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Lunchtime Poll: Would you be caught dead singing Marc Anthony's 'I Need to Know' in 2010?

In an effort to post as many items related to the year 1999 as possible, I’ve decided today’s Lunchtime Poll should be about Marc Anthony.

Mandi came by as I was writing last night’s news brief that Anthony will guest-star as a love interest for Jada Pinkett Smith on TNT’s HawthoRNe, and we both immediately — without even agreeing to do this — launched into a snap ‘n’ sway singalong of Anthony’s 1999 single “I Need to Know.” We sang the first half of the chorus just fine, but after “Tell me baby girl, cause I need to know/I need to know…I need to know,” our once-hearty vocals softened to a gibberish mumbling, sort of an open-mouthed hum. We thought there were other lyrics to the chorus that we had forgotten. But no! The second half of the chorus for “I Need to Know” is exactly the same as the first half. We’re such idiots! That’s the last time we’ll overestimate Marc Anthony’s lyricism, promise. We’ve made a huge mistake. Still, any impromptu dance party is VERY worthwhile.

Now there’s something I need to know. Tell me, PopWatch-reading guuuurrrrl, ’cause I need to know. I need to know. I need to know. God, it just never ends.


PopWatch Confessional: Weirdest celebrity dreams?

The freaky dream-capturing plot in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Inception suddenly has the EW staff (perhaps over-)sharing our weirdest dreams involving celebrities. It’s scary in here. Won’t you join us? READ FULL STORY

'Back-up Plan': Five ways it made Alex O'Loughlin look good

The-Back-Up-Plan-Alex-OloughlinImage Credit: Peter Iovino/CBS FilmsIs Alex O’Loughlin a movie star? That’s the question I wanted to answer when I went to see The Back-up Plan this weekend. For all my documented appreciation of his hotness, I was surprisingly skeptical. I feel like for a TV actor to make it on the big screen, his lure should be so powerful that you have to watch whatever series he appears on — and even though I’d been bitten by Moonlight, I never actually made it to Three Rivers. Would his charisma carry to the back of the theater?

Perhaps you can guess the answer is yes from the headline. Before I begin listing the ways The Back-up Plan did him right, I should probably reveal a few things in the sake of full disclosure. I was with Michael Slezak, who agreed to see this movie with me the moment the shot of O’Loughlin riding a tractor shirtless was released. Also, we had to sit in the second row because we took the time to stop for a drink beforehand. We were only a little tipsy. Like, just enough for me to say, “Release the O’Loughlin!” when we passed Clash of the Titans on our way to Theater 10, and for him to suggest that be my headline. Now, on we go… READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Lopez eyes 'Overboard' remake. Discuss.

j-loImage Credit: Kyle Rover/startraksphoto.comOverboard is the kind of ’80s movie I’m okay with Hollywood revisiting in theory. It’s beloved — but it’s still just Overboard. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Lopez is in talks to star in a remake of the 1987 Goldie Hawn-Kurt Russell classic* for Will Smith’s production company. No word on if she’ll play a rich woman who falls off her yacht, gets amnesia, and then is tricked by the sweaty carpenter she previously pissed off into thinking she’s his wife/housekeeper/babymaker/mini-golf course artist. But per the trade, Leslie Nixon, who wrote the original film (as well as Outrageous Fortune!), is among the scribes who’ve worked on the script, so fingers crossed.

What do you think? If I can’t watch Lopez in a role as good as Karen Sisco in Out of Sight, then I’m fine with her making another movie that I could very well end up watching some Saturday afternoon on TBS’ Movie and a Makeover (see: Monster-in-Law, The Wedding Planner, Maid in Manhattan, and the upcoming The Back-Up Plan). I do think she has her work cut out for her though: She’ll need a costar with whom she has as much chemistry as Hawn did Russell (Matthew McConaughey could be shirtless as a carpenter, yes?), as well as a way to top Hawn’s deliciously dry delivery:

Any plot or casting suggestions? Go!

* And by “classic,” I mean “we will watch it every time we spot it on cable.”

Exclusive: Jennifer Lopez to suit up for DirecTV's Celebrity Beach Bowl

DirecTV’s fourth annual Celebrity Beach Bowl is starting to live up to its name. Jennifer Lopez has just joined the roster for the flag football game, which takes place Saturday, Feb. 6 in Miami (kickoff at 2:30 p.m. ET on DirecTV’s 101 Network). Other celebs scheduled to suit up now include: Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz; Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, and Jessica SzohrAttack of the Show‘s Olivia Munn; Marlon, Shawn and Keenan Wayans; Victoria’s Secret model Marisa MillerBreaking Bad and Big Love‘s Aaron Paul; Dexter‘s C.S. Lee and David Zayas; Nurse Jackie‘s Dominic Fumusa; Clean House‘s Niecy Nash; singer/songwriter Brian McKnight; and The Green Mile‘s Michael Clark Duncan.

The New York Giants’ Eli Manning and the New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez will each coach a team, while Hall of Famer Warren Moon and former NFL MVP Rich Gannon serve as quarterbacks/captains. NFL greats Merrill Hoge, Daryl Johnston, Desmond Jones, La’Roi Glover, Eddie George and Mark Schlereth will also take the field. Dan Patrick hosts a pre-game show at 1:30 p.m. ET that features an interview with Herschel Walker, who recently made his victorious debut in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). He’ll also call the play-by-play along with Nancy O’Dell and sideline correspondent Andrew Siciliano. The All American Rejects handle post-show duties with a concert immediately following the trophy presentation.

Who are you rooting for? I’m all for the fun-loving way Lopez is choosing to promote her new album (see also: her monologue as the new host of Lopez Tonight), so I’ll cheer her on. Fingers crossed her teammates include Lautner and Nash.

Photo credit: Beach Bowl: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images; Munn: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos; Lopez: Wild1/PR Photos; Westwick: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

Dear female celebrities, please stop wearing catsuits...unless you're playing Catwoman!

By now, most of you have seen the photos of the heinous sparkly catsuit worn by Jennifer Lopez on New Year’s Eve. Basically, the gal looked like Catwoman…if the Batman villainess had been styled by Carson Kressley. But it was further proof that no one should wear catsuits unless they are in fact playing Catwoman. That means I’m giving a free pass to Eartha Kitt, Julie Newmar, Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry. But Beyonce and Kanye gal pal Amber Rose, you are on alert: NO MORE CATSUITS IN PUBLIC! No one can make them work. Also, they’re not practical! You never know when an emergency bathroom break could occur and completely disrobing can take some time! Is it really hard to pick out a nice pair of pants and a separate top? I don’t think so. I do it every day!

What do you think of catsuits, PopWatchers? Yay or nay?

I'm going to shell out $12.50 for a Jennifer Lopez movie...thanks to Alex O'Loughlin

alex-oloughlin_lFool me once (The Cell), shame on you, Jennifer Lopez. Fool me twice (The Wedding Planner…sorry but when the lead character agreed to that arranged marriage to Justin Chambers, my inner feminist tried to knock himself unconscious with a blunt object), shame on me. Fool me three times (Enough…which should’ve been Rated J, for Jank!), and you can understand why back in 2002, I made a promise to myself that I would never again waste my hard-earned money seeing a J.Lo movie in the theater. (No, that free press screening of Monster-in-Law does not violate my vow.) Last night, however, a publicist sent me some new photos of Moonlight‘s Alex O’Loughlin, shirtless and driving a tractor*, in a scene from Lopez’s 2010 rom-com vehicle The Back-Up Plan. Suddenly, the reasons for my seven-year boycott are fleeing my brain like the seeds of a late-fall dandelion in a stiff wind.** What do you say, PopWatchers? Should O’Loughlin’s commitment to ab excellence cancel out my long-standing Lopez Avoidance Plan? Or is buying a ticket to The Back-Up Plan going to be the equivalent of shaking my open wallet out the window of a moving taxi?

* Undercover work in a farming community: Another prospect for Mandi Bierly’s growing list of ways to get hot crime-procedural characters to remove their shirts!
** Current front-runner for Slezak’s “Worst Simile of 2009″ competition.
***No, this isn’t Shirtless Hunks Day on EW.com, although our Sexy Geeks gallery may have you thinking otherwise.
**** Follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak!

Photo credit: Peter Iovino

Guess who! 30 celebs jump on time travel bandwagon

WORTH1000_l For worse (Marilyn Monroe as a present-day video skank, left) or better (Dawson's Creek-era Katie Holmes as Girl With a Pearl Earring, right), artists at Worth1000.com have undergone some treacherous Adventures in Photoshop to bring us Telegraph.co.uk's excellent Celebrity Time Travel photo gallery. This is like that time EW.com image-doctoring superstar Jef Castro put Gokey's face on a lean-sirloin dancer's bod. But classy! Definitely check this out.

Reese and J. Lo look great as polka-dot pinups and should work this look in 2009
Simon Cowell as old-fashioned curmudgeon might actually be from 2009
–Tom Cruise must be the most important person in Britain's idea of Hollywood because he got two portraits
–Whatever you do, keep clicking until you hit Justin Timberlake the 12-year-old soldier
–Breaking! Eminem is hard at work on his new album
–Mandi has already made this her wallpaper. Tile that s—, girl.

Blinding white time travel-y light: in 3…2..1….boom.


PopWatch Quote of the Day: Keeping It Real Edition

"I love my life and my public/ Put God first and can’t forget/ To stay real/ To me it’s like breathing." –Jennifer Lopez, "Jenny From the Block"

Tonight's TV, this afternoon: Fashion Rocks '07

Blige_lIn just a few hours, the whole world can join in celebrating New York’s Fashion Week when CBS broadcasts the fourth annual Fashion Rocks concert tonight at 9 p.m. Can’t wait that long to find out what star-studded surprises are in store? Well, luckily for you, PopWatch recently upgraded its crystal-ball technology… and, er, I had a couple of tickets to the show’s live taping last night at Radio City Music Hall… so I can tell you exactly what to expect. This is gonna be way better than a live-blog — it’s a pre-blog!

First, though, let me share a few things that you won’t see tonight:

  • The uptight crowd: In person it was impossible to forget that Fashion Rocks is first and foremost a carefully choreographed high-society event — more like an elite awards ceremony or a runway showcase than a real rock concert. Sitting there in my frayed jeans amidst countless silent, haughty fashionistas, I felt sorta like Anne Hathaway in the first reel of The Devil Wears Prada. Especially when haughty Anna Wintour herself strode past me, turning way more heads than any of the actual rock stars in attendance.
  • Greg Giraldo‘s wickedly political stand-up: The night’s official host was Jeremy Piven, working a decent shtick which my date accurately classified as "nice Ari" — which is to say, not-quite-as-funny Ari. But during set changes and other breaks — all untelevised — Giraldo came out to taunt the in-person audience with some raw free-associative riffs on their overwhelming air of privilege: "What’s up, rich white kids?" The crowd wasn’t exactly feeling it, but I was doubled over in laughter the whole time. Giraldo was pretty genius/offensive at the recent Flavor Flav roast, too; why doesn’t this dude get more work?
  • "Singers" who can’t really sing: Fergie whispered her way through most of "Glamorous," letting a loud backing track do the heavy vocal lifting; only a cameo from Ludacris saved that song. (Also, her shouts of "If you ain’t got no money, take your broke-broke home" were just a tad ironic — if you ain’t got no money and you’re watching this glitzy gala, sadly, your broke-broke’s almost certainly at home already.) Then again, Fergie Ferg was easily the best part of her opening duet with the dessicated corpses of Aerosmith. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are finally starting to look like their idols the Stones — only about 5-7 years older. But I’m sure both performances will sound just fine once CBS’ sound engineers have spent all of today tweaking them to perfection.

Sorry, just had to get that negativity out of my system. On to a few moments you should make sure not to miss:

addCredit(“Mary J. Blige and Usher: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com”)


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