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Stars reveal their criminally underrated entertainment picks

Everyone — stars included — has that one show or movie they believe hasn’t received the attention it deserves. EW asked some celebrities, ranging from director John Waters to actress Allison Janney, what shows or movies they think are criminally underrated. Here’s what they said:


Filmmaker John Waters hitches a ride with indie band Here We Go Magic: 'It's just unbelievable!'

We’re not making this up: Filmmaker John Waters was picked up while hitchhiking by indie band Here We Go Magic somewhere in Ohio today. A match made in hipster heaven?

The band’s bassist, Jen Turner, who tweeted her impressions during the ride @turnerjen, spoke with EW about the “mystical” experience just a few hours after their encounter. Turner, a hitchhiker herself, convinced her bandmates to stop after their sound guy recognized Waters on the side of the road.

“I’ve hitchhiked half my life,” she says. “It’s great to let go of the reins once in a while and see what happens. If you’re a hitchhiker, you have to pick up hitchhikers.” So they decided to give the filmmaker a lift. READ FULL STORY

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