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'Lego Movie Videogame' makes everything awesome on iPhones, iPads


The video game based on the 2014 movie based on the beloved children’s toy is giving iOS owners a reason to yell “Spaceship!” on Thursday, as Warner Bros. has announced The Lego Movie Videogame is arriving on Apple devices.


Elevate is the best app of the year, according to Apple

If you use a smartphone, it’s easy to miss out on a great app—there are just so many. The end of the year makes a great time to catch up, though. Apple has just released its list of picks for the best apps of the year, and a few of them are pretty solid downloads.


The most important news from Apple's iPad event

Like a cool dad who just can’t help but show off all his cool new gizmos, Apple is back one month after unveiling it’s big new iPhones and super fancy watches in order to show a little love to the other things it makes. If today’s event seemed a little less buzzy to you, it’s probably because it was more of a mixed bag of an event with a number of announcements in several categories, as opposed to the crowd-pleasing Cracker Jack of an iPhone event with the attention-grabbing “surprise” of the Apple Watch at the bottom.

That doesn’t mean interesting things didn’t happen. Here’s what we learned about today:


The most ridiculous stories from iPhone 6 release week


You may not know this, but there is a hot new gizmo on the market. It’s called the iPhone 6, and it is the must-have tech product of the season. It’s “bigger than bigger.” It’s the best thing ever. According to Apple, at least.

According to everyone else, the iPhone is many things. It instills passionate devotion and inspires the human spirit, moving us to make grand gestures of true love. Do you scoff at such notions? Then pull up a chair, and enjoy these stories from iPhone Release Weekend, because it only happens once a year.

In a moment that could only be described as poetic, Jack Cooksey of Perth, Australia, became the first person in the world to purchase Apple’s new smartphone. He immediately dropped it on live television. The crowd immediately winced in collective sympathy, not for Jack, whose blunder could have been costly — but for the phone, because it had to go home with Jack. READ FULL STORY

It's real: Apple announces Apple Watch


It’s time to put some rumors to rest: Apple has finally unveiled its big wearable, and it’s called the Apple Watch.

The device will work seamlessly with iPhones, and has an entirely new interface—one focused on the old-school dial you have on regular watches.

No word on cost or availability yet.

Apple Watch was announced Tuesday morning at Apple’s event in Cupertino, California. For complete coverage, check out our liveblog here.


In the interest of time, Apple CEO Tim Cook couldn’t go over the Apple Watch features exhaustively, but here are the highlights: the screen can sense touch and force, telling the difference between a touch and a tap. Apple Watch will also give force feedback, and charge via magnet charger in the back.

Apple Watch comes in two sizes, and will come in three distinct collections: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. Standard, athletic, and luxury, respectively.

Apple Watch is coming in 2015, and starts at $349.

You’ll need an iPhone 5 or later to use it.

The iPhone(s) 6 and more: EW live-blogs Apple's big event


Have you heard? Apple is going to release a new iPhone today. There are some rumors. Today, they will be rumors no longer.

There’s always a lot of hype around an Apple event, and while some of it may seem frivolous and excessive, it’s not all for the tech-obsessed. Thanks to the manufacturer’s immense popularity, the people behind a lot of the pop culture you know and love often follow Apple’s lead when it comes to bringing media your way. So if you want a peek at all the new ways you’ll be able to obsess over pop culture in the coming year, look no further.


Fitter, happier, more productive: an iPhone 6 rumor report

On September 10, 2013, the iPhone 5S was announced to the world. Ten days later, the phone was released, and immediately thereafter rumors about the iPhone 6 began circulating in earnest. This Tuesday in Cupertino, California, Apple CEO Tim Cook will get on a stage, reach into his pocket and finally put those rumors to rest, at least for however many days it takes for the phone to go on sale and speculation about the next iPhone to begin. To paraphrase Rust Cohle, iPhones are a flat circle.

So how will this iPhone compare to its predecessor? What will be different? What will be the same? What else will be announced on that fateful Tuesday?

While the sensible answer to all of those questions is “holy crap, calm down and wait, it’s only four days away,” a large and profitable industry specializing in the speculation about Apple products has sprung up, and it is extremely thorough. Go to any number of websites and you’ll find exhaustive lists of what to expect. Many of these rumors have been repeated consistently enough to be accepted as more or less fact—so much so that even The New York Times jumped into the fray, citing a number of anonymous Apple employees and partners who corroborate the most widely-accepted of these rumors. It’s arguable that Apple is very bad at keeping secrets—but few manufacturers are the subject of this level of constant scrutiny.

That said, here’s what you can probably expect to see this Tuesday:

A new look: This goes almost without saying, but the iPhone 6 will look different. Some say it’ll be curved, but that isn’t likely—it’s expensive, and everyone claiming to have seen mockups of the device seem to agree on a sleeker form factor with softer edges and a screen that has almost no borders. Apple design has long favored devices that look as seamless and uniform as possible, as though they were sculpted from a single piece of metal, so expect a refined, thin handset.

Mobile payments: The iPhone 6 is rumored to finally be the model that incorporates Near-Field Communication tech in its hardware, which means the company is going to make a serious play for mobile payments. Reports that Apple has partnerships with American Express, Visa, and MasterCard give further credence to this particular rumor.

Two new iPhones: Extra large phones with big, pretty screens are in, and Apple is expected to make a bid for this space by releasing the iPhone 6 in two sizes—a 4.7 inch model, and a 5.5 inch model (the current iPhone 5/5S is four inches). Getting into the specifics of what will be different about each model is where details get hazy: a bigger phone means more room for more powerful hardware—or at least more storage space. Some Apple sleuths assert that both models will perform more or less identically, and that space and materials are the only difference, while others are speculating that the larger model will make use of super-tough Sapphire glass for its display. This is one category where we’ll have to wait and see.

The iWatch: Tuesday’s event is widely believed to mark the debut of the first entirely new Apple product since Cook took over the company three years ago. Colloquially referred to as the iWatch (and hopefully actually referred to as something much better than that), it’ll be Apple’s foray into the buzzy world of wearable devices. While a number of companies have entered this space over the past couple of years, the field has been kind of like Lacey Chabert’s character in Mean Girls—always trying to make “fetch” happen. Apple is expected to take wearables from nerd curio to full-blown thing. Expect the iWatch (ugh) to lean hard on HealthKit, and for bloggers to gush about the design. Because, if there’s one thing that the company has managed to keep secret, it’s what the iWatch (ugh) will look like.

Keep in mind: Apple has not, and will not, say a single word about any of this—in fact, the company has not officially ever even acknowledged that these devices exist. As well-sourced as some of these rumors are, they are ultimately just rumors, and none of this may happen. Tim Cook is just as likely to stand on stage and flubber his finger over his lips for two hours for all we know. He probably won’t, but still. That would be something. A thing, if you will.

Apple's 'Misunderstood' commercial: Have yourself a merry little cry -- VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.18.29 PM

Uh oh. You better sack up and secretly edit poignant home movies on your iPhones, pouty teens!

Apple’s new 90-second Christmas commercial just had me sobbing into my own iPhone as I went about my usual antisocial business of splaying out on the couch, ignoring this great big wondrous world around me, and playing with filters on Instagram. Here’s how good Apple commercials are: I didn’t even need to see this one to know I was already obsessed with it — much like your sulky teen won’t ever need to make real eye contact with his relatives to know and eventually show that he loves them (if you’re lucky) (and if you’ve purchased him an iPhone 5S).

Obviously, I did look up at one point… then replayed this commercial again and again. You wanna cry? READ FULL STORY

Meet the woman who's the voice of Siri -- VIDEO

Siri has a face!

Though Apple won’t confirm it, Susan Bennett — a professional voiceover artist from Georgia — is the gentle voice you hear when you ask your iPhone for the weather, the time of your next meeting, or the nearest gas station. CNN stumbled upon the scoop by accident while researching a story about Atlanta’s airport — Bennett is also a voice for Delta — and audio-forensics experts they consulted were 100 percent certain that Bennett and Siri are one and the same.

Bennett did the voice-work that would eventually became Siri in 2005, but she had no idea how it would ultimately be used. The company that hired her was called ScanSoft, which later became Nuance Communications, which Apple later licensed for some of its products… most likely including Siri. When Siri was introduced in 2011, Bennett was not aware of her contribution to the project. “A colleague e-mailed me [about Siri] and said, ‘Hey, we’ve been playing around with this new Apple phone. Isn’t this you?'” said Bennett, who didn’t own a new iPhone, but subsequently went online to hear Siri. “It’s obviously me. It’s my voice.”

Click below to hear — and see — “Siri.” READ FULL STORY

Apple sells 9 million iPhone 5s in three days

Apple says shoppers snapped up 9 million of its newest iPhones since the devices were launched Friday, and that demand is exceeding supply. Its shares jumped 6 percent in premarket trading.

Apple says the two new models gave it its strongest iPhone launch ever. The company began selling the low-cost 5C and top-of-the-line 5S on Friday.

The company says demand for iPhone 5s has exceeded the initial supply, and many online orders are scheduled to be shipped in the coming weeks.

Wall Street hadn’t been enthusiastic about the new models, which were unveiled earlier this month.

Shares of Apple gained $28.10, or 6 percent, to $495.51 in premarket trading. The Cupertino, Calif., company’s stock is down about 12 percent in 2013 and has lost almost third of its value over the last year.

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