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Eric Stonestreet tells Jimmy Kimmel he wasn't drunk, but 'tipsy' at the AMAs -- VIDEO

The Twitterverse can finally stop buzzing about Eric Stonestreet’s “boozy” American Music Awards appearance! The Modern Family star cleared the air on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, declaring “I was not drunk, I was tipsy. There’s a difference.”

After Jimmy Kimmel played a clip of his presentation speech, Stonestreet second-guessed himself. “Boy, that’s the first time I saw it and wow, is that guy drunk or what?”

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Jimmy Kimmel: The election is over so stop harassing each other online -- VIDEO

I really didn’t mind that the presidential race permeated every facet of my life, until the election ended and the infiltration continued. Jimmy Kimmel — a.k.a. the people’s comedian — evidently feels the same way. The late-night host ran a faux ad on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to “encourage people to put a sock in it for at least the next three years.”

The “$4 million” commercial featured distraught Americans making simple pleas: “stop harassing me on Facebook,” “stop threatening to move to Canada (no one believes you),” and, my favorite, stop forwarding forwards of forwards you forwarded. The calls to inaction sound reasonable enough, especially when the harassment crossed the lawn.

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Robert Pattinson talks about his loud kissing on 'Jimmy Kimmel' -- VIDEO

Image Credit: Patrick T. Fallon/AFP/Getty Images

As President Barack Obama concluded his last day of campaigning, Robert Pattinson sat down with Jimmy Kimmel last night in one of his final Twilight promotional appearances. Pattinson noted that he first learned about the president during his first promotional tour for the franchise when Obama was running for his first term in office. If only Pattinson was up for four more years as well.

The British heartthrob stayed true to his quirky talk-show persona by discussing shoes, skydiving, and loud kissing — a notable upgrade from his last Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance in late August when he talked about Craigslist, dogging, and prostate exams.

The dapper star opened the interview by talking about his over-sized shoes. He then tucked his legs underneath him in the armchair and later sat cross-legged to distract the audience from their size. When Kimmel asked how he was able to walk in his “clown shoes,” Pattinson said the task was daunting. “I just had a little bit of vodka backstage. It is not a good combination.”

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Jimmy Kimmel finally interviews David Letterman -- VIDEO

Watching Jimmy Kimmel interview David Letterman last night was sort of like seeing a space-obsessed teenager interview Neil Armstrong in 1970. Kimmel’s vast admiration for the late night vet is no secret — he’s spoken often about how Letterman inspired him to pursue a career in television. Dave-love even drove a teenage Kimmel to get a vanity license plate that read “L8 NITE” — and to have a Late Night-themed cake at his 18th birthday party.

Put simply, Letterman is Kimmel’s idol. And accordingly, Kimmel spent most of the interview half-joking about how badly he wants to be Letterman’s best friend. Over the course of 18-ish minutes, Kimmel did his best to convince Letterman that they share common interests and invited the famously curmudgeonly comedian to join him for several activities — fly fishing, barbecuing, a party “just [for] the two of us.”

And Letterman — who freely admits that he doesn’t really have friends, since “people don’t like [him]“–  took the whole thing in stride. The Late Night host tossed out a self-deprecating remark every time Kimmel praised him, occasionally lobbing back a few genial barbs without ever outright calling Kimmel creepy.  READ FULL STORY

Michelle Obama tells Jimmy Kimmel about her 'undercover' costume -- VIDEO

Jimmy Kimmel and Michelle Obama get along famously — even if the comedian does resent the First Lady’s attempts to replace all corn dogs with cauliflower. Both know what it’s like to try to wrangle uncooperative kids; Obama has even perfected the method of disciplining Sasha and Malia without moving her lips, so that cameras don’t notice it. Both also enjoy Halloween, though Kimmel is convinced that Obama must “force vegetables down [the] throats” of those who visit the White House during its annual spooktacular.

But these pals don’t agree about one important topic: whether the pros of being First Lady outweigh the cons. While Kimmel knows what it’s like to be famous, he’d hate to be that famous — not to mention constantly surrounded by Secret Service. Obama, though, is all in, despite the position’s drawbacks. “When Barack talked about entering the politics … I was very hesitant,” she told Kimmel on his show last night. “Your life is no longer your own. How do you raise your kids? But then I thought about the kind of person that I would want to lead the country, and I felt that to deny him that right would be selfish.”

Check out Michelle’s full appearance — which also includes a few hints about what she wears when she’s trying to go incognito — below.


Matthew Fox spoofs Mitt Romney in 'Dockers of Destiny' trailer -- VIDEO

First a serial killer and now Mitt Romney? Matthew Fox’s latest movie roles are a far cry from his Lost persona.

The Alex Cross star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to tease his latest project: a leading role in the Lifetime biopic Mitt Romney and the Dockers of Destiny. Okay, not quite. He impersonates Romney (presidential hair and all) in a spoof trailer for a faux movie.

The clip is clever, but it’s introduction is even more amusing. Neither Fox nor Jimmy Kimmel crack a smile when discussing the TV movie about “great leaders” who are “born of great struggles.” “I kind of like playing things that are based on real people. I find myself attracted to that stuff,” Fox says.

It’d actually pay to see Fox in this film if it was about Dockers briefs instead of Dockers slacks.

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Jimmy Kimmel apologizes to Bristol Palin for Sarah Palin jokes, almost means it -- VIDEO

Bristol Palin and her Dancing With the Stars partner Mark Ballas visited Jimmy Kimmel Live last night after being voted off the reality competition. Kimmel thanked her for being such a good sport and making the obligatory appearance, considering he’s made “one or two” jokes about Sarah Palin over the years.

“I’m here for my apology,” Bristol responded. When she didn’t accept Kimmel’s halfhearted “I’m sorry,” he gave her permission to insult his own mother.

The highlight of the interview, however, was Kimmel’s poetic introduction of Bristol (“Like a majestic wild moose suddenly felled by a rifle’s blast, tonight our next guest’s dream of dance domination fell to earth with a tragic thud”), which was likely a jab at her mother’s use of wildlife metaphors to describe last week’s vice presidential debate. So much for that apology.

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Honey Boo Boo endorses Obama on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' -- VIDEO

President Barack Obama may have lost Lindsay Lohan’s vote, but he gained an endorsement from Honey Boo Boo just in time for tonight’s second presidential debate. Granted, the seven-year-old reality star can’t vote, but she probably wields just as much influence on the populace as Lohan.

America’s favorite mother-daughter duo, Mama and Honey Boo Boo — a.k.a. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo‘s June Shannon and Alana Thompson — dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and discussed politics. After some small talk about couponing and nicknames, a very restless Honey Boo Boo (she must have forgotten to drink her go-go juice) said she would vote for Obama over Mitt Romney after learning that Romney preferred Jersey Shore‘s Snooki over her. You’d better redneckognize, Romney.

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Obama vs. Romney: Jimmy Kimmel asks who is scarier -- VIDEO

We don’t know yet who will be the next president of the United States, but thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, we have some clue which contender would win a scare-off.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the talk-show host discussed the sales of presidential candidates Halloween masks, pointing out that Barack Obama was clobbering Mitt Romney in costume sales this season. But Kimmel was less impressed by the political significance of Obama large mask advantage, and much more interested in which Halloween mask would scare his security guard Adelina more.

It’s hardly a scientific study, but President Obama seemed to have an edge. Watch the video below: READ FULL STORY

Back to cruel: Jimmy Kimmel has parents dress kids in awful outfits -- VIDEO

Jimmy Kimmel is continuing his crusade to ruin childhood milestones — and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Last Halloween, Kimmel convinced parents to pretend they’d eaten all of their offspring’s candy and videotape the fallout. Next, he had parents gift the worst Christmas presents ever. Now he’s set his sights on back-to-school season, asking moms and dads to give their children new outfits that are ugly, uncomfortable, out of style, or just plain weird.

The results: “What boy has flowers on their shirt? Even the teacher will probably laugh at me,” moans one kid, rolling on the floor in distress. A girl named Isabella pouts in her frilly tutu before deadpanning, “I look like an idiot.” As for the boy asked to wear a burlap sack so he can look more like Jesus? Let’s just say he doesn’t take it very well. See for yourself:


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