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Ferris Bueller saws into Matthew Broderick cut-out in '90s sitcom


Some movies make for great TV shows: Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, and Fargo are just a few examples of recent, successful series that were born out of big-screen versions. Other movies do not—including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Say Anything is latest subjected to the movie-to-TV transition, although it didn’t last too long—after NBC announced plans for a half-hour comedy based on the 1989 movie, Say Anything director Cameron Crowe made his objections known and within 24 hours, the show was done. And, from the looks of a clip from the TV version of Ferris Bueller that a Reddit user dug up, it’s probably for the best. READ FULL STORY

'The Spectacular Now' and three other coming-of-age movies worth watching


What is it about the coming-of-age movie? Is there any other kind of film that can hit so many sweet and bittersweet spots, or transport you back to a time when all that mattered was that secret crush and who was taking you to the senior prom? Personally, I wish there was a different name for this genre, as it always feels slightly like it’s describing movies about puberty or someone’s Bar Mitzvah. But that aside, these movies for me — and I’m sure for a lot of you — are the ones I tend to be attracted to when it comes to cinematic comfort food.

This weekend brings The Spectacular Now. I’d argue that this movie is the closest thing we’ve come — yes, even counting last year’s amazing and wonderful The Perks of Being a Wallflower — to hitting the same zone as those movies in the Golden Era of the Coming-of-Age Movie, also known as the time when John Hughes was making films. EW’s Owen Gleiberman, who awarded Now an A– rating this week in the magazine, says: “It’s one of the rare truly soulful and authentic teen movies. It’s about the experience of being caught on the cusp and not knowing which way you’ll land.”


Remember the ending of 'Some Kind of Wonderful'? Ever wish you could change it?

Like many of us, I grew up on John Hughes movies. But while some friends claim Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles as their favorite Hughesian tale, and others swear by Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Pretty in Pink, I have an undeniable soft spot for 1987’s Some Kind of Wonderful

Written by Hughes and directed by Howard Deutch (the same combo that did the previous year’s Pretty in Pink), SKOW captures a specific flavor of  teen love-triangle angst: there’s the sensitive artist, Keith (Eric Stoltz), who lives on the wrong side of the tracks but is hopelessly infatuated with Amanda (Lea Thompson), the pretty popular girl who dates the loathsome rich Hardy (Craig Scheffer). As Keith schemes his way into Amanda’s life, he’s completely oblivious to the feelings of Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson), his awesome toughie tomboy best friend, who loves only three things in life: herself, her drums, and him.

There’s so much great stuff in this movie: the music (miss you March Violets!), the style (Miley Cyrus’s new ‘do seems downright Watts-like… though she was not alive when this movie came out. Sigh), and the maybe-best-makeout-in-a-garage scene ever. But there was one thing that always bugged me (obligatory 25-year-old spoiler alert). A subplot of the film is Keith’s hard work at the garage, and the growing college fund his father is so proud of. Keith takes the money and buys Amanda diamond earrings instead. The final scene of the film is him giving them to Watts. “You look good wearing my future,” he tells her. READ FULL STORY

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