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'Jersey Shore' in Italy: Local Florentines react to the GTL invasion of their city

Fare casino.” It’s an idiomatic Italian phrase that doesn’t have a straight English translation; it literally means “to make a brothel,” but could be translated as “uncontrolled confusion” or “to make a mess of things.” Or it really could just mean “party hard.” Do all these phrases remind you of anything?

As MTV’s Jersey Shore makes its long-anticipated, slightly delayed, reportedly controversial arrival in Florence, Italy, it shouldn’t be surprising that almost every Florentine local we interviewed for this story used the expression fare casino when describing their worries about the U.S. reality hit. “The general feeling towards Jersey Shore being in Florence is excitement that they’re shooting here, but also a bit of unease,” says Dasha Savage, an American college student studying abroad who served as my eyes and ears (and translator) in Florence. “I heard many older Italians express opinions of disgust for having these people come to their city.”

To get a sense of what the target MTV demographic thinks of the Jersey Shore‘s Italian invasion, we took to Palazzo Giovane, a hangout spot for young Florentine schoolkids. There the local students expressed a mixture of disgust and anticipation.  READ FULL STORY

Martin Short plays 'Jersey Shore' cast in Kimmel short: Watch!

On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Martin Short debuted the trailer for his labor of love, Jersey Short, a cautionary tale of what happens when Snooki gets pregnant and delivers a pickle. He stars in every role. The best moment is Snooki’s entrance. Watch it below.

Also: Short looks pretty good as a woman, right? It got me thinking that he should star in a drag comedy with The Kids in the Hall. This is just off the top of my head: What if six guys going through a midlife crisis wanted to buy a mansion owned by a dying widow (played by Betty White). It’s so big, they could each have their own wing to impress the ladies. The widow says there’s no way she’d sell her beautiful estate to a group of men. If they were women, maybe. The men figure they can dress in drag long enough to outlast the widow. What about all the paperwork they’d have to sign as themselves? Okay, so the widow has a greedy son who handles all of that, and he won’t tell on them as long as they [insert bribe from each of them]. Bad? Yes. But again, just off the top of my head. READ FULL STORY

'Jersey Shore' takes on Oscar Wilde, or is that the other way around?

Everyone knows Oscar Wilde was fond of one-liners, but would he have been a fan of “That’s what she said?” Moreover, how would the man who loved his bachelors have felt about The Situation? We’ll never know. But you can be sure that it is hysterical to watch Santino Fontana and David Furr, who play Algernon and Jack in Broadway’s current revival of Wilde’s Importance of Being Earnest at Roundabout Theatre Company, act out scenes from Jersey Shore as their very English characters (and in full 19th century costume). “Work blows d— for skittles right now” was apparently meant to be said with a stiff upper lip. Check out all five episodes their web series “Jersey Shore Gone Wilde” below. (Take heed: They contain profanity and are NSFW.)  READ FULL STORY

'Jersey Shore': Florence reportedly won't let cast drink in public or in bars. So what's left?

Jersey Shore is a TV show about drunk man-children and pugnacious girl-women who make poor life choices loudly. Florence is the historic city which was once home to some of the greatest artistic minds in the human race: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelango, Raphael, Donatello, and lesser artists whose names are lost to history largely because they never became Ninja Turtles. The notion of MTV filming a season of Shore in the city is a perfect combination of the sacred and the profane, roughly comparable to putting a Whoopee Cushion on a throne that belongs to the Pope. But recent reports indicate that the upcoming season of the smush-tastic series will indeed film in Florence. Unfortunately, the locals don’t seem too welcoming to Snooki & Co.: According to the New York Post, Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that he would only allow the show to film in Florence if they followed certain restrictions. These include: READ FULL STORY

Snooki unleashes 'Orange Crush' at WrestleMania

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi swung by WrestleMania XXVII last night to show off some surprisingly kick-ass moves, including a double-flip back-attack that totally leveled WWE star Michelle McCool. You can see the end result in the image above: Snooki successfully pinned her opponent, even though McCool is roughly four feet taller than L’il Shnookums. (Maybe McCool should consider changing her name to “Lois McLame.”) All hail Snooki triumphant! Check out some grainy amateur video of Snooki’s acrobatic feats of strength after the jump… READ FULL STORY

'Jersey Shore' reunion: Every important thing you need to know about the most pointless night of the year

Jersey Shore‘s third season concluded last night with an utterly useless reunion show. The Situation wore an emo-hoodie that made him look like an evil supervillain lurking in his evil smush-cave. Snooki said that she didn’t love Vinny anymore. Awwwww. But only because he’s transformed from a lovable everyguy into a girl-crazy douche-rocket. You tell ‘em, Shnookums! Deena actually said “Poop comes out of your butt.” (Science!) Good news: Sammi and Ronnie are still split up! Bad news: They still love each other! Ronnie explained that he felt betrayed when Sammi tried to hook up with other guys when they were broken up. The Julissa 3000 Interview-Bot (patent pending) pointed out that Ronnie actually had hooked up with other girls when they weren’t broken up. Isn’t that even worse? Ronnie looked confused. Paradox Hurt Ronnie’s Ape-Brain! (Ronnie only pawn in game of life.) Also, The Situation’s new name is “The Instigation,” which is coincidentally the subtitle for the next TRON and Bourne sequels. In conclusion, the girls burp like guys, the guys tan like girls, humanity has evolved beyond gender, and we are all robots. Thus, life is chaos. Thus, season 3 is over. We’ll see you in Italy, gang!

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'Jersey Shore': Italy is surprisingly not excited about impending arrival of young, drunk Americans

Jersey Shore just wrapped up its third season with an aimless batch of nonsensical episodes featuring depressingly repetitive trips to nightclubs mixed in with depressingly repetitive relationship drama and depressingly copious alcohol consumption, which is coincidentally the exact plot description of the Italian film classic La Dolce Vita. So you would imagine that the Shore cast would fit right in over in Italy, where the fourth season is set to be shot. But you’d be wrong, dead wrong! As noted by Hollywood Reporter, the Italian media is beginning to sound off negatively about the impending invasion of the Shore tandroids. (Jersey Shore also just started airing over in Italy, which may explain the added ire.) READ FULL STORY

Donald Trump roast: Snoop Dogg kills, The Situation gets booed

Last night’s Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump had its highs (Snoop Dogg) and its lows (The Situation). The Jersey Shore star got in trouble early when a joke about fellow roaster Whitney Cummings received less laughs than Cummings’ pity clap to break the silence. (Never rely on a grenade joke, Sitch, if you think there’s a chance you might bomb.) From there, it got worse, with plenty of shots of the audience cringing (my favorite being Ice-T after the Situation said it’s okay that Trump keeps firing people because he’s completely let himself go anyway). The crowd booed loudest, however, when the Situation started a joke about Trump’s hot wife. “The best part is, she married you for love … Yep, she loves money.” Roast vet Jeffrey Ross had to jump up, tell the audience to let the Situation do his thing, and bare his own belly. Watch the excruciating and definitely NSFW video below. READ FULL STORY

Snooki will fight at Wrestlemania, because if you believe in yourself, anything is possible

Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation was an immensely popular reality TV enterprise before people knew what “reality TV” was. Now, reality television is everywhere. Ergo, Vince McMahon invented the 21st century. So there is something poetic in the news that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, reality star of the waking national nightmare that is Jersey Shore, will take part in a six-way duel at WrestleMania XXVII on April 3. I believe this will make Snooki the first best-selling novelist to step into the ring. (Yes, Mankind was a bestselling author, but he was a memoirist. Totes diff.) Snooki’s journey to WrestleMania began at this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw. She was only slated to guest-host, but that naturally led to some guest-taunting, and finally a good old-fashioned guest-scuffle. Check out video of the fight after the jump... READ FULL STORY

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