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Olympians Gus Kenworthy, Joss Christensen, and Nick Goepper compete in the EW Dating Games -- VIDEO

Their sport, ski slopestyle, made its Olympic debut in Sochi, so it’s only fitting that we asked Gus Kenworthy, Joss Christensen, and Nick Goepper to compete in our inaugural EW Dating Games. Also working in their favor: 19-year-old bronze medalist Goepper is currently holding his own dating contest on social media; 22-year-old silver medalist Kenworthy did the extremely swoonworthy act of rescuing a family of Sochi strays (he’ll keep puppies Rosa and Gorky, his brother will take puppy Jake, and their mother will have Mama); and soft-spoken 22-year-old gold medalist Christensen, it turns out, is hiding this under all that baggy clothing. (We already knew what Goepper was (six)packing.)

So here’s how it works: Each guy answers five questions revealing his celebrity love guru, the movie he’d have EW watch on our first date, the TV show he’d insist we marathon if we were snowed in together, the song he would use to “set the mood,” and where he’d take us on a dream date. The catch: The other two get to score his answers on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best). The gentleman with the highest total wins. In this case, the prize is acting out his dream date with EW’s Samantha Highfill, who got up at 4:30 a.m. ET to watch their final stream live.

Enjoy the EW Dating Games: Olympic Sweep Edition below. Then watch the full first take of the date.


Olympian Nick Goepper holds contest to date him. Our endorsement...


Ski slopestyle Olympic bronze medalist Nick Goepper is currently holding a contest on social media to win a date with him. Because his two biggest fans at EW.com, Mandi Bierly and Samantha Highfill, have officially bowed out — one of us is twice his age, both of us need someone old enough to drink* — we’ve decided the least we could do is offer the 19-year-old Indiana native some professional insight into which lucky lady deserves a sleigh ride with him. (Yes, that’s one of the options he’s mentioned.) Of what we’ve seen — we could only call this “work” for so long — here are the top #iwanttodatenick contenders.  READ FULL STORY

Watch Henry Cavill train (shirtless) for 'Man of Steel' -- VIDEO


Whether or not Henry Cavill’s physique as Man of Steel‘s Superman will inspire you to push your own physical limits in the name of self-discovery, which is the real message behind the National Guard’s SoldierofSteel.com video of him working out shirtless below, you’re going to want to watch it. READ FULL STORY

'Man of Steel': Day 3 of inappropriate tweets about Henry Cavill -- with polls!

Having already established the level of inappropriate appreciation being expressed for the handsomeness of Man of Steel‘s Superman Henry Cavill on Twitter (read Day 1 and Day 2‘s samplings), Day 3’s tweets have inspired three polls. READ FULL STORY

Today in (even more) inappropriate 'Henry Cavill is Hot' tweets...

It’s Day 2 of our Henry Cavill Twitter Watch, and the tweets about his handsomeness have definitely gotten racier. Credit goes to more people having actually now seen him on the big screen as Man of Steel‘s Superman, but also to the airing of a Graham Norton Show interview in Britain, which produced so many tweets right as we began our search for inappropriate expressions of affection that we only had the stamina to look through two hours’ worth. Watch a fun Graham Norton clip below in which costar Amy Adams explains how creepy one feels talking about Henry’s beauty in front of him. (Ah, the anonymity of the Internet.) And below, the inappropriate — but still printable — tweet sampling: READ FULL STORY

Today in inappropriate 'Henry Cavill is Hot' tweets...

As Man of Steel hits theaters, prepare for your Twitter feed to be overrun with descriptions of Superman Henry Cavill’s handsomeness. Here are some of today’s most inappropriate (but still printable) expressions of appreciation. READ FULL STORY

'True Blood' finale: Chat live with Retta from 'Parks & Rec' about all things Manganiello on Sunday

True Blood‘s fifth season has zipped by as quickly as one of its super-speedy vampires. So to temper your sadness over the fact that it’ll be another year until Bon Temps’ bloodsuckers–not to mention their drawled declarations of “Sookie!” and preternatural sex–grace your screen, Parks & Recreation‘s Retta is going to chat live with you on EW.com during the finale on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Though she’s best known as “parks diva” Donna Meagle on the NBC hit, if you follow Retta on Twitter (@unfoRETTAble) you know she doesn’t just star on one of the funniest shows on TV. She also regularly serves up hilarious commentary about the many other shows she watches. Last month, Retta shared some, um, strong feelings about Joe Manganiello that eventually became a four-way Twitter lovefest with Yvette Nicole Brown, Octavia Spencer, and the True Blood werewolf himself. Actually, she calls him “Joey” because that’s how close they are.

Retta will add her commentary to the finale, dish about Joey, and maybe, if you ask nicely enough, she may even share a hint about what Donna will be up to in season five of Parks & Rec (debuting on Sept. 20). See you at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT on Sunday!

Click here to access Retta’s True Blood live chat

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'Wainy Days' returns: David Wain on today's season premiere and what he has in common with Jennifer Lopez

Robin Van Swank for My Damn Channel

The entertainment world is finally catching up to David Wain. The co-creator of television’s The State and Stella helped introduce a fresh new comic sensibility — as well as the likes of Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, and Elizabeth Banks — in Wet Hot American Summer, a certifiable cult classic. With Role Models, he proved he could direct a mainstream hit movie, and he just completed work on Wanderlust, the Jennifer Aniston comedy that comes out in February.

But even as bigger and more expensive Hollywood projects come his way, Wain remains dedicated to his smaller, quirkier projects. Last week, he began shooting the fourth season of Childrens Hospital, Adult Swim’s off-kilter medical satire that began as an online series. And this morning, Wainy Days returns with two new webisodes after an 18-month hiatus. The web-series, which is produced exclusively for MyDamnChannel.com, chronicles the inane dating misadventures of adorable/pathetic “David Wain.” It’s sort of like Seinfeld — if George had been the likeable hero. “It’s the only thing I do that’s 100 percent just mine, you know?” says Wain, who admits that many of his alter-ego’s social mishaps are inspired by his own real-life encounters and promises that this season’s six episodes will deliver more of the cringe-worthy delights that have made the series an underground hit.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I’ll be honest, it took me awhile to warm up to Childrens Hospital simply because I felt like it was indirectly responsible for killing Wainy Days. But now both are back, which is wonderful, but it makes me wonder how you’re juggling it all.
DAVID WAIN: It had to go to the side for a little while, but Wainy Days was always something that I could sort of squeeze between the cracks. The whole first bunch of them I did while I was prepping and shooting Role Models. On average, we usually shoot two a day. I usually write a script very quickly — maybe in an hour or two. So we would do them on the weekend — some in New York, some in Los Angeles, wherever I was, just because it was so much fun.  READ FULL STORY

'Wainy Days' are here again! Watch the season 5 trailer -- VIDEO

Ladies, did you really think David Wain wasn’t going to call you back? After that remarkable first date, where you (CHOOSE AS MANY AS ARE APPROPRIATE) marveled at his tiny penis/made out with the waiter/animated him as a one-armed fart monster/were knocked over by him on roller-skates/laughed at his beasteality experience? Well, 18 months after his last Wainy Days episode, the creator of Childrens Hospital and writer/director of the upcoming Wanderlust is back to share his foibles for a fifth season. The first new episode will be available on MyDamnChannel.com Dec. 5. It’s enough to make you want to dance (scroll to 1:40). Watch the trailer below, as David welcomes a new crop of potential Mrs. Wains. READ FULL STORY

Daniel Radcliffe's best interview ever... while sorting interviewer's laundry, scrubbing her toilet

If you’ve yet to see Susan Blackwell’s interview with Daniel Radcliffe for her Broadway.com video series Side by Side by Susan Blackwell, you’ll want to spend the next 16 minutes watching it here. Because Radcliffe is a bit of a slob — “I’m not clean or even vaguely pleasant to be around in a domestic situation,” he says after telling a story about how he once spilled Diet Coke, took off a sock to clean it up, then put the sock back on — friend Blackwell gives him a tutorial on how to clean her apartment. They start by washing windows in honor of his role in Broadway’s How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Having just seen the show last week, I can confirm that Radcliffe is telling the truth when he claims to be still having a great time this deep into the run and that co-star John Larroquette still finds things to do to try to make him break character and laugh.

The interview, however, hits its stride when he sits down to learn how to sort laundry (“Dan Radcliffe is touching my underwear, double thumbs up”) and gets both charmingly flustered and thoughtful. After deciding his drag name would be Cricket Bunches, Blackwell decides if he can explain the rules to cricket to her before she gets bored, he won’t have to scrub her toilet. Cut to him scrubbing her toilet. In the lighting round of the interview (conducted in her shower), they play the game “Would You Buy Me That?” (I had to watch that twice). Enjoy!

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