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Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael take on 'Les Mis' like you've never seen before


Stars! They’re just like us: They perform silly reenactments of the “Confrontation” scene from Les Misérables whenever they can.

Proving there’s never a time when Les Mis isn’t relevant, real-life BFFs and your fantasy friends Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael took on the iconic number from the musical and attempted to perform it in a way the youths of today could understand it — by setting the memorable song at a music video-ready house party that seems more likely to welcome Justin Bieber than prisoner 24601.

Wilson channels Jean Valjean, although this time, the chains of bondage are really just cool chain necklaces. Meanwhile, viewers can mourn being deprived Raphael’s Javert on the big screen — Russell Crowe has got nothing on her high heels & sunglasses combo.

Watch below: READ FULL STORY

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April Fools' Comedy Day: June Diane Raphael on 'Burning Love,' her fave karaoke song from 'Les Mis,' and more

This April Fools’ Day we decided our readers deserved a good laugh. But since a website can neither get collectively engaged nor pregnant we realized we needed some help. So we interviewed five comedians with upcoming project. Get to know them as they answer our April Questionnaire. Then check out more of their comedy online.   

Get to know June Diane Raphael

June plays Jess’ gynecologist on New Girl (look forward to her returning this season).  She killed it on Burning Love as bachelorette Julie Gristlewhite (season 3 premieres April 12 on Yahoo! Screen). You can check out How Did This Get Made? a podcast where she, along with Jason Mantzoukas and her husband Paul Scheer, playfully talks about terrible/misunderstood movies. Plus, she just finished filming the ABC pilot Pulling with Jenny Slate and Kristen Schaal.  READ FULL STORY

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