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Oscar Too-Due List: Which never-nominated actors really deserve a nod?

Not every great actor wins an Academy Award. (Rest in peace, Peter O’Toole.*) In fact, simply getting nominated for an Oscar or two might be the truer measure of excellence. There have been plenty of actors with as many Oscar statues as Paul Newman — one! — but few can hold a candle to his nine nominations, which represent a lifetime of brilliance.

But before an actor can pile up multiple nominations like Newman or O’Toole or Al Pacino, he or she needs that first nod. Sounds simple enough. Last year, four actors heard their name called for the first time, and when this year’s nominations are read on Jan. 16, several more — like Chiwetel Ejiofor — are likely to join the club.

Once an actor gets that prefix attached to her name — “Oscar-nominee” — voters seem more inclined to bestow it again and again. But getting that first nomination sometimes seems as hard as earning that first $1 million. Inevitably, there will be some great actors and great performances that will get passed over this year — again. For some young actors, it might be a slight disappointment tempered by a bright future that hopefully will bring other opportunities. But for other, more seasoned actors, every near-miss is a thud to the mid-section that can echo like a chiming grandfather clock.

It’s these “unrecognized” actors that highlight our Oscar Too-Due List. Some of them are Oscar contenders this year; others might not be in the mix but have been regularly overlooked by the Academy. I don’t approve when Oscar unofficially hands out career-achievement awards in the form of a nomination, but here is a list of 20 actors who are overdue for some love: READ FULL STORY

Celebs stumble over their words -- for a good cause -- at HFPA luncheon

Acronym mix-ups and stumbles over teleprompter intros were the comic relief of Tuesday’s Hollywood Foreign Press Association luncheon, where a host of bold-faced names from film and TV gathered to accept grants for various arts-related philanthropic organizations.

“If anything’s been made clear to me today, it’s definitely the fact that I don’t think a single actor in Hollywood can read,” Jonah Hill joked while accepting a grant for four Los Angeles film organizations, including American Cinematheque and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Hill — who was one of the few who didn’t stumble over his speech – saved the day after a slew of screw ups from the likes of Dermot Mulroney and Piper Perabo, Olivia Wilde, Julie Delpy, and Demian Bichir — who mispronounced the word Chicano while introducing a grant for various L.A. educational institutions. “How can you screw that up?” the event’s emcee Eva Longoria ribbed. “It’s Chicano Studies! You’re Mexican!”

But it was all in good fun. Longoria was quick to point out that at this event — unlike the famously bacchanalian bash the organization puts on in January each year, the Golden Globes — “Nobody’s drunk, there are typos in the teleprompter!”

Slurred words aside, the event brought together stars from all walks of Hollywood, from Vince Vaughn to Liam Hemsworth to 1950s star Marcia Hunt, at the Beverly Hilton to celebrate some of their favorite causes.

'Before Midnight' Reddit AMA: Seven insights from Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke, Richard Linklater

Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke, and Richard Linklater continue to make the rounds promoting their latest film, Before Midnight, as it exands its release this weekend. Following Hawke’s amusing Reddit AMA (“ask me anything”) last week tied to his indie thriller The Purge, he decided to come back and bring his Before collaborators with him.

Although they probably weren’t all sitting in the same room, hovering over a single computer, answering questions like “who is the most romantic?” (Answer: Julie), we’d prefer to imagine that the above photo is actually documenting the Reddit session. Regardless, the Before Midnight co-writers were their charming, insightful selves and even answered a few burning questions, including whether or not there is a Dazed and Confused sequel in the works.

Linklater also teased Hawke for his success with The Purge, joking that in five years, Hawke will already be filming The Purge 7. Check out some of the top moments from the Reddit session below.

'Before Midnight' stars Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke take EW's Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


Lest you think Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are only capable of charming, witty banter when it’s pre-scripted and directed by Richard Linklater, EW challenged the two Before Midnight stars to take our Pop Culture Personality Test and we were delighted by the result. The actors have been working together for 18 years, and it shows. Together, they have a nice casualness that has nothing to do with the sometimes- fraught characters they portray in the Before series. Frankly, now we kind of want to see a movie about Delpy and Hawke wandering around some exotic locale, chatting about their pop-culture faves and memories.

In the meantime, check out what movies they will always stop to watch on television (try to guess which Linklater film Hawke chose before playing the clip!), the adult culture they consumed too young, their favorite pop culture possessions, and more. READ FULL STORY

Before 'Before Sunrise' and the complicated appeal of origin stories

While Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy seem made for each other in the trilogy of movies starting with Before Sunrise, it’s director Richard Linklater’s experience that brought their on-screen romance to fruition. In 1989, a young Linklater met a woman in a toy store in Philadelphia. They spent the day walking, and talking, and falling for each other in that enthusiastic, earnest way that’s only ever possible on a first meeting. And if it sounds familiar, it should. Linklater’s day with Amy Lehrhaupt, which he’s only recently discussed more openly in the press, inspired him to make Before Sunrise, 1995′s tale of a 20-something French girl (Delpy) and an American boy (Hawke) who meet on a train and decide to be reckless and carefree for a few hours. As Slate’s BrowBeat blog explains in depth based on an interview in The Times of London, the real life story is far more sobering than the 18-year saga that audiences have been treated to with Céline and Jesse. READ FULL STORY

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