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Jon Hamm hosting 'SNL' Halloween show on Oct. 30

jon-hammImage Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic.comJon Hamm will host Saturday Night Live for a third time, he announced Thursday during a sitdown with Jimmy Fallon. (Watch it below.) He’s set for the Halloween show on Oct. 30, which is nice for two reasons: The first time he hosted in 2008 was a Halloween show, and he loves New York around that holiday; though he doesn’t see himself playing Superman on the big screen, he would be up for a Superman sketch. “That I could definitely do,” he told Fallon, after addressing the Internet rumors that his name was on a studio shortlist for the Christopher Nolan-produced new Superman. Hamm confirmed what his rep told us earlier this week: “I certainly haven’t been informed of that,” he said. “Unless Superman’s power suddenly was the power of being really old….He’s really good at mall-walking…. I may be aged out of that competition.”

Besides a Superhamm sketch, what would you like to see the Mad Men star do this trip to Studio 8H? October’s looking like a good month for the show: Easy A star Emma Stone confirmed that she’ll be hosting SNL Oct. 23 to Fallon on Wednesday, calling it her “biggest dream.” Saturday Night Live returns for its 36th season on Sept. 25 with host Amy Poehler. READ FULL STORY

Jon Hamm's eyebrows even sexier, more expressive in the harsh light of morning television

Jon Hamm, TV’s Draper, appeared on this morning’s Today show to discuss The Town (out Friday; EW gives it an A-) and tickle us with an invisible feather about how of course he knows how the rest of Mad Men‘s season 4 will play out for drunkie Don, but we the loyal viewers will just have to wait. “I’m not going to spoil it for those who may want to watch,” he said as I thanked him with all of my heart for bestowing upon us such a benevolent favor.

Don’t worry, Hamm promises, The Town, Ben Affleck’s Boston-based film about cops and robbers, will be “lo-fi” with “no CGI.” Also, quick observation: “Star Market” is the perfect clichéd thing to say to let people know you’re attempting a Boston accent in a movie.

Five more cute Jon Hamm eyebrow shots — plus the actual video — after the break. These pics were made for tilin’, and that’s just what you’ll do. READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' taking the comic world by storm (even if Superhamm is just a dream)

mad-men-starsImage Credit: Landmark/PR Photos; Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Tommaso Boddi/PR PhotosWhat is it about cigarette-puffing Madison Avenue types that screams capes and super powers? Today’s most exciting rumor award goes to the gloriously welcome idea of Jon Hamm pulling on blue tights and taking that shiny black hair of his on a ride through the sky. The Mad Men star’s lantern jaw has long been bandied about as an obvious fit for a Superman reboot, with director/comic book geek Kevin Smith wholeheartedly endorsing the prospect last year. Today, unconfirmed reports have begun swirling again that Hamm is being “seriously considered” for the David Goyer-penned script that Christopher Nolan is producing for Warner Bros. Unfortunately, Hamm’s rep tells us that the actor hasn’t talked to anyone about the role. “This is definitely false. So much speculation on these comic projects and 99% is wrong/wishful thinking!” the rep said via email. So as much as we’d love to see Hamm turn in his suit for a cape, at least for now, it will remain a dream. READ FULL STORY

Lunchtime Poll: Don Draper's new hit single?

Is anyone considering taking up swimming after last night’s Mad Men? I was going to start jogging one of these days, but that’s so pedestrian. I’m a woman of distinction in New York City. I gotta own it. I gotta go swimming. Swimming is my new thing. You should also be swimming. We should all be in pools all the time. I could blog from the pool. Yes, it is settled. I am going to swim the hell out of autumn.

Don Draper in a Swimsuit. Thank you AMC. Vote below.

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Lunchtime Poll: Don Draper is sad

Awww, Don Draper, don’t cry. What’s the matter? Do you have an ouchie boo-boo? Is your shirt drawer empty? Are you scared of all the bright, non-brown colors the counter-culture youth are wearing? Are you re-enacting the end of Spider-Man 3? Have you become an internet meme? Was it the onions?

Emmy Awards 2010: What you didn't see on TV

Rickey-Gervais-EmmysImage Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBCAs I arrived at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles for the 2010 Emmy Awards, the first thing I saw stepping out of the car was Dr. Horrible. There he was, bigger than life, soundlessly sermonizing above the Emmys red carpet on one of the several dozen jumbo-screens populating the L.A. Live complex that plays home to the Nokia. The moment turned out not to be a fortuitous prognostication of Neil Patrick Harris’ Emmy fortunes; it was simply part of a replay of last year’s Emmys, when Dr. Horrible (NPH) and Capt. Hammer (Nathan Fillion) did a little sketch on the emergence of web-only content. But it was a welcome sight anyhow, and presaged a (mostly) enjoyable Emmys evening inside the Nokia. The immense, cavernous, two-humpback-whales-could-fit-inside-of-it-comfortably-and-still-have-enough-room-for-a-small-fleet-of-school-buses Nokia.

The Nokia is so gargantuan, in fact, that this on-the-scene, what-you-didn’t-see-on-TV recap simply won’t be quite as detail-drenched as our American Idol on-the-scene recaps in the spring. Even the Idol finale at the Nokia nets more juicy detail for the simple fact that the judges are on a raised platform and a semi-conscious monkey could make them out with no difficulty. But despite the fact that even my most excellent seat in the Orchestra section of the Nokia (row BB!) still put me a good 12 parsecs away from the stage and all the commingling A-listers in the front rows, I’ve still gots a heaping helping of fun/revealing/foolish on-the-scenery for you to chew on. READ FULL STORY

Jimmy Fallon wants YOU to write his Emmy script

jimmy-fallon-emmy-awardsImage Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBCEventually you can just write all the TV shows, too! And movies! What a fun, sexy time for everyone. 2010 Emmys host Jimmy Fallon needs intros for 15 of the celebrity presenters on Sunday’s NBC telecast. Here’s the complete list of presenters. If yours is chosen, he’ll say your Twitter handle out loud! This could also be a good opportunity to come up with ridiculous Twitter handles.

Fallon told the Associated Press that “Blahblahblah says Jon Hamm is the hottest guy of all time. Here he is — Jon Hamm” is an example of a tweet he’d read on national TV. You can surely beat that. Here, I’ll start. “He’s toasted! Jon Hamm. #imontheemmys.” Again, you can do better.

If Twitter suddenly tidal waves from all the excitement, NBC could just scrap the whole outsourcing idea altogether and go with original musical intros. Tina Fey would get Bob Seger to record “Night Cheese,” Joel McHale would get a zippy Richard X remix of “Donka Doo Ball,” and so on. There is totally enough time for that.

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Lunchtime Poll: Peggy spying on Don in 'Mad Men'

Peggy Olson spying on Don Draper through the glass partition was my favorite moment of last night’s Mad Men and quite possibly the greatest hidden gem of the series so far. I found it so inspiring that I’m doing the same thing to Ausiello right now, and our offices don’t even have glass sections below the ceiling! All you really need is a power drill and one good eye.

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Countdown To 'Mad Men:' Four Fearless Predictions About Season 4! Plus: The Don-Betty-'Moonlighting' Connection!

For the past several months, the following question has come my way on an almost daily basis: “What are you going to do now that Lost is over?” Usually, this inquiry is accompanied by a look of grave concern in the eyes of the inquirer, as if they’re beholding a man who has lost his reason for living and should be kept far away from razor blades. Please! Don’t be fooled by my frazzled hair and emaciated frame and the fact that I burst into tears anytime anyone even mentions the word Lost. I’m fine! Really! I AM GOING TO BE OKAY! Okay? Just don’t come near me with your YouTube videos of Jack Shephard’s death march across The Island…

Oh, no…

Don’t you DARE–

Great. Now I’m a blubbery mess. Sigh. Vincent. They had to play the dog card, didn’t they?

Seriously, even though I have spent the past six years writing pretty extensively about Lost, I have been watching other television shows, as well. In fact, my post-Lost angst has been greatly assuaged by the arrival of my other favorite drama: Mad Men. Since discovering the series prior to the start of its second season in 2008, I’ve been pretty obsessed with Matthew Weiner’s acclaimed period drama about Madison Avenue advertising professionals in the 1960s. The fascinating knit of character, culture, and history even gets my theory-making brain going in the same way that Lost did. And so, as I continue to search for a shiny new cult pop bauble to get all Gollum and preciousssss about (Rubicon? The Event? The Walking Dead?), I’ll be geeking out on Mad Men. We begin with four fearless predictions about the fourth season, inspired by the events of last week’s season premiere. (Actually, I originally came up with five predictions, but one of them—Don will rehire Sal, and soon—morphed into a 3000 word essay about something else altogether; I’ll share that with you next week.)

Before we begin, please know: I do not expose myself to Mad Men spoilers, and I don’t watch episodes in advance. None of what follows is based on any kind of foreknowledge of upcoming events. So if I’m right, it’s pure dumb luck. And if I’m wrong? Pure dumb.


'Mad Men' video: Every cigarette ever smoked on the show

Warning: the video embedded after the jump could give you cancer. JK! On the heels of previous fan-made Mad Men videos — pick-up lines, Betty’s awful parenting, and drinking — comes the latest: a montage that claims to show every cigarette smoked on the show. Fittingly, the video kicks off with Roger and Don talking shop, which leads to Roger waxing nostalgic on the knee-weakening experience of smoking your first cigarette. The video captures how glamorous tobacco seemed in the Mad Men age, but it doesn’t shy away from making fun of how gross and dangerous a habit it is: Witness the clever inclusion of characters’ hacking away with smoker’s coughs. (Ewwww!) It’s a terrific video, even if it’s not all it claims to be. It can’t possibly have captured every single instance of puffing because there isn’t a single shot of Betty’s neighbor Francine smoking while pregnant. Still, watch, enjoy, and say hello to Cheech! READ FULL STORY

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