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'House of Cards' premiere react: Blood on the Tracks

Whoa. Whoa! And in the middle of the season premiere no less. There were many great moments in the House of Cards  season 2 opener — some funny, some creepy, many nasty — but all of them pale next to the Cathedral Station shocker. [SPOILERS AHEAD!]

It took me two viewings of the premiere to grasp the insidiousness of the conversation between Claire and Francis in bed, the episode’s pivotal exchange. “You haven’t said a word,” Claire said. “No,” said Frank. “Where does that leave us?” she wondered. “I’m fully prepared and I have been for some time,” he answered. “I know you’ll do whatever you think is best,” she said approvingly, before leaning over to rest her chilly face on her husband’s cold heart. It was a great scene with very little said. They could have been talking about any banal subject a married couple debates before lights out: switching cable providers, telling the neighbor his bamboo was encroaching on their property. Anything! But before we descend into the Metro bowels with Francis and Zoe, let’s back up to the beginning. READ FULL STORY

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