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Comic-Con Documentary: Morgan Spurlock, Stan Lee, and Joss Whedon do a superhero team-up

comic-con-documentaryImage Credit: Denis Poroy/AP ImagesThere are two ways to look at the San Diego Comic Convention, aka Comic-Con, the annual nerd mecca that started out as a massive fanboy swap meet and has become a central component of Hollywood’s pop culture calendar. From one perspective, it’s the story of The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth: a generation of Alan Moore obsessives who grew up to dominate film and TV. From another, more cynical perspective, it’s a vintage Dark Phoenix situation, as in, “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.” In this telling, what started out as an oasis for passionate megafans became a big-budget farmer’s market, a place for videogame companies and movie studios to peddle their wares to an adoring crowd of opinionated bloggers.

Both perspectives have some validity. Judging by the title and the talent involved, my guess is that Morgan Spurlock’s upcoming documentary, Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope, will lean more towards the sunshine. READ FULL STORY

'Glee' promo: Already obsessed with 'Dream On'?

Confession: I may have rewound the promo for next week’s episode of Glee, featuring Neil Patrick Harris as Matthew Morrison’s old rival and current nightmare, three times. And when I say “the promo,” I really mean just the three seconds of Harris and Morrison belting “Dream On.” That number has a lot to live up to: According to PopWatch polls, Harris was by far the Glee guest star readers were most looking forward to in the second half of the season, and this duet was the most-anticipated number. I find it sort of odd that the promo didn’t mention that the episode is directed by Joss Whedon, but perhaps Fox thinks anyone that matters to already knows. Watch the promo (again) after the jump. How many times did you rewind? How confident are you that “Dream On” will end up being as awesome as Harris’ flashback mullet?

Lady Gaga, Neil Patrick Harris make the 'Time 100'

Neil-Patrick-Harris-Lady-GagaImage Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images; Koichi Kamoshida/Getty ImagesTime has released its annual list of the world’s most influential people — 100 artists, heroes, leaders, and thinkers who affect our world. You’ll find Iron Man director Jon Favreau explaining how Elon Musk was the inspiration for Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark in Thinkers, and Bono waxing poetic on Bill Clinton and Robert De Niro riffing on Ben Stiller (StillerStrong.org) in Heroes. But obviously, it’s the Artists category we flipped to first. Among those making the cut: Conan O’Brien, Glee‘s Lea Michele, Lost‘s Carlton Cruse and Damon Lindelof, James Cameron, Sandra Bullock, Simon Cowell, Robert Pattinson, Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, District 9 director Neill Blomkamp, Elton John, Prince, Ricky Gervais, Ashton Kutcher, Penny Arcade’s Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, fashion designer Marc Jacobs, chef David Chang, conductor Valery Gergiev, blogger Han Han, artist Banksy, and authors Suzanne Collins and Chetan Bhagat. Three of the write-ups that stood out for me: READ FULL STORY

Clip du jour: '8-bit Dr. Horrible'

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is the nerd gift that keeps on giving: Sure, it’s almost two years old at this point, but the fan videos just keep coming. (Recall the epic fan-made prequel.) This 8-bit movie from Doctor Octoroc is brain-searingly excellent: READ FULL STORY

Patton Oswalt talks about his 'Firefly' comic book

Serenity-comic-floatImage Credit: Dark HorsePatton Oswalt is a bigger Firefly geek than you. The stand-up comic and actor was so taken with the canceled Fox series, he couldn’t stop pestering creator Joss Whedon with questions about it on the set of Dollhouse, on which Oswalt appeared for two episodes. Instead of getting fired, Oswalt got another job out of it. He’s writing the Wash-centric Serenity: Float Out, a Dark Horse comic coming out on June 2 that picks up where Serenity — the big screen version of the series — left off.

Oswalt recently talked with PopWatch about his love for Firefly — which was clearly evident in his voice — what readers can expect in Float Out, what makes Whedon so brilliant, and why Dr. Horrible is an “asshole.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I had no idea you were a Firefly fan.
PATTON OSWALT: Man, I really loved that show. It was such a bummer when it got canceled. Joss Whedon keeps creating these zeitgeist-grabbing, fun, brilliant shows that then Fox — It’s like he hands them over to an angry punk that throws them against the wall and ruins them. [Laughs] I don’t understand why he has this relationship. It’s so odd.

So you watched it when it was on Fox? You were a lover from the start?
Yes. I watched the first two episodes. This was just before I got my TiVo. They kept moving it around and I would miss it because I’d be traveling and doing stand-up. Then I watched the whole [thing] on DVD. Seeing it all like that, it made me love it. Then it made me love it defensively because at that point, it was already dead. It was like I was mourning this great thing that got beaten to the ground for no reason. READ FULL STORY

'Dr. Horrible' prequel is fan-made -- and fantastic

If you thought you were a big Dr. Horrible fan, well, you’re in for a treat — and a dressing down. A treat because this full-length prequel, “Horrible Turn,” is stellar; and a dressing down because it’s fan-made. Yes, it’s true: This epic backstory isn’t technically part of the Official Whedon Oeuvre — in fact, no one involved had ever worked on a movie at all. Director Chance McClain tells us in an e-mail that he loved the original Dr. Horrible both for its music and “the renegade way Joss Whedon and company went about putting it out,” so he decided to take a stab at it himself. “I, and later [the whole crew], wanted to hone our movie-making skills and thought this would be a fun way to do it,” he explains.

Part one of ten!:

And renegade it was: McClain says the entire film was self-funded. “We probably should have put ‘tax refunds’ in the credits.”


'Dollhouse': Where did it go wrong?

dollhouse-bts_lIn case you haven’t noticed, Dollhouse is tanking. It’s second season premiere didn’t perform well in the ratings, and last Friday’s episode did even worse — Stargate Universe kicked it in the cortex. Dollhouse is in very real danger of being canceled. Why isn’t it doing better? Where did Joss Whedon and company go wrong?

Perhaps that isn’t fair — the blame can’t be put on Whedon’s shoulders alone. There is Fox’s decision to leave Dollhouse on Friday nights, bereft of any real advertising support — a programming block of one. If Fox really wanted to give Dollhouse a chance, they’d have paired it with Bones or Fringe, and not after a pair of sitcoms (one of which stars Michael Strahan) that no one is watching. Stargate Universe did well because Syfy Channel has been pushing it relentlessly, hammering it into their audience that something new is coming down the pike. READ FULL STORY

Happy 10th Anniversary, 'Angel'

That’s right, Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off debuted 10 years ago tonight. And, really, I can’t think of a better way to pay tribute than this clip, which combines two of my favorite things: the Angel opening credits — which, for my money, are the best of the Whedonverse — and a certain vampire who loves to cut a rug.

So, happy birthday, Angel. Thanks for a bevy of memorable moments — some of which we detailed in our 25 Best Whedonverse Episodes gallery — and thanks for proving that it takes (a) soul to get down.

Joss Whedon: Master of cult TV

ewu_logoFor the second class in our EW University course on TV Auteurs, Prof. Adam B. Vary offers this overview of the TV career of Joss Whedon, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Dollhouse. Also, check out this photo gallery of our favorite shows by four legendary showrunners.

buffy_lWhat Stephen Bochco (Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, NYPD Blue), Norman Lear (All in the Family, The Jeffersons), and Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone) were in the 20th century television, Joss Whedon has become today: Nothing less than a television brand. His name alongside the “Created by” credit during the opening titles guarantees you are about to watch a show that swings for the fences; a show as keenly attuned to its female characters as its male ones; a show that tackles Big Ideas and Big Themes without skimping on Great Entertainment; a show that is unafraid to Go There, from allowing the lead heroine or hero to make some profoundly unlikable choices to killing off a beloved character; a show that is steeped in genre tropes yet also lovingly tweaks them; and a show that has a tone, style, and voice so singular that it’s earned its own adjective: Whedonesque. READ FULL STORY

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