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'Boys' -- a 'Girls' parody starring Daniel Craig's son, Craig, and Wolf Blitzer's son, Bear

Girls, HBO’s Emmy-nominated series starring Lena Dunham, has had its share of controversy. Which inevitably leads to parodies, such as this Judd-Apatow-approved fake trailer for a new show called Boys, a nepotism-heavy exploration of twenty-something life in L.A. The show is complete with “Daniel Craig’s son” Craig Craig, rambling talks about joblessness, and, of course, a gratuitous amount of nudity.

The trailer gets bonus points for expertly satirizing specifics such as Shoshanna’s constant talk about her virginity and Marnie and Charlie’s co-dependent relationship.

Favorite exchange:

“Put some f—in pants on!”

“I’m in my twenties!”

Check out the probably NSFW video below: READ FULL STORY

James Franco disses 'Girls': 'I can't see me in the show'

James Franco has some tough love for Hannah Horvath, Lena Dunham’s struggling New York writer in HBO’s Girls: “Get a f—ing job.”

The Oscar-nominated actor and first-generation F.O.J. (Friend of Judd Apatow, Girls executive producer) took on the polarizing new show in an essay on The Huffington Post titled “A Dude’s Take on Girls.” Franco acknowledged the more familiar criticisms — that the quartet of New Yorkers are privileged, self-absorbed young women who seemingly live in a demographic bubble that doesn’t reflect the racial diversity of the city — but his bigger issue with the show is its portrayal of the male characters. “The guys in the show are the biggest bunch of losers I’ve ever seen,” he wrote. “I know this sorry representation of men is fair payback for the endless parade of airheaded women on the West Coast male counterpart to Girls, Entourage…”

Click below for more. READ FULL STORY

Kristen Wiig: What are the 'SNL' MVP's career prospects?

Kristen Wiig made her final regular appearance on Saturday Night Live last week with a moving send-off that was grander and more heartfelt than the sketch show has given a cast member in quite some time. With half a dozen film projects in the works, Wiig is poised to launch into a long, successful career on the A-list. But then again so was David Spade, Jimmy Fallon, and Tina Fey. While those SNL vets have all flourished in television, Wiig has made no move toward the small screen, and it’s harder to become a bankable star on the level of Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, and Eddie Murphy. Can Wiig leverage her Bridesmaids success to become SNL‘s first major female breakout film star? And, if so, where would she fit in the industry? EW reached out to some authorities on the show’s history to determine Wiig’s chances for headliner success.

“It’s a weird thing, having that SNL brand attached to you when you move from the show to movies,” acknowledges Nick Marx, a Media and Cultural Studies Fellow at the University of Wisconsin. “That assumption is there that successful stars of SNL will eventually leave the show and go on into movies. It’s really a decidedly mixed bag as far as whether it’s an advantage or not when you begin a movie career.” So will she go the route of Ferrell or the way of Chris Kattan? READ FULL STORY

'Girls' trailer: A new platform for Lena Dunham and a welcome TV return for Judd Apatow

It was easy to see from its teaser trailers why HBO’s Girls was already being hailed as the anti-Sex and the City. (Though hailing it as the antidote to Entourage would be equally applicable.) It’s also easy to see why the series, and its rising star Lena Dunham (who seems to be more Liz Lemon than Carrie Bradshaw, anyway) is already garnering buzz: Girls is hitting all the right notes at the right time. (Could you imagine enjoying SATC the same way if it had come out during the recession? Or hearing Carrie worry that she could only survive in New York City “for three-and-a-half more days. Maybe seven, if I don’t eat lunch”?)

'Bridesmaids' becomes the highest-grossing Judd Apatow movie: Which is your favorite?

Bridesmaids officially became the highest-grossing Judd Apatow-produced movie at the domestic box office yesterday. After 49 days in theaters, the raunchy female comedy has pulled in an impressive $149.4 million, edging out Apatow’s previous best performer, Knocked Up, which earned $148.7 million in 2008. Apatow has already taken some time to gloat to Deadline’s Nikki Finke, who (along with many others) predicted the film would stall at the box office: “I am so delighted to confirm that I was right and you were wrong… From now on when you say something which hurts me, I will remember to read your early Bridesmaids opinions and predictions and that will soothe me.” Ouch!

Bridesmaids opened to a solid $26.2 million in its first weekend in May, and in the frames that followed, it displayed remarkable resilience. While most other summer movies were falling by about 40-60 percent per weekend, the bridal comedy posted tiny drops of just 20, 21, 27, 16, 30, and 26 percent over the next seven weekends, signaling terrific word-of-mouth. The honeymoon isn’t over for Bridesmaids, either — the Kristin Wiig laugher is still raking in money, and it should have no trouble breaking the $160M plateau in a few weeks. Congrats, ladies!

It may have made the most money, but is Bridesmaids at the top of your Apatow rankings? How does the comedy stack up against the super-producer’s other hits like Anchorman, Knocked Up, Superbad, and Step Brothers? Vote in the poll below:

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Megan Fox may join Judd Apatow's next film: Can comedy save her career?

Megan Fox starred in two of the biggest movies ever made, but both of those movies were called Transformers, and Fox didn’t have much to do in either one besides bare her midriff and stare blankly at special effects. Fox’s real genius was in self-promotion. She had a knack for tossing out brilliantly casual soundbites (She had a crush on a lady stripper! She compared Michael Bay to Adolf Hitler!). She talked about sex and had lots of gonzo tattoos, which made her seem like the hot-zombie-resurrection of Angelina Jolie 2001. But Fox’s first major starring role, 2009’s horror-comedy-something Jennifer’s Body, was a miserable flop, and since then she’s only appeared in the terrible Jonah Hex and the equally-terrible-but-fortunately-barely released Passion Play. Which makes the Hollywood Reporter‘s claim that Megan Fox is currently negotiating to star in Judd Apatow’s next movie seem like a true watershed moment for the actress. Since Fox is currently filming a role in Jennifer Westfeldt’s comedy Friends with Kids, it’s worth asking: Can Fox kickstart her career by moving into comedy? READ FULL STORY

Judd Apatow solicits jokes to top Ricky Gervais at PGA Awards: Pitches?

Judd-ApatowImage Credit: Chris Hatcher/PR PhotosAs Judd Apatow has noted, he’s “fanning controversy to help ratings for a show not being televised.” But still, it’s a good exercise in comedy. The host of Jan. 22’s Producers Guild of America Awards is a fan of Ricky Gervais, but appears to have been disappointed with his performance at last Sunday’s Golden Globes. “I thought Joan Rivers did a wonderful job hosting the Golden Globes tonight,” he tweeted after the ceremony. “Ricky Gervais should do an episode of Extras where he hosts the Golden Globes and is out of tune. Cut to female friend looking disappointed,” he followed. Then, the zinger: “The Santa Clause was better than The Invention of Lying.” When one of his followers seconded his praise of The Santa Clause – it was a legitimately good movie —  he answered her, “That’s my point! As was Toy Story. Mean is too lazy for RG.” (In a PopWatch poll yesterday, 22 percent of readers thought Gervais went too far.) READ FULL STORY

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann to reprise 'Knocked Up' roles: What other supporting characters deserve the star treatment?

knocked-upImage Credit: Suzanne HanoverPaul Rudd and Leslie Mann are getting back together for a movie! I adored them in Knocked Up! His boys’ night out to Vegas. Her girls’ night out to dance. Her flirtation with Jason Segel. His flirtation with fantasy baseball. But … there’s more! Variety reports that the duo are actually reprising their Knocked Up characters for Judd Apatow’s next project, set for the summer of 2012. Holy Aldous Snow!

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Not-a-Forgetting-Sarah-Marshall-sequel-but-sorta, Get Him to the Greek, but I’m open to this idea. Their married couple was sweet, hilarious, and real, and if Apatow, who’s writing and directing, has more for them to say and do, I’m more than willing to take this trip with them. But spinning off a sequel, instead of making a straightforward follow-up about a hit’s main characters — Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen are not confirmed for this go-around — made me think, What supporting characters from my favorite comedies would I most like to see (or have seen) get the star treatment?

Since you (or I) asked, here’s my list: READ FULL STORY

Judd Apatow gets celebrities to support American Jewish World Service: Challah!

Wanna hear a secret? Tracy Morgan is not Jewish. But of course, you don’t have to be Jewish — or any other religion for that matter — to support a good cause. Writer/director Judd Apatow recently collected some of Hollywood’s funniest and most notable celebrities for a mock public service announcement (“not approved by AJWS”) in support of the American Jewish World Service‘s 25th anniversary. The tongue-in-cheek video features non-gentiles and gentiles alike poking fun at Jewish stereotypes. Highlights include Lindsay Lohan’s own dig at her financial woes (“These things pay well, right?”) and Brian Williams quoting our friend Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof. READ FULL STORY

Excess Hollywood: Judd Apatow's next film expected in 2012

  • Expect the next Judd Apatow film in two summers, fellow freaks and geeks: Universal announced the director’s upcoming unknown comedic venture will hit theaters June 1, 2012. [Deadline]
  • Speaking of Apatow, Jemima Kirke, Adam Driver, and Allison Williams — a.k.a. Brian Williams’ daughter — have been cast in an HBO comedy pilot executive produced by the director. The pilot follows three 20-somethings in New York. I can’t wait to write about it in Brian’s Diaries. [Deadline]
  • Vh1 has greenlit a reality series set in West Hollywood’s Saddle Ranch Chop House, a restaurant known for its reality star clientele and a mechanical bull. The real protagonists of the series? Saddle Ranch’s janitors. [THR]

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