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Daniel Craig and Taran Killam's 'SNL' promos are double-o-heaven -- VIDEO

Taran Killam tweeted that filming a set of Saturday Night Live promos with this week’s host, Daniel Craig, made for the “greatest day ever.” After watching their video, you’ll see why. At first, the clips focus on Killam’s futile efforts to impress and, uh, make out with the guy who plays James Bond. Then, apropos of nothing, there’s a completely charming montage of Killam and Craig wearing wigs, rocking out on air guitars, and eating cupcakes together — you know, just normal guy stuff. Who knew craggy Craig had such a silly side?

I’d be totally happy if Saturday’s episode ends up just being 90 minutes of these two goofing around together. In the meantime, let’s watch the promos on an endless loop:


Daniel Craig plays Bond for Heineken ad -- VIDEO

The announcement of Heineken’s partnership with the new James Bond movie Skyfall was met with mixed emotions: It’s a beer, but, it helped finance the movie. Let the debate begin again as Daniel Craig’s first commercial as Bond begins airing Friday. It involves a train, a protegé, and Bond Girl Berenice Marlohe. Watch it below. READ FULL STORY

This Week's Cover: EW Celebrates 50 Years of James Bond -- plus Sam Mendes on 'Skyfall'


What is the most appropriate gift you could give Brit super spy and martini aficionado James Bond to celebrate 50 years of big screen 007 adventures? A cake in the shape of a gun? A gun in the shape of a cake? A new liver? Or…How about an entire issue of Entertainment Weekly devoted to the half century of espionage-themed pleasure the Bond franchise has given the world since Sean Connery defined the role of 007 — and Ursula Andress defined the ideal way to wear a bikini — in 1962′s Dr. No?

Within the pages of this week’s magazine you’ll find a gallery of rare, behind-the-scenes photographs annotated by longtime Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, a guide to all 22 official James Bond movies, a round-up of Bond’s greatest gadgets, a map revealing every place 007 has visited on planet earth (and elsewhere), an interview with “Unsung Bond” George Lazenby, and an opening essay by 007 nut Ben Svetkey who explains why his many Bond set visits on EW’s behalf were not just all expenses-paid boondoggles — they were all expense-paid boondoggles which helped make him the man he is today.

But, wait, there’s more! Having stirred you with tales of Bond movies past we will also hopefully shake you with fresh news about the latest 007 adventure Skyfall, which opens Nov. 9. That intel comes courtesy of the film’s Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes who emerged from his editing bunker to talk Daniel Craig hotness, Bond girl nudity, and the onscreen evil-osity of Javier Bardem’s villain.

Remember, though, folks: All this is for your eyes only!

For your complete guide to 50 Years of Bond, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Aug. 3.

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Style and Design: 50 years of James Bond's style, Miley Cyrus' raccoon-repelling fragrance and more

Bond, fashion icon. London’s Barbican Centre marks the 50th anniversary of James Bond with an exhibition of costumes, set pieces and props from the stylish spy franchise. [Denver Post]

Hannah Montana body spray proves to be an effective raccoon repellent in a new YouTube video. [MSN]

Rest easy, Vera Wang. Jessica Simpson denies reports that she’s working on a line of wedding gowns. [E Online]

Metallica frontman James Hetfield says the sunglasses he created with eyewear company Sutro are “built to look faster than a speeding riff and to handle the life of a road dog like me.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

Still haven’t outgrown that Cinderella fantasy? A collection of Disney princess-themed cosmetics targeted to “the adult female consumer” will hit Sephora stores this fall. [Fashionista]

See the first set photos from Mad Max: Fury Road. [io9]

PopWatch Planner: Dog days of summer TV? No way! 'True Blood', 'Suits' return, plus Usher's new album and more

It’s already June — and high time to figure out your summer jam — so it’s a good thing Usher’s new record is out this week, ready to be blasted at barbeques and in the carpool lane to the beach with the windows down. Plus, while summer TV used to mean reruns and the MTV Beach House, the appearance of great summer programming is just one of the many reasons we’re happy to be living in America today. This week a bunch of favorite shows kick off their new seasons, while another comes to an end. Sunday is a DVR-filled competition, with the premiere of True Blood, the Mad Men season finale, and the Tony Awards – how to choose?! The week fills out with new music, a rockin’ movie premiere, and some fun ideas for dad’s special day. Have a great week!

The Tony Awards, CBS, 8 p.m.
True Blood, HBO, 9 p.m.
Mad Men, AMC, 10 p.m.

There’s too much happening Sunday night to choose just one thing to watch. I’ll be liveblogging the Tony Awards, Broadway’s biggest night, along with Thom Geier, starting at 7:45 p.m. ET, so come back to EW.com later today and check it out. While you’re planning your Sunday TV, make sure the DVR is set for True Blood’s return on HBO and the Mad Men season finale on AMC.  READ FULL STORY

We celebrate May Day with five of our favorite May-centric pop culture references

How best to celebrate the arrival of the fifth month, PopWatchers? Lacking a May pole in EW’s office, I decided to turn to pop culture. Though I considered expanding the net to include non-traditional picks like bunkin’ cousin Maeby Fünke from Arrested Development and Ghost‘s Oda Mae Brown (“Molly, you in danger, girl!”), there was plenty of May love to go around without getting Fünke with it. Below, five of my favorite May touchstones. READ FULL STORY

James Bond's boss, M, to die in 'Skyfall' -- maybe. Who should take over?

It was upsetting enough when rumors started popping up online that James Bond’s vintage Aston Martin was going to get blown to smithereens in the next 007 movie. But this is just too much: The British tabloids are reporting that Judi Dench’s top spy character, M, is going to get killed off in Skyfall, currently shooting in England. Dench took over the role back when Pierce Brosnan was being fitted for his first tuxedo, in 1995′s GoldenEye, and was the only actor from that series of Bond films to make the transition into the Daniel Craig era.

The role has a long tradition—the late great Bernard Lee launched the character on the big screen in 1962′s Dr. No, and played it until 1979′s Moonraker—but Dench, 77, brought a fresh take to the part that charmed even die-hard fans of the Sean Connery epoch. In fact, making M a woman was one of the smartest choices Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson made when they took over the franchise from their father, Cubby Broccoli, in 1995. Casting a class act like Dame Dench was a stroke of pure genius.

Eon Productions, the company that produces all things Bond, won’t comment on the rumors of Dench’s rumored departure from the franchise. But then Eon never comments on any rumors. So lets for the moment assume it’s true. Who should replace Dench as the head of the British Secret Service? Should it be a woman again? Helen Mirren? Vanessa Redgrave? Susan Boyle? Or is it a man’s turn again? We know Ralph Fiennes has a role in Skyfall, presumably as an upper level Secret Service employee. Rumor has it he’s warming up for the role.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Who should play M if Dench departs? (And while we’re at it, is it time to bring Q back?)

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From Holland With Love? James Bond is ditching martinis for Heineken in new ‘Skyfall’ ad

James Bond will parachute into Olympics opening ceremony: Reports


Bond’s latest assignment: Kick-start the 2012 London Olympics. According the The Sun, Queen Elizabeth II personally invited actor Daniel Craig (who stars in the upcoming James Bond installment Skyfall) and Danny Boyle (the artistic director of this summer’s Olympic games), to Buckingham Palace to film a 007 mini-movie in honor of the games.  READ FULL STORY

From Holland With Love? James Bond is ditching martinis for Heineken in new 'Skyfall' ad

Further proof that Daniel Craig is not your daddy’s 007: In an upcoming ad campaign, the blond Bond is going to forgo his trademark cocktail for a swig of Dutch beer. Let’s hope it doesn’t arrive shaken.

Ad Age reports that Craig’s tougher, darker Bond will star in an upcoming Heineken ad, which will do double duty as promotion for the upcoming Bond as wizard RPG James Bond flick Skyfall. Skyfall director Sam Mendes will serve as a creative consultant for the commercial as well.* Though the spot itself has yet to be released, we should expect greatness, or at least virality: Wieden & Kennedy, the agency that brought us The Man Your Man Can Smell Like, is making the ad.

Knowing all this, we’ve really got only one question left… READ FULL STORY

James Bond producer wants Daniel Craig for FIVE more movies. Good idea?

Daniel Craig has only starred in two James Bond movies so far. That’s one more than walking-Trivial-Pursuit-factoid George Lazenby ever managed, and the equal of proto-Craig Timothy Dalton. The currently-filming Skyfall will put Craig in striking distance of Pierce Brosnan, whose four films ran the gamut from good (Goldeneye) to funny-bad (Tomorrow Never Dies) to horrible (The World is Not Enough) to batcrap-crazy (Die Another Day.) Sean Connery made six “official” Bond movies, but if you throw in his off-brand Thunderball remake Never Say Never Again, then he’s tied with Roger Moore at seven 007 movies. READ FULL STORY

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