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'30 Rock' live: Top 6 differences between the East and West Coast feeds -- VIDEO

Anything can happen on live TV — including Sir Paul McCartney being replaced by the buxom reality star with the big behind. And as it did in 2010, 30 Rock embraced that ethos last night, airing slightly different episodes for East and West Coast audiences. (Both versions are now available on Hulu.) So, what did you miss if you only saw the episode that aired in your time zone? Here are the major ways the West Coast Feed (WCF) differed from the East Coast Feed (ECF):

1. Kim Kardashian stepped in for Paul McCartney
In the ECF, Kenneth shepherded the Beatle into Jack’s office to use his secret executive bathroom. In the WCF, Kim Kardashian got that honor instead. Both also showed up at the end of their respective episodes; McCartney revealed that he’d lost his memory, while Kardashian tweeted a photo and then revealed she had broken Jack’s toilet. Compare and contrast their appearances here: READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock': Discuss the series' second live show!

“Live television? Who cares?” Kenneth cares! And so do I. Tina Fey & Co. totally delivered on their second installment of the 30 Rock live show, and it featured special guests galore: Amy Poehler, Jon Hamm, Jimmy Fallon, Donald Glover, Fred Armisen, and even Sir Paul McCartney. You  know, because anything can happen on live TV! But on to the plot: In “Live From Studio 6H” Jack broke the news to Liz that it was no longer financially practical to continue shooting TGS live. Instead, they’d shoot the entire season of the show in two weeks. You  know, like Wheel of Fortune or Fox News.


Watch a striking Jon Hamm on 'Chris Hardwick's All Star Bowling' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

To the already superhuman list of things Jon Hamm can do — win Golden Globes, kill on SNL, pour a mean drink, fill out a suit like its nobody’s business, etc. — we have a new addition: The Mad Men star can effortlessly bowl a perfect strike. Need proof? Check out this exclusive video clip from Chris Hardwick’s All Star Bowling, a new show on YouTube’s The Nerdist Channel. (Note: The clip has some NSFW trash talk. And be sure to watch the show’s cool Mad Men-style promo afterward by clicking on the second video in the playlist below.) READ FULL STORY

Jon Hamm's '7 Minutes in Heaven' includes tickle spider, necking -- VIDEO

Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm is the latest guest on Saturday Night Live writer Mike O’Brien’s closet-set web chat show. You’ll think it doesn’t get any better than Hamm reading a leaked scene from the season finale or being attacked by a tickle spider. But it does. At the end.

Watch the episode below. READ FULL STORY

Coyote Handsome: Pre-fame Jon Hamm was Kelly Lynch's bartender

Before he became Don Draper, Jon Hamm made his living by playing a more masculine version of Piper Perabo’s Coyote Ugly character.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But according to actress Kelly Lynch (The L Word, Starz’s upcoming Magic City), the man who would be Dick Whitman did tend bar at the parties she’d throw with her husband, producer Mitch Glazer.

“He was the most gorgeous and adorable guy we’d ever met,” Lynch tells Xfinity TV. “All of the women would be lined up at the bar like alcoholics just to see him shake his martini shaker.” READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' refresher: Relive Don's many conquests -- VIDEO

Draper gets aroundSure, it’s fun to speculate about which beloved characters will return and which historical events will get airplay in Season 5 of Mad Men. But before barreling head first into Tomorrowland, let’s take a moment to remember some old friends — namely, the various ladies Don hooked up with in season 4.

Enterprising music engineer Jesse Pynigar has combed Mad Men‘s last season for footage of Don smooching, embracing, and… otherwise interacting with various ladies, then edited all those scenes into one glorious, quasi-SFW montage. (Office drones: Beware the sweaty back at 2:18.) The resulting supercut — perfectly set to Jack White’s “Love Interruption” — is a great way to brush up before season 5 premieres this Sunday. Then again, it’s also a little rough to watch, given how much we wish Don had chosen almost any of these ladies over Megan-Of-French-Extraction. You’re my girl, Faye!

Check out the video below. READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' TimesTalks panel: Will Joan and Roger reconnect in season 5?

Last night’s Mad Men TimesTalks panel featured creator Matthew Weiner and stars January Jones, Jon Hamm, John Slattery, Jared Harris, Christina Hendricks, and Vincent Kartheiser. It had a good host in New York Times culture reporter Dave Itzkoff, but it didn’t have much to say about the long-awaited fifth season, which starts this Sunday. In fact, audience members were warned before the Q&A not to even mention it—and no one did. But among all the chat about past seasons, eight or so interesting Mad Men tidbits did reveal themselves.

For all five seasons, John Slattery (Roger Sterling) has appeared in a scene shot on the first day of filming.
John Slattery: I think I’ve worked every year on the first day — somewhere on that first day. This year it was me and Elisabeth Moss and Jon was directing. And we were looking at each other — I think I was supposed to be drunk — and I looked at her and said, “Are you nervous?” and she said, “I’m terrified.” READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men': Will Don Draper still be married by the end of the upcoming season?

In one of our last glimpses of Mad Men‘s Don Draper last season, he was wearing a smile. Not a tight Draper smirk, but a goofy Dick Whitman grin. He’d just proposed to his secretary, Megan (Jessica Paré), and as Joan later snarked to her soldier boy in Vietnam, “He’s smiling like a fool like he’s the first man to marry his secretary.”

Don and Megan’s whirlwind romance took everyone by surprise — save Joan and Faye, perhaps. Everyone’s entitled to some happiness (ha!), and as Don confided to his new love, “I feel like myself when I’m with you.” Sweet…but for Don, that could be very troublesome. Because who is he exactly — four years in, we still don’t have a clue — and does being that person threaten everything else that he’s built?

In a way, Megan is the sweet girl that handsome, guileless Dick conceivably could have landed. She represents something true, something wholesome, something he’s lost since becoming Don. But like Betty before her, she doesn’t know his secret, and doesn’t that ultimately doom the marriage? Perhaps that’s inevitable anyhow. “I hope she knows you only like the beginning of things,” said Faye. How long before that boyish smile turns back into a clenched jaw? Creator Matthew Weiner recently told EW that the fallout from the proposal “will cast a shadow on the season to come,” and you could almost see the cloud returning to Don’s eyes in the finale’s last scene, as Megan snuggled up against his chest in bed.

I’m not convinced we’re going to see even a spec of marital bliss come Sunday. Hamm told The New York Times, “We don’t know if, in fact, they are married. A lot can happen between here and there.” Might Don or Megan have called off the hasty Disneyland engagement? Even if we find them playing house, how long do you give them together? I think Don’s bound to disappoint her — and himself.

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Happy Gratuitous Kardashian Skin-Peddling Day!

Jon who? Though currently embroiled in the most important semi-feud between two ridiculously attractive people since Sarah Hyland made fun of Lea Michele that one time in September, Kim Kardashian proved that she was totally over Jon Hamm by tweeting a smiley picture that gratuitously peddled her own hams. “Can’t sleep tonight…” was the winking caption she put on an Instagram photo boasting an impish grin that totally suggested the opposite. Who looks that happy when they’re suffering from sleep deprivation? I’m going to guess that Kim got at least seven hours last night.

Upon further research, evidence has emerged suggesting that Kim’s tweet was actually — get this — promotional. You see, the long-awaited Kardashian Kollection lingerie kollection has hit Sears, and the super-skintastic ad campaign was posted on sister Khloe’s website yesterday. “OMG how fab is this new ad for Kardashian Kollection lingerie?!?” Khloe wondered. “Nothing makes me feel sexier, plus it’s all so comfy! Killing two birds with one stone! LOL.” READ FULL STORY

Jon Hamm assures Kim Kardashian 'idiot' statement was 'not personal'

Not a “Mad Man,” so much as a “Mildly Miffed Man” (doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it?). Jon Hamm has responded to the reaction from Kim Kardashian regarding a statement he made to the U.K. edition of Elle. “Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated,” Hamm told the magazine. “Being a f—ing idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly…. It’s celebrated. It doesn’t make sense to me.” (We have no idea what he could possibly be referencing.)

Kardashian took offense to the statement and spoke her mind on Twitter, telling followers, “I just heard about the comment Jon Hamm made about me in an interview. I respect Jon and I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that not everyone takes the same path in life. We’re all working hard and we all have to respect one another. Calling someone who runs their own businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs, and creates, ‘stupid,’ is in my opinion careless.” (As of press time, there’s still no reaction from “Paris Hilton…or whoever.”)

So how did Hamm address Kim’s umbrage? Find out below.

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