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What we learned when Shonda Rhimes went 'Behind the Scandalabra' -- VIDEO

Scandal showrunner Shonda Rhimes doesn’t want her political drama to be something you can watch while folding the laundry — she wants it to have your full attention. And Thursday’s surprise-packed season finale ensured that it would.

After the episode aired, Jimmy Kimmel turned Live! into Behind the Scandalabra – a special featuring Rhimes, who discussed the finale and gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the show. Among the highlights: a blooper reel that reveals Bellamy Young’s go-to word when she messes up a line is “fart,” and that Josh Malina was once pied by a crew member while filming a scene.


Disguised Drake gets insulted on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' -- VIDEO

Drake started from the bottom and now he’s here… in disguise, and asking people how they feel about Drake.

After the rapper was announced as this year’s ESPYs host, Jimmy Kimmel slapped a fake beard on him and sent him out to the streets of LA. There, Drake asked ignorant passersby questions about the event, which won’t happen until July — all for a twist on Kimmel’s Lie Witness News bit, this time called I Witness News. 


Chupacabra saves Guillermo in Kimmel's last 'Scandal' spoof -- VIDEO

Thought Scandal couldn’t get any crazier? Well, Jimmy Kimmel aired the final segment of his telenovela Scandal spoof on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! – complete with a chupacabra appearance.

In this dramatic finale, Kimmel interrupts a conversation between Kerry Washington and Guillermo Rodriguez to point a gun at Rodriguez’s head — only for a chupacabra to run up behind the unsuspecting Kimmel and attack him. Afterwards, Washington and Rodriguez reflect on how weird the whole chupacabra thing was. As it turns out, it wasn’t actually a chupacabra — because apparently, even Escandalo has its limits.


Jimmy Kimmel tries to top Ellen DeGeneres with three Clintons in one selfie -- PHOTO

Are three Clintons a fair swap for one Bradley Cooper?

Jimmy Kimmel seems to think so. He tweeted this selfie — featuring Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton — to his 3.76 million followers on Saturday night:


Seth Rogen and Jimmy Kimmel find romance in 'True Detective 2' trailer -- VIDEO

Jimmy Kimmel’s never been one to pass up the opportunity to kiss Seth Rogen — and with the ending of True Detective‘s first season, he realized that such an opportunity was within his reach.

As fans of the show know, neither Matthew McConaughey nor Woody Harrelson will be back for the HBO show’s second season, which leaves the door open for some newcomers. Enter Rogen and Kimmel.

In Kimmel’s Austin-set trailer for True Detective 2, Rogen takes on the McConaughey-inspired, beard-ridden role of a man who once ate an entire Cosco-sized bottle of Tylenol PM. Meanwhile, Kimmel is the cleaned-up partner who can’t stop thinking about the person who once defaced a frog mural. Together, the cops enjoy quoting Cher and singing “Time After Time.” Oh, and kissing, obviously.

Watch Kimmel’s trailer for True Detective 2 below:


Jimmy Kimmel enlists 'Scandal' stars for Spanish series 'Escandalo' -- VIDEO

It’s no secret that Scandal is a big hit in the United States — but Jimmy Kimmel would like everyone to know that there’s also a Spanish-speaking version of the Shonda Rhimes drama, and it’s kind of a big deal in Mexico.

Welcome to … Escandalo! For Kimmel’s version of the show, he enlisted actual Scandal actors to create a telenovela that’s just a smidgeon crazier than Shonda Rhimes’s actual show. Whatever you’re picturing, it’s even better. Plus, it has Guillermo in the role of El Presidente. Let’s just say, Kimmel has this handled.


Rob Ford talks Toronto, his diet, and drinking too much on 'Jimmy Kimmel' -- VIDEO

When Toronto mayor Rob Ford decided to give out his real phone number to anyone who wanted it, Jimmy Kimmel had an idea. He called the mayor — and to his surprise, Ford picked up the phone. Even more surprising: Ford agreed to come on Kimmel’s show. And what happened next was just as uncomfortable to watch as it was entertaining.

Part one of Ford’s late-night appearance featured Ford reassuring his “customers” that if they called him, he would come. And “you’d be surprised how fast I can move.” Kimmel, for his part, cut right to the chase, asking Ford if he’s homophobic and insulting his awful tie selections:


Oscars: Who should host next year? -- POLL

The Oscars ceremony has been over for, um, approximately 12 hours — so of course it’s time to discuss whom you’d like to see host the annual event next year.

Will Ellen return for a third stint? Will Neil Patrick Harris finally take on the biggest awards show of them all? Below, see some of our potential picks — both fantasy and more realistic — and then vote for whom you’d like to see joking around with Meryl Streep at the 2015 ceremony. READ FULL STORY

Oscars 2014: Jimmy Kimmel gives YouTube stars the big-screen treatment


Who do you have to go to bed with to host the post-Oscar show on ABC? In Jimmy Kimmel’s case, he doesn’t need to compromise his integrity since his celebrity-swamped show has become a staple of Oscar night. But he still didn’t leave anything to chance, getting under the covers with Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi — and a fondue kit — in the opening moments of this year’s special.

This year, Kimmel recruited some of Hollywood’s biggest stars to bring YouTube’s most popular videos to life. In the first short, Bitman Begins, which featured dueling Hemsworth brothers, Tom Hanks, and Meryl Streep, the Cain and Abel conflict was slightly obscured until the reveal that Chris H.’s left hand was short a few digits: Charlie bit his finger!

See director Christopher Nolan bring the video that’s been seen more than 675 million times to the big screen: READ FULL STORY

Jimmy Kimmel pulls off Sochi wolf prank

And Sochi thought stray dogs were bad. American luger Kate Hansen tweeted a video of a wolf– yes, a real live wolf– roaming the hallway of her Sochi dorm and set off a media storm. But turns out Sochi doesn’t have a stray wolf problem (at least not that we know of) and resident late night prankster Jimmy Kimmel is actually the man behind it.

Hansen joined Jimmy Kimmel Live last night via Skype to reveal how the two pulled it off. “Honestly, there was a little bit more backlash than I thought there would be,” Hansen admitted. Apparently security beefed up because there was “a breach within athlete safety,” but they “handled it.”

So how’d they do it? Hansen sent Kimmel’s team a photo of her dorm hallway so they could build an entire replica of her hallway in the L.A. studio. Then they brought in a Timber Wolf mix named Rugby who played the role of stray wolf by roaming the fake hallway. Watch the entire clip below to see Kimmel’s interview with Hansen and the now-famous wolf: READ FULL STORY

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