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Cheeta, chimpanzee and Tarzan movie star, dies at 'roughly 80'

Cheeta the chimpanzee, who starred in Tarzan movies alongside Olympic swimmer-turned-actor Johnny Weissmuller in the 1930s and ranked #1 on EW.com’s list of the 10 Best Monkeys at the Movies, died of kidney failure Saturday. According to the Suncoast Primary Sanctuary’s outrach director, Cheeta was “roughly 80 years old, loved fingerpainting and football and was soothed by nondenominational Christian music.”

Roughly 80?! Way to live, chimp! That’s amazing! (Cheeta was an anomaly; the average zoo chimp dies around age 35-45.) I sure hope my favorite chimp lives that long.

The similarities between Cheeta the chimp and your average human don’t stop there: Cheeta loved to see people laugh, abandoned art projects as soon as he got bored with them, enjoyed standing up nice and tall, and “when he didn’t like somebody or something that was going on, he would pick up some poop and throw it at them.”

Primates: They’re just like us!

RIP, Cheeta.

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The Best TV Character Deaths of 2011

Few things are more beautiful in a TV series than the death of a main character. TV shows used to be created out of static component parts, with casts of characters that would only evolve very gradually, if at all. But that’s all changed in the last 10 years, first with the advent of death-happy cable networks — farewell, Big Pussy — and then with the mid-decade rise of serialized dramas that merrily killed off cast members in an effort to perpetually raise the narrative stakes. Nowadays, it’s practically essential for any remotely violent drama to kill off a main character in the season finale. Still, in the crowded TV graveyard of this blood-soaked 2011, 10 deaths stood out. Here are the 10 Best TV Character Deaths of 2011. (Spoilers, natch.) READ FULL STORY

Christopher Hitchens, in his own words -- VIDEO

Since it’s nearly impossible to find the right words in order to give the proper credit to the fascinating, daring life and legacy of Christopher Hitchens (yep, this just about expresses exactly what it feels like today) it’s best to let him do the talking. In the wake of the passing of Hitchens, who died at the age of 62 after a battle with esophageal cancer, fans are remembering the writer and polemicist through his literary works, as well as his many televised appearances and public talks. Below are clips of some of his most memorable moments. Watch and — as Hitchens would have wanted — learn: READ FULL STORY

In Memoriam: A video tribute to late greats lost in 2011

They spent their lives making us laugh, cry, and groove to their music. One even spent his life making our lives easier. And their legacies will continue to live on — in the video embedded after the jump, EW remembers the legendary entertainers that left us way too soon in 2011. They may be gone, but, as we confide with our Siris, we’ll always remember them. READ FULL STORY

Patrice O'Neal to receive weekend-long tribute from Opie and Anthony on Sirius XM Radio

Patrice O’Neal will get to make ‘em laugh once more. Radio hosts Opie and Anthony will say goodbye to their friend and the longtime visitor to their Sirius XM Radio show with a weekend-long tribute to the late comedian who passed away Tuesday at the age of 41, due to the complications from a stroke.

According to a release from Opie and Anthony, the radio hosts, along with comedian Jim Norton, will broadcast a nonstop marathon of O’Neal’s funniest and most memorable visits to the program over the past eight years. (Highlights will include the actor/comedian reviewing popular country music, as well as receiving career advice from Chris Rock.) READ FULL STORY

'GamePro' shuts down print magazine: Farewell, childhood


Long ago, in the early 1990s, it wasn’t always easy to find people who shared your passions. There were no Facebook groups or trending topics. Primordial online chat rooms were only readily accessible to smart people with better technology than my family’s old Macintosh. I was somehow the only person in my elementary school class who played videogames — or maybe there were more gamers, and we all just kept quiet, because let’s put it this way: Talking about Super Mario wasn’t the best way to not get made fun of. So for me, GamePro was an oasis of sanity; proof that there were other people, smart people, adult people who dug videogames as much as I did. READ FULL STORY

Comic community continues to mourn Patrice O'Neal on Twitter

Since yesterday’s outpouring of sadness at the unexpected passing of comedian Patrice O’Neal, the usually funny faces of Twitter have continued to maintain a serious tone. Most notably, Greg “Opie” Hughes — whose Tweet confirmed O’Neals death on the Twittersphere — posted, “Last thing I filmed w/ Patrice O’Neal was him singing w/ Warren Haynes. Strangely, he picked this song” and linked to a clip of O’Neal singing, “I have had my fun if I never get well no more/ Oh my health is fading/ Oh yeah, I’m going down slow.”

See what other celebs, including Ricky Gervais, Marlon Wayans, and Sarah Silverman, after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Celebrities mourn Patrice O'Neal on Twitter

Patrice O’Neal, envelope-pushing comedian, radio personality, and actor, passed away this morning at the age of 41. O’Neal had battled diabetes before he suffered a stroke in October. Some of O’Neal’s celebrity fans have taken to Twitter to express their sadness at his untimely passing. Some, like Judah Friedlander, Craig Robinson, and Eugene Mirman, only posted a simple “R.I.P. Patrice O’Neal.” Others considered his films and mourned a friend they wished they’d known better. See what they had to say below. READ FULL STORY

'Family Circus': The best of Bil Keane

Family Circus creator Bil Keane made a lot of people’s mornings brighter with his low-key observations, subtle eye for humor, and appreciation for the innocence of children. Back in 1990, our own Ken Tucker called Family Circus “the most underrated comic strip in the country.” In light of his sad passing Tuesday, I looked through the cartoonist’s archives and picked out some of my favorites. See them below. READ FULL STORY

Steve Jobs' last words revealed in sister's eulogy

At a memorial service earlier this month, novelist Mona Simpson delivered a touching eulogy for her late brother, Apple CEO and tech-entrepreneur rock god Steve Jobs, which has now been reprinted in its entirety by the New York Times. The eulogy discussed her relationship to her brother in depth. Since Jobs was given up for adoption after he was born, Simpson didn’t even know that she had a brother until she was 25, and her portrait of their friendship is often unbearably moving. Still, undoubtedly the most intriguing part of Simpson’s memoriam is her description of the final hours of Jobs’ life. Appropriately for the man who spent a lifetime streamlining technology, Jobs’ last words were simple, straightforward, and profound: “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” (Yes, there’s already a website.)

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