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This Week's Cover: Behind the scenes at 'American Horror Story: Coven' -- it's magically delicious!

Take a look at that photo. What more evidence do you need that the leading ladies of American Horror Story: Coven — Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett — are having a freaking blast? Take Bassett’s voodoo queen Marie Laveau: When she’s not having sex with a minotaur (R.I.P.), Laveau gets to luxuriate on a throne made of bones in the back room of her hair salon and proclaim things like “She done messed with the wrong weeeetch.” Meanwhile, Bates tears through Madame LaLaurie’s vitriolic speeches like a raptor. “I love going to work,” she admits. “Every scene has something exciting in it for me to do, and part of the fun, too, is reading every new script. I never know what’s coming.” Adds Lange, It’s been wonderful to be able to play humor — to have somebody as sharp-witted [as Fiona].” This week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story takes you behind the scenes — and they’re some pretty fabulous and freaky scenes, at that — at one of television’s biggest breakout hit of the season, American Horror Story. READ FULL STORY

'American Horror Story: Coven': Five creepy images from the opening credits

Do the opening credits of American Horror Story: Coven give us any clues to the upcoming season ? We’ve singled out five creepy frames below — scroll down to see for yourself, if you dare.


Watch a supercut of Jessica Lange's bitchiest lines on 'American Horror Story' -- VIDEO

The kitchen-sink scarefest anthology American Horror Story returns tonight with Coven, a new 13-episode saga of glorious perversion and off-kilter camera angles. Although the three iterations of AHS are set in radically different eras and locations, they have one very important thing in common: The presence of Jessica Lange, the two-time Oscar winner who has experienced a late-career renaissance playing variations of heavily-accented maternal overdrive in all three seasons of AHS. In the first season, she played a fading southern belle in La La Land; in season 2’s Asylum, she was a tough New England nun; now, in Coven, she’s a mega-powerful witch. In anticipation of a new season of withering put-downs and lacerating verbal wit, check out this collection of Lange’s most awesomely bitchy lines from the first two go-rounds of AHS. READ FULL STORY

Happy birthday, Tom Selleck! (Plus nine other TV hotties over 55)

We want to wish a very happy 68th birthday to Tom Selleck, Blue Bloods star and regulation TV hottie. In honor of his special day, we give you a gallery of stars who are still rocking our television sets after the age of 55.


Still sexy and we know it -- TV hotties over 55

Tuesday nights bring a double-dose of pentagenerian sexiness with Ellen Barkin on The New Normal and Dennis Quaid on Vegas. But these two aren’t the only sexy stars over the age of 55. Read more to see the hottest stars on television who still rock our world after all these years.


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