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Joaquin Phoenix reveals he's kinda into Amy Poehler on 'Kimmel'

King of random talk show antics Joaquin Phoenix used his time on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to reveal that he is harboring a crush on Globes host Amy Poehler. The reveal came in the form of a non-sequitur—how else?—following a discussion about how Phoenix does not care about awards.

“You’re answering questions I didn’t even ask,” Kimmel said after Phoenix said he finds Poehler “attractive.” The train of thought did make sense to Phoenix, however: “Well, I guess just because she’s hosting the Globes, she’s having a party, and I’m going to go, and I’m a little nervous about seeing her. I don’t really know what to say.” READ FULL STORY

Joaquin Phoenix says he's engaged to his yoga instructor, is not engaged to his yoga instructor

Joaquin Phoenix may not be at I’m Still Here levels of meta-method acting, but the actor is still making fun of the weird life that is being a celebrity, adding some spice to the round of publicity for Inherent Vice.


Philip Seymour Hoffman replaces ScarJo in parody 'Her' trailer -- VIDEO


Oh, how different a movie Her would be if Samantha wasn’t… Samantha. A trailer made by Richard Trammell shows us what the film would be like if Philip Seymour Hoffman was the one voicing Theodore Twombly’s OS. Hoffman’s version isn’t as, well, sweet as Scarlett Johansson’s– prepare to cringe through your laughter. Watch below: READ FULL STORY

Oscars 2013: Celebs mingle, cheer each other on inside the Dolby Theatre

Inside the Dolby Theatre, the array of dresses, tuxes, champagne flutes, Hollywood chatter, and discussion of which commercial break is best for making a run to the bar sometimes overshadow watching the show itself. Sunday night was no exception, as the audience from our vantage point in the first mezzanine reacted positively to host Seth MacFarlane and screamed loudly for winners like Life of Pi and Argo. But what happens when the show takes a break? Who’s hanging out with whom in the lobby? Here are a few of our favorite insider scenes from Sunday night’s Oscars.

The commercial breaks seem so fast. You may be longing for the DVR when you watch the Oscars at home, but inside, the breaks feel faster than you can say “and the Oscar goes to.” Commercials are the only time you can move into the lobby or back to your seat — and in floor length gowns, that’s no small task.


Is this the hunkiest Best Actor race ever? POLL

There will be many arguments about the perceived snubs (Ben Affleck?) and surprises (Beasts of the Southern Wild) following this morning’s Oscar announcement. But one thing we can all agree on? Between  Bradley Cooper, Daniel Day-Lewis, Hugh Jackman, Joaquin Phoenix and Denzel Washington, it may just be the hunkiest Best Actor race ever.


'The Master' clip: Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix talk about love -- VIDEO

The peculiar promotional campaign for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master took another freaky-cool step today with the release of yet another entrancingly weird clip from the film. Doubling as a promotion for a special charity screening of the film tonight at Chicago’s Music Box Theatre, the clip raises the curtain just a bit more on the methods of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Lancaster Dodd. His faith-based group seizes the attention of Joaquin Phoenix’s Freddie Sutton, a WWII vet and lost soul who somehow seems both sweet and deeply creepy when talking with Dodd about the woman he’s most sweet on. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

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