s official, Vampire Diaries fans. The evil doppelganger we fell in love with in season 1 has left the building. Literally — she was dragged out of the church (seemingly to hell).

And as dramatic and Katherine-esque as that exit was, we will forever miss her coy little smile, her witty remarks, and of course, that walk. So to honor the fallen Katerina Petrova, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite oh-so-Katherine moments from seasons 1 through 5 for one last look at the first woman who stole (and then broke) the hearts of both Salvatore brothers.

Watch our supercut below: READ FULL STORY

Watch Katherine Pierce be 'So Very Katherine' in our 'Vampire Diaries' supercut -- VIDEO


After 500 years on the run as a vampire, Katherine Pierce is finally human. And with The Vampire Diaries‘ 100th episode centering around the potentially dying woman, we thought it would only be fair to relive some of Katherine Pierce’s feistiest moments. After all, this is the woman who made both Original brothers fall for her hundreds of years before she made both Salvatore brothers fall for her. Then, five seasons ago, she burst onto the Mystic Falls scene in the Vampire Diaries‘ season one finale. She was Elena’s evil doppelganger who had a flair for flirting, a bit of a jealousy problem, and a definite love of the dramatic threat.

Watch Katherine Pierce be “So Very Katherine” with our supercut below: READ FULL STORY

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