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'Frozen' on ice! Disney announces live skating spectacular based on blockbuster

The announcement you’ve been waiting for is here: Disney has finally revealed its plans to take Frozen to the stage. Or, more accurately, the rink.

Disney On Ice presents Frozen will kick off its live tour in September 2014. Tickets are already available — and if the blockbuster musical’s mega-successful merchandise is any indication, they’ll move in record time. READ FULL STORY

'Glee,' 'Idol' vets play jilted Disney villains in 'Chicago' spoof 'Spell Block Tango' -- VIDEO


“And then he ran into my tentacles. He ran into my tentacles EIGHT TIMES!”

Todrick Hall started his career as a finalist on American Idol, but the filmmaker has since become something of a YouTube sensation among a certain type of pop culture enthusiast. He’s riffed on Beauty and the Beast, CinderellaMean Girls and The Hunger Games, and just in time for Halloween, Hall has debuted his latest subject: Disney villains and singing murderers.

Hall has enlisted the likes of fellow Idol vet Adam Lambert, Glee’s Amber Riley, So You Think You Can Dance alum Blake McGrath, and more for “Spell Block Tango,” a delightful revision of “Cell Block Tango” (from the Broadway musical Chicago) as performed by some of Disney’s greatest jilted ladies — and Scar, duh. How else could these villains channel their frustration with the animated heroes who had it coming?

The whole thing is an epic watch, and an absolute must-see if you’re a fan of Disney, Chicago, or just well-choreographed production numbers in general. Behold!

Coming out on Twitter? That's so Raven

Think Raven Baxter saw this one coming?

According to an article written in the National Enquirer last spring, “lesbian rumors have hounded” ex-Disney Channel star Raven-Symone “for years.” Those rumors apparently reached a fever pitch in 2012, when the Enquirer reported that Raven was living in a “love-nest” with openly gay America’s Next Top Model contestant AzMarie Livingston.

Rather than shoot down the speculation, Symone responded by simply tweeting the following: “My sexual orientation is mine, and the person I’m datings to know. I’m not one for a public display of my life.” In other words: “I’m perfectly comfortable in the glass closet.”

Or at least she was until today, when Raven tweeted this message:


Lucille Bluth vs. the Disney Princesses

So I went a little nuts with Vine!

Boozy-witchy Bluth matriarch Lucille has generously taken time out of her day-drinking to snap some sense into the damsels of Disney. They could all stand to lose some weight, by the way. You want your belt to buckle, not your chair. (Click the microphones on and off to hear the audio.) READ FULL STORY

Disney World officially opens new Fantasyland, perfect for discerning beauties and beasts

Look at this stuff! Isn’t it neat?

Disney World has given its Fantasyland section an extreme home makeover — corporate synergy! — nearly doubling the area’s size and adding new attractions including the Enchanted Forest, the little-kid friendly Storybook Circus (inspired by Dumbo), and a castle that’s home to characters from The Little Mermaid. The revamped wonderland officially opened today, meaning that it’s likely already covered with exhausted adults sleeping in broad daylight.

The coolest thing about Fantasyland 2.0 may be the Be Our Guest Restaurant, which lies within the Beast’s Castle. As CNN explains: “During lunch hours, guests order at touch-screen kiosks and take radio-frequency devices to their tables. Once the pager is placed on the table, servers know exactly where to deliver the food. And voila, meals arrive within minutes via a glass-enclosed cart.” At night, the eatery magically transforms into a classy French bistro that serves dishes like steak frites. Try the gray stuff, guys; it’s delicious. No wonder Belle and her Beast — wait, shouldn’t he be a prince by now? — decided to move here:


Shia LaBeouf will drop acid and drink moonshine, as long as it's for a role

Move over, Daniel Day-Lewis: Shia LaBeouf is taking method acting (and imposing hair growth) to a whole new level.

First, the former Disney Channel star told MTV that he may actually have sex on camera for his role in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac: “There’s a disclaimer at the top of the script that basically says, ‘We’re doing it for real,'” LaBeouf said. “Anything that is ‘illegal’ will be shot in blurred images. But other than that, everything is happening… It’s going to be a wild movie, man. It’s going to be a wild movie.”

Now the actor says he also went all the way — in a sense — while making both Mob story The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman and bootlegging saga Lawless. LaBeouf told USA Today that he actually got drunk on moonshine while filming Lawless scenes in which his character did the same. Similarly, LaBeouf claims he really dropped acid to prepare for a Necessary Death scene in which his character trips.

“There’s a way to do an acid trip like Harold & Kumar, and there’s a way to be on acid,” the Disturbia star explained. “What I know of acting, Sean Penn actually strapped up to that [electric] chair in Dead Man Walking. These are the guys that I look up to.” He neglected to mention that Penn wasn’t really electrocuted.


'Once Upon a Time': Which fairy tales will get the spotlight next season?

After seven months of twisty plotting, sly Lost references, and much-improved CGI sets, the first chapter of Once Upon a Time ends tonight. Before the finale, EW interviewed both the charming Josh Dallas and the show’s executive producers — and according to their teases, we’re in for a giant game-changer that will forever alter lives in both Storybrooke and Fairy Land.

But even though I’m itching to know whether Emma will finally start believing in the curse and how the dearly departed Sheriff Skinnyjeans will factor into tonight’s episode, I’d like to table those questions and look even further ahead. Specifically, let’s talk about which fairy tale characters and creatures might appear in Once‘s second year.

Okay, point of clarification: The stories that inspire Once Upon a Time aren’t all technically fairy tales. The Genie who would become Once‘s Magic Mirror comes from the French translation of One Thousand and One Nights. Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, and the Mad Hatter were born in famous children’s novels. King Midas is a creature of Greek mythology. Basically, any fantastical tale that’s a) in the public domain or b) the muse for a Disney movie is fair game on this show — meaning that anyone from Jack (of beanstalk fame) to the Aristocats could show up in season 2.

So where might Once Upon a Time look for some sophomore-season inspiration?


Which Disney ride do you want to see turned into a movie?

Movies-turned-Broadway-musicals-turned-movies are old hat in Hollywood — see Hairspray or The Producers, for example. (Actually, on second thought, don’t see 2005’s Producers.) Now Disney’s taking a new spin on that cyclical formula: Deadline writes that the studio is prepping a film based on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, an attraction that’s been thrilling Disneyland visitors since 1955. The twisty ride is based on Disney’s 1949 feature The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, half of which is an adaptation of The Wind in the Willows, which is itself based on The Sorrows of Young Werther.*

Will the new Mr. Toad follow in Pirates of the Caribbean‘s cheeky footsteps and launch a giant, beloved global franchise? Or will it be critically panned and generally ignored, along the lines of most Disney attractions-turned-films (The Country Bears, The Haunted Mansion, and Mission to Mars come to mind)? Only time will tell. Honestly, though, I’m more concerned with another question altogether: Which other Disney attractions deserve the cinematic treatment? READ FULL STORY

Nicki Minaj deletes Twitter, Demi Moore rejoins, and the circle of (Internet) life continues

Walking bullhorn Nicki Minaj has officially deactivated her Twitter feed, leaving 11 million fans in a digital timeout after the rap star ditched the social medium over a spat with a fan site.

Minaj sparred with unofficial fan site Nicki Daily on Sunday night after the latter began to leak unreleased songs online. The drama quickly escalated between the fans and the obstreperous rapper, with Minaj delivering a final set of tweets before vacating the e-premises: READ FULL STORY

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