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'Saturday Night Live' best host poll: Can anyone beat Jimmy Fallon?

When Jimmy Fallon aced the Christmas 2011 episode of Saturday Night Live, yours truly suggested that his hosting become an annual holiday event. The former cast member and future Tonight Show host has all the skills to be one of show’s best guests, and he was in top form when he stepped back in to Studio 8H over the weekend to spread some more Christmas cheer. He sang, he did impressions, he broke character — it was the full-on Fallon treatment. Admittedly, he had some assistance from Justin Timberlake — Bing Crosby to Fallon’s Bob Hope — but you can’t penalize a guy for having funny, charismatic friends.

Safe to say that Fallon is about to make a huge impression on our Mr. Saturday Night poll. In fact, with none of the other four contenders with more than 26 percent of the vote, the field is wide open for Fallon to set a first-week record for support. Last week, John Goodman eked out a win, but it wasn’t a margin of victory that promises him a long life in our season-long contest. Paul Rudd was right behind, while Kerry Washington slipped to a close third, despite an encouraging six-point bump. Josh Hutcherson rallied support, eliminating Tina Fey, who’d been hanging precariously since hosting the season premiere. Blerg.

'SNL' recap: John Goodman returns for a 13th gig, solidly hosting a shaky episode

Thirteen times; seriously, John Goodman has now hosted Saturday Night Live 13 times. I can’t think of anything significant I’ve ever done 13 times. And I was really looking forward to maybe rubbing Goodman’s episode in the faces of those who are just holding on until Fallon/Timberlake next week. It’s not that those two aren’t great; they are, and all of my fingers are crossed for them. But Goodman has been just as good in the past, an SNL champion if ever there was one.

It was 2001 when Goodman last hosted and, for reference, Ja Rule was the musical guest. We have a tendency to glamorize the past and I know that there were stinkers back then like there were last night. But there were also huge successes, like Goodman’s Wilford Brimley “diabeetus” commercial or anytime he was conniving as Linda Tripp. I don’t think we got anything like that from SNL last night.

The episode certainly had its moments, but those moments were more, “oh yes, that is a true and funny thing,” than laugh out loud. If next week’s turn with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake is supposed to be like going to the most outrageous Saturday night party, then John Goodman is usually like deciding to stay in with delivery and not feeling guilty about it: As a host, he’s joyous and reliable, a return to a level playing field. It’s been 12 years without the jovial host since his last turn, and I was glad to have him back, even if last night’s episode hovered around a B. It wasn’t mind-altering, but it was better in Goodman’s hands than it would have been in anyone else’s.

If you gave up after Weekend Update, I would understand, but then you missed some of the more redeeming sketches of the night. This was no outright chuckle-fest, but the cast got down to business trying to make a series of one-joke sketches into something more.

John Goodman hosts 'Saturday Night Live' for the 13th time: Talk about it here!

With all the hubbub surrounding Saturday Night Live‘s imminent cast addition, it could be easy to forget that there will be a new episode of the show tonight. But SNL does indeed have 90 minutes of new material (minus commercials and wailing from Kings of Leon) to present for our viewing pleasure this evening — and it’s going to be good.

Why do I predict that? Because of this:


This week's 'SNL' promos: Welcome home, John Goodman -- VIDEO

John Goodman will host Saturday Night Live for an astonishing 13th time this weekend. (Note for trivia hounds: This makes Goodman SNL‘s third most frequent host, close on the heels of Alec Baldwin, who’s hosted 16 times, and Steve Martin, who’s hosted 15 times.)

Somehow, though, it’s been 150 12 long years since the last time Goodman helmed the show — and in the promos below, you’ll see precisely why that’s ridiculous. Whether he’s skewering Clinton-era “celebrity” Linda Tripp during his ’90s SNL heyday or goofing around with current cast member Taran Killam outside of Rockefeller Center, Goodman and SNL just make sense together. In other words: EW’s Saturday Night Live host poll is about to get interesting. Especially if Goodman inspires a cameo from his TV wife Roseanne.


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