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iPhone heading to Verizon? Er, not so fast...

iphoneCould the iPhone’s exclusive AT&T deal be drawing to a close? A Bloomberg article is claiming the iPhone will be available through Verizon come January, but it’s not the first time such a rumor has circulated. Verizon and AT&T reps declined to comment, and an Apple rep did not respond to EW’s request for a comment.

This story comes on the heels of Apple and AT&T already selling 1.7 million of the newest iPhones, which is an awful lot. Were iPhones to make the leap, it’s not as simple as Apple just selling its phones at the Verizon store: iPhones are GSM phones (the kind that use a SIM card), and Verizon is a CDMA carrier. (But how are they raising the kids? [Rimshot.])

Will the iPhone be AT&T-only forever? No. But is January really V-day? We’ll see. Would a carrier switch be a deciding factor for you, PopWatchers? Or is your tech-lust totally device-driven?

The iPhone 4: Worth the wait?

iphone-4Happy iPhone 4 day, PopWatchers. The early reviews are in, and people seem pretty dazzled by the Retina display screen, miffed about the lingering yellow spots of bonding agent, and impressed by the faster processing.

None of that could make me stand in the oppressive New York heat today, though. Unless that bad boy dispenses, oh, infinity glasses of Sauvignon blanc and can pay off student loans, I feel comfortable waiting for a little bit.

What about you, PopWatchers? Were you waiting in line to pick up your pre-ordered iPhone 4, or are you holding off?

Jane Lynch vs. the iPhone: Spoofing at its best

Could anyone have delivered the line “I’ve always had a camera on my front, but I tell people it’s a third nipple so they don’t feel less than” better than Jane Lynch? Watch the Glee star take on the iPhone (as portrayed by Kassem G) in the plug below for Take180.com’s pop culture parody show Electric Spoofaloo. (She’s also pimping a contest that could earn you a $100 iTunes prize if you submit a homemade Electric Spoofaloo plug and it’s used in an upcoming episode.)


iPhone 4: Video calling goes mobile

iphone-g4Image Credit: AppleSteve Jobs unveiled the new iPhone 4 this afternoon at the WWDC conference, and while some of its features — like a front-facing camera — had been pretty much public knowledge for a while, there was still a big reveal: Video calling from your phone. It’s the future, guys! “FaceTime,” which works over Wi-Fi and only iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, uses said front-facing camera to great effect. The phone will be available for pre-order June 15 and ship June 24; the 16GB model will be $199, and the 32MB will be $299. Also, if your contract is up at any time in 2010, AT&T will fudge your eligibility so you can upgrade right now. The more iPhone 4s in the wild, the more FaceTime you’ll see — and presumably, the more you’ll want it.

The other big announcement in Jobs’ presentation: the iMovie app. The iPhone 4 can shoot real HD video, which you can then edit in the $4.99 app. (He also announced software updates, like multi-tasking and folders, that were part of April’s OS announcement.) The 5-megapixel camera goes well with the improved high-res screen, and a 3-axis gyroscope means the phone is even more motion-sensitive. (And it means apps can use a full range of motion for controls.)

Are you itching to upgrade, PopWatchers? Is video calling the final verse in the siren song pulling you to an iPhone, or are you able to resist?

EW Exclusive: Robot Unicorn Attack heading to iPhone in June

Robot-unicornRobot Unicorn Attack, one of the most addictive, adorable Flash games in living memory [makes noise], is coming to the iPhone. Uh-oh — now I’ll be “chasing my dreams” (a.k.a. playing this game obsessively) pretty much at all times. The app launches June 1 and will be $2.99.

RUA is absurdly simple: it’s a side-scrolling two-button game set to a hypnotic Erasure soundtrack. And yet it’s completely mesmerizing, as if Canabalt [makes noise] mated with every Lisa Frank folder you ever had.

What’s your top RUA score, PopWatchers? And will you be playing on your iPhone come June?

Atari Teenage Riot iPhone app induces mayhem? When can I download?

Atari-Teenage-Riot_320.jpg Pitchfork has up a report that German hardcore band Atari Teenage Riot’s new iPhone app has been temporarily delayed by the German iTunes store. The app is set to offer all of the band’s albums, songs, and videos, in addition to a feature called “Riotsounds Produce Riots,” which the band describes as “…very low sub basses, square waves, noise sounds, which trigger hysteria and panic within the audience.”

ATR’s Alec Empire told Pitchfork that he expects the app will be approved within 10 days, with the Riotsounds feature possibly getting added on later. Whatever the status, I have to tip my hat to the band. Just as I have a soft spot in my heart for horror movies that include grave warnings to the audience about the fear they are about to experience, nothing could motivate me more to try out an app than a heads-up that it may induce a riot if I play it too loud. Am I right? How much more (or less) likely are you to download it now?

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