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Joe Jonas hits Jonas Brothers fans with a truth bomb

Joe Jonas is going real-talk renegade on Twitter right now. Consider this your (NSFW) service announcement:

Joe Jonas declines fan invite to sorority formal, offers to fly her to his concert instead -- VIDEO

Inviting celebrities to formal dances, proms and sundry other events is a big trend these days, but how does an unavailable star say no without seeming like a humorless meany? If you’re Joe Jonas, you make an elaborate, faux-sexy clip declining the offer, while making a proposition of your own.

Pepperdine University senior Shaina had asked Jonas to attend her sorority formal this Saturday. Like so many these days, the student made a three-and-a-half minute YouTube video in which she went around campus asking friends to plead her case.

Unable to attend the dance, Jonas responded with a clip of his own, posted to the Jonas Brothers’ official YouTube channel this morning. Sprawled out on the floor of a darkened room and wearing a NASCAR-esque racing suit, the 23-year-old singer declined Shaina’s invitation, but invited her to the opening date of the Jonas Brothers’ upcoming tour.

“I have a proposition for you,” he said, sipping on red wine while George Michael’s steamy-cheesy “Careless Whisper” plays in the background. “On July 10 in Chicago, Ill., I would like to fly you out, escort you to my concert of the opening tour. What do you think? I know. It’s gonna be great.”

Jonas really hit the invitation home this morning on the Today show, where Shaina was booked to talk about her clip. Sporting a long wig, glasses and mustache and carrying a sign that read “Looking for a date for a concert in July,” Jonas removed his disguise and made the offer in person.

Check out Jonas’ fun response to Shaina below. READ FULL STORY

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