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James Franco disses 'Girls': 'I can't see me in the show'

James Franco has some tough love for Hannah Horvath, Lena Dunham’s struggling New York writer in HBO’s Girls: “Get a f—ing job.”

The Oscar-nominated actor and first-generation F.O.J. (Friend of Judd Apatow, Girls executive producer) took on the polarizing new show in an essay on The Huffington Post titled “A Dude’s Take on Girls.” Franco acknowledged the more familiar criticisms — that the quartet of New Yorkers are privileged, self-absorbed young women who seemingly live in a demographic bubble that doesn’t reflect the racial diversity of the city — but his bigger issue with the show is its portrayal of the male characters. “The guys in the show are the biggest bunch of losers I’ve ever seen,” he wrote. “I know this sorry representation of men is fair payback for the endless parade of airheaded women on the West Coast male counterpart to Girls, Entourage…”

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Celebrity commencement addresses: Steve Carell, Jane Lynch, and more

Steve Carell refrained from “That’s what she said” comments, well, almost, (check out 14:10) but the funnyman managed to be both funny and earnest in his remarks to Princeton University grads as their Class Day Speaker yesterday. 

His speech focused on the differences between when he went to college and now, and talked about how much harder he had it, including talking to girls without being able to text them. Instead, he had the pleasure of getting rejected face-to-face. “The point is, I suffered, and you should have to suffer too,” he explained to laughs.

Carell also gave some insight into what social media was back in the day: “We didn’t have Twitter, we used good old-fashioned gossip. If you wanted to talk about someone you could do it face-to-face, right behind their back.”

Check out video of Carell’s remarks, as well as some of our other favorite 2012 celebrity commencement speeches –such as Jane Lynch and James Franco–after the jump. READ FULL STORY

James Franco channels costar Selena Gomez in 'Love Song' cover -- VIDEO

Now that Selena Gomez has announced she’s taking a bit of a break from recording to focus on acting, the door is open for her Spring Breakers costar James Franco to hire himself for yet another job. The Oscar nominee recently released a candid car-jam video that proves he’s just as addicted to Gomez’s candy-coated hit “Love You Like a Love Song” as the rest of us.

From Franco’s soul-penetrating stare to his emotive… ummm… gestures, not to mention the cornrows for his Breakers character, I’m not sure whether to be amused, creeped out, impressed, or all of the above. I am sure, however, that this is one viral video on which you’ll keep hitting re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat. READ FULL STORY

Shira Lazar of 'What's Trending': Can social media predict the Oscar winners?


For the past few years, social media has become the watercooler for online chatter surrounding any big televised event, and awards season is no exception. Every show has its own hashtag, winner trend, and surprise on-air moments that get shared and go viral more quickly then ever before. But can online chatter reveal who the winners may be?

The Meltwater Group, which measured online buzz last year, predicted two of three big Academy Award wins: The King’s Speech, which won Best Picture, had the most Twitter mentions, as did Best Actress Natalie Portman. James Franco, however, who seemed to win in terms of Web engagement, lost to Colin Firth for Best Actor.

James Franco's 'The Broken Tower': Will you only watch for his gay love scenes?

Let us briefly flash back to January of 2011, when a pre-Oscar-disaster James Franco — riding the success wave of 127 Hours — was as buzzworthy as, say, Jessica Chastain. It was around this time that news of Franco’s recently completed Hart Crane biopic, The Broken Tower, reignited the is-he-or-isn’t-he-gay chatter that has followed the actor since at least his Milk days. The film, which Franco also wrote and directed, follows the life of Crane, an early 20th century poet who is widely known for his alcoholism and eventual suicide at the age of 32. He was also a tortured homosexual, so 99 percent of the talk on this film was about the blow job scene, natch. Check out the trailer below:


James Franco's naked butt covers magazine

James Franco is the latest cover boy for Flaunt magazine, and one of the two covers shots features his naked butt. See that NSFW one below. Vulture rightfully asks, “How could it be that this came out two and a half weeks ago and no major site has covered it?” I think it’s partly because nothing James Franco does surprises anyone anymore. But mostly because there’s the feeling that if you’re going to write about his butt being a magazine cover, you should really say something about the heady cover story itself, only you may have no desire to read it.

In short: I genuinely respect that James Franco uses his time learning and creating — it’s so much better than being photographed on daily Starbucks runs — but I don’t always want to hear about what he’s learned or created. Especially when Flaunt sets up the email portion of the interview by saying it “shape-shifted into something almost resembling his art — a journey of dalliances, compass-less and perhaps saying something, perhaps saying nothing at all.” Some people still want to figure Franco out, but I’ll admit what you’re not supposed to, particularly after Franco writes of his varied output, “I don’t think what I’m doing is confusing … What is confusing is that I’m an actor in mainstream film and the people that usually comment on mainstream film are idiots, and they don’t try to think outside of their pop-culture commentaries”: He’s too much work for me. I’d rather use that brainpower elsewhere, somewhere I know that something is being said.


James Franco leaves Broadway's 'Sweet Bird of Youth'

I suppose it was just one project too many for James Franco: The increasingly busy actor, who just finished marketing a starring turn in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and is currently filming 2013’s Oz: The Great and Powerful, will no longer be making his Broadway debut in Sweet Bird of Youth. The actor had planned to appear in the Tennessee Williams play, which follows a gigolo who romances an aging actress to get into show business. Nicole Kidman is still starring in the production.

No word on whether he’ll still have time to play Carlos the Dwarf during the next Dungeons & Dragons meeting. Yes, I’m still hanging on to Freaks & Geeks.

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Billy Crystal to host Oscars again? 'They know where I am'


We wish we can say it: Billy Crystal is going to host next year’s Oscars. But it’s not official. In fact, the Academy won’t even confirm whether there have been talks with the eight-time host. But after last year’s show, which was marred by James Franco and Anne Hathaway’s underwhelming effort, there’s certainly some warm nostalgia for Crystal’s magic. The chorus for Crystal is bound to grow louder now that he himself has said he’s “itchy” to host again. READ FULL STORY

Summer Movie Body Count: 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' kills adorable apes, terrible humans

Week 14 of EW’s 2011 Summer Movie Body Count continues with Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which PETA has practically crowned the Citizen Kane of Animal Movies since all its simian characters are CG, thus sparing real animals unnecessary abuse. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of animal cruelty depicted — man on ape, ape on man, ape on ape, ape on Slytherin, so… Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Fan of the 1968 original and its sequels might be a little confused by the setting of the new film. No maniacs have blown Earth up, so there’s no one to damn to hell yet. Things are actually looking pretty good for the homo sapiens: present-dayish San Francisco looks like a place Mark Zuckerberg would recognize, and the chimps are in laboratory cages, guinea pigs for James Franco’s tests to cure Alzheimer’s. [Note: The actor James Franco is NOT actually working to cure Alzheimer’s at this time. I know, I had to check, too.] READ FULL STORY

James Franco tells Jimmy Kimmel to zip it

C’mon James Franco, everyone knows the standard rule: You’re supposed to say “XYZ” to someone when their fly is down! Then again, The Rise of the Planet of the Apes star doesn’t play by any rules, not even the most stringent of man codes. So it was of no real surprise during a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night that the actor alerted the host — and, in turn, the rest of America — that he was having a pants party and everyone was invited. Kimmel handled the situation swiftly (i.e. he promptly zipped up) and with humor, but we still think Franco definitely owes him that hot air balloon ride now. Watch the full clip below: READ FULL STORY

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