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'Crazy, Stupid, Love,' 'Bridesmaids,' 'Modern Family,' '30 Rock,' lead Comedy Awards nominations

The nominations for the second annual Comedy Awards were announced today. Television series Modern Family and 30 Rock and films Bridesmaids and Crazy, Stupid, Love all lead the pack with five nominations apiece, while Louis C.K. also picked up five nods, three of which come from his FX series Louie.

Nominees for the awards were selected by the Comedy Awards Board of Directors, which include high-profile comedians like Conan O’Brien, Stephen Colbert, Carol Burnett, Ray Romano, Jon Stewart, and Lily Tomlin, according to Deadline. The Comedy Awards will be presented on April 28 in New York City and will air May 6 on Comedy Central. Choice nominees are below. The full list is available on the Awards’ official site. READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Aniston still watches ‘Friends’ reruns. She IS just like us!

I still love Friends. My friends still love Friends. And it makes me happy to know that despite being eight years removed from the show, Jennifer Aniston – one Friend of said Friends – also still loves Friends. Friends.

In an interview on CBS This Morning, Aniston told reporter Gayle King that she “absolutely” watches reruns of the show from time to time, drawing squeals from the Gellar-Green-Bing-Buffay-Tribbiani fan that exists in each and every child. READ FULL STORY

You knew it was coming: Angelina Jolie's leg launches Twitter feed, online memes aplenty

A star is born! It’s not Oscar-winning Descendants screenwriter Jim Rash, but he was the prophet who ushered in the latest (and leggiest) meme of 2012. The Community star was the first to pay homage to fellow nominee Angelina Jolie, who took no small amount of delight in showing off her exposed right gam (thanks to a velvet Atelier Versace gown) at last night’s 84th Annual Academy Awards. Following Rash’s lead, slew of Inter-nutters have joined the chorus of approval and/or mockery for Jolie’s sartorial statement. READ FULL STORY

Are Jennifer Aniston and 'Wanderlust' the real first signs of spring?

Friends, it’s February. And how. 

When it comes to going to the movies, this time of year is traditionally a gloomy time — spiritually, anyway. We’re in that odd gray zone that falls between the prestige projects of fall, the big gleaming affairs that come down around Christmas, and the exploding robots/superheroes of summer. I won’t name names, but I think everyone here knows the kind of clunker I’m talking about.

Which makes Wanderlust an almost miraculous bright spot (and no, we’re not talking about the Jennifer Aniston nudity). As EW critic Lisa Schwarzbaum, (who gave the film a rating of A-), notes, David Wain and Paul Rudd have done their fair share of “inspired nutso stuff” in previous collaborations like Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models. But Wanderlust sort of takes things up a notch when George (Rudd) and Linda (Aniston), dyed-in-the-wool Manhattanites, are priced out of the city, and through a couple of wrong turns, end up on a hippie-dippy commune.

This movie is not just funny, it’s fun. READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Aniston's 'Wanderlust' talk show tour continues

Jennifer Aniston was on Conan last night (again, talking prosthetic penises, though her chat with friend Chelsea Handler was more lively) and her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs today. Watch a preview clip below. Aniston admits she feels guilty for helping to set up boyfriend-costar Justin Theroux so he’d have to breakdance on his first Ellen appearance. (Aniston sent over his special breakdancing shoes.) She also plays a prank on a bike salesman, which is worth watching if only for the moments line-feeding Ellen leaves her hanging and the guy says he wishes he could hit on her.  READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Aniston's semi-nudity in 'Wanderlust' causes Internet hysteria. Why do we care? (Oh, right.)

Ever since Chandler Bing accidentally got an eyeful of Rachel’s “nipular area,” men have long since been trying to follow in his footsteps and catch a peek, too. (Could they be any more predictable?)

Of course, Jennifer Aniston enthusiasts have lucked out and had their share of glimpses of the star over the past few years. The actress showed her backside in the 2006 comedy The Break-Up and was about as close to topless as a person could be on the cover of GQ back in 2008 and in her uninhibited role in last year’s Horrible Bosses. So one would think that the 43-year-old beauty going buff again (not all the way, mind you) for her new flick Wanderlust would not cause such Internet hysteria. Well, one would be wrong, wouldn’t one?

Jennifer Aniston talks topless scenes and prosthetic penises with Chelsea Handler. Watch!

Nothing makes an audience perk up like Jennifer Aniston talking about running topless. Aniston stopped by her friend Chelsea Handler’s show Chelsea Lately to dish about her new movie Wanderlust and the intimate conversation didn’t stop there. We also found out what it’s like to act opposite someone wearing a prosthetic penis. (SPOILER: After about 20 minutes, you find yourself comfortable enough to investigate it and have a conversation while a makeup artist kneels down to give your costar a touch-up.) Watch their chat below.  READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: Oscars! Plus a 'Downton' Christmas and the Indie Spirits

It’s all about the little gold man next weekend, but that’s not to say there aren’t some other great events to look out for as we barrel towards Hollywood’s biggest night. This week’s PopWatch planner has new TV even on a holiday weekend, plus DVDs that are both silly and serious, and plenty of specials and events to get you ready for the red carpet, including the Indie Spirit Awards. Have a great week!

Downton Abbey, 9p.m., PBS

Make some tea and settle into the Downton Abbey season finale. It’s Christmas at Downton Abbey, the perfect time for holiday quibbling. Hopefully there will be enough snips from Maggie Smith to tide us over until season 3, when Shirley MacLaine joins the formidable cast. We can’t wait for the face-off! READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Aniston: Hottest woman of all time?

That’s what the readers of MensHealth.com say. Better luck next year, Angelina. Maybe after you lose the baby bump, Beyoncé. Crediting her sense of humor as well as her down-to-earth, “unmistakably real” girl-next-door persona, the readers ranked her above Raquel Welch, Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie (put that in your pipe and smoke it, Brad!), and original Daisy Duke Catherine Bach, among others. Intriguingly, Aniston was only named #25 in the 2011 rankings. Guess getting a boyfriend and starring as a sex addict weren’t sexy enough to beat out Jennifer “Baywatch” Lawrence.

Aniston herself favors Brigitte Bardot and Gloria Steinem’s hotness to her own, but what do you think, PopWatchers? Do you agree with Men’s Health that Aniston is the hottest woman of all time? Or do you have eyes for another?

Brad Pitt revisits Jennifer Aniston comments: 'I have a knack for stepping into s–––'

Since the controversy surrounding his comments about his marriage to Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt has learned a lesson that would probably benefit a lot of folks in Hollywood: “Don’t talk.” Talking with Today‘s Matt Lauer, Pitt said, “I don’t wanna live on guard and I should be more on guard, I guess.” He added, “I’ve got a knack for stepping into s—.” What was Pitt really trying to say during his interview with Parade magazine, and has he spoken with Aniston since the article started a media frenzy? Find out and watch the full clip after the jump.


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