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Fight zombies in 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' with John Malkovich (yes, really)

Call of Duty‘s Zombies mode has been a staple of the franchise, in which the shooter franchise that attempts to ground players in realistic wartime combat scenarios lets loose and floods those war zones with hordes of the undead.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is no different, and this time around, Activision has brought in a number of recognizable actors to help stave off the zombie plague. One of them is John Malkovich.


John Malkovich becomes John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe in these photographs


John Malkovich as Marilyn Monroe is perhaps a confounding image to think about, but the eccentric actor inhabits her persona, as well as a variety of others, in a new body of work from photographer Sandro Miller. READ FULL STORY

'Crossbones' premiere leaves us feeling a bit adrift

The premiere episode of NBC’s swashbuckling Crossbones, which stars John Malkovich as the pirate Blackbeard, had enough slit throats for a slow episode of Game of Thrones but wasn’t as sharply scripted. It’s a pity, because the premise is promising.

Assassin Tom Lowe (Richard Coyle) is tasked with posing as a ship’s surgeon so he can accompany the inventor of a Longitude Chronometer to London, where the man is expected to present the device — which allows ships to calculate their precise location while at sea — to the king. Knowing Blackbeard will try to intercept the chronometer, the governor of Jamaica (a wild-haired Julian Sands) gives Lowe his real assignment: Kill Blackbeard. Was it clever to reveal that order after we watched pirates attack, Lowe destroy the device, poison the inventor, and singe the cipher so he would be brought to Blackbeard’s island to keep the maker alive? Yes. But it also meant the episode made us wait 12 minutes until Malkovich spoke a line and formally introduced himself by slashing a man’s neck.

The action sequences will never be able to compete with what cable audiences are used to. Lead with your strength, and that’s Malkovich playing eccentric (like saying, “You send me a boy? That’s novel” when Lowe’s squire Fletch, played by Chris Perfetti, interrupts Blackbeard’s orgy) or spewing a vitriolic monologue without a breath (like when he’s threatening someone or talking politics). I wonder if they ever thought about opening the series with Blackbeard having a conversation while having all those acupuncture needles in his skull. Yes, Lowe would need to see them eventually so he could claim it was Blackbeard’s illness that had the Commodore, as he prefers to be called, on his deathbed floor later, but that image would’ve grabbed you. READ FULL STORY

John Malkovich is such a John Malkovich in Reddit AMA

What’s it like being John Malkovich? Well, I’m sure that the lauded actor doesn’t even know. Malkovich has always been known as a bit of an enigma, one of those few character actors whose name you actually know, but whose films always seem to be at the tip of your tongue. He’s also an accomplished quadruple threat (yes, he even fashion designs). Oh, and he’s cool enough for this whole thing to exist.

In honor of Red 2‘s upcoming release (which I will probably only see because of the fact that Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker and Catherine Zeta-Jones are in a movie TOGETHER), Malkovich conducted a Reddit AMA, answering the most random questions with the most random but Malkovich-y like responses. With topics ranging from bad scripts to bald heads to space travel to Bernie Maddoff, the Q&A is a hoot. Here are some of the highlights: READ FULL STORY

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