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'RuPaul's Drag Race' week 2 query: Was 'WTF' one of the most outrageous challenges ever?


Over three seasons, we’ve seen boatloads of lunacy on RuPaul’s Drag Race: Everything from dresses made from dollar bills and egregious shoulder flair to huge, raging queens that throw other contestants around and futuristic get-ups that look like they were ripped from the 2050 version of Cats. Last night’s episode, “WTF!: Wrestling’s Trashiest Fighters,” was centered around a ridiculous WWF-inspired challenge, which was pretty nuts and begs the question: Was this one of the series’ most outrageous challenges ever?

For sure. I think last night’s new episode will majestically go down in Drag Race history with those memorable hours mentioned above, as the 12 remaining queens found themselves putting together drag wrestling looks and then putting on an outlandish, drama-filled show for the judges — something they’ve never done before. “Tonight,” RuPaul told the gals before the main challenge, “you’ll be transforming yourself into wrestling’s trashiest fighters.” Yes: WTF. (Ru, your cleverness is always appreciated.)

All the evidence you need of last night’s challenge brilliance is in this post: Just look at the capture of Latrice Royale and Kenya Michaels — excuse me, Latrice the Beast and Killer Kenya. It…is…beyond! These ladies really killed it the crazy department, putting on a show that kept me cackling all night. “Yesterday,” Ru dramatically told all the ladies after the challenge, “you changed the face of professional wrestling forever. I smell a spin-off!” WTF, indeed! It just seems devastating that such a spectacular pair — Latrice Royale and Kenya Michaels — didn’t win the challenge.


Lifetime movie jackpot: Rob Lowe, accused wife killer Drew Peterson, goofy mustache

Rob Lowe’s Midwestern accent seemed hit-or-miss, but the affable actor proved last night that he can well handle the role of grinning scum bucket. I watched his Lifetime original movie Drew Peterson: Untouchable. Why? There’s no good answer to this, really, other than the fact that never before has there been such a perfect storm of Lifetime main ingredients. Rob Lowe had a salt-and-pepper brush hair cut and a choppy mustache and in the first few minutes he sneered “Big Daddy’s got it going on” while en flagrante. To embody the Illinois policeman accused of murdering his third wife, and who many still believe killed his fourth, Lowe turned on ooze Parks and Recreation fans might not have thought he had in him. In The Descendants, George Clooney made a paunchy Hawaiian shirt look tender and vulnerable. Here Lowe wielded it as a weapon. Can he star in every Lifetime man-wrongs-woman movie from here on out? READ FULL STORY

'Rob' premiere: Rob Schneider is... an insult!

According to South Park, comic actor Rob Schneider has played an animal, a woman, a carrot, and a stapler. And who could forget his rousing turn in Da Derp Dee Derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpree Dumb? (For the record, Schneider has only played an animal and a woman, so far. Though Da Derp Dee Derp… seems like it has the potential to be a hit, no?)

Now the SNL vet/frequent Adam Sandler collaborator has added another title to his resume: Newlywed OCD Landscape Architect Who Is Also Actually Kinda Racist And Will Accidentally Sexually Harass Your Grandmother. (Stapler doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?) READ FULL STORY

This Week's Cover: Stars' Worst Movies! We list the most embarrassing films A-listers ever made

Like you, we like movie stars. We flock to see their films, cheer when they win Oscars, and memorize their famous lines. But sometimes they forget to return the love, cranking out movies that are so god-awful we’re left slack-jawed, wondering how the hell the things ever got made. We’re not talking about high-profile trainwrecks like Ben Affleck’s Gigli or George Clooney’s Batman & Robin. We’re talking about the under-the-radar pieces of celluloid dreck that, more often than not, limp straight to DVD and quickly vanish into out-of-print oblivion.

For instance, did you know that Johnny Depp once played a horny teen in a sex-romp called Private Resort? Or that Sandra Bullock made sweet jungle love in a cheap adventure called Fire on the Amazon? Or that Brad Pitt played a lovelorn high school jock in a move called Cutting Class? If you did, then we salute you. If not, then boy, are you in for a treat. We went back and unearthed the lamest, most ridiculous films your favorite A-List stars ever appeared in — and we giddily share with you all the hilarious highlights. Such as how Paul Rudd, as a peroxide-blond in Gen-Y Cops, chases a robot through Hong Kong and utters the line, “Roseanne Barr Arnold will be the President of the United States before you two punks see the light of day,” and how Ryan Reynolds’ facial hair changes from scene to scene in a raunchy American Pie knockoff that’s honestly called Coming Soon.

Forget roasting, brining, or deep-frying. This Thanksgiving, we bring you 24 turkeys that are delicious all by themselves.

For the full helping of Stars’ Worst Movies, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now.

Adam Sandler's 'Jack and Jill' is terrible/possibly genius


I was expecting the worst heading into the theaters to see Adam Sandler’s latest comedy, Jack and Jill. With its half-baked cross-dressing premise and trailer that seemed like an outtake from the opening of Tropic Thunder, Jack and Jill appeared to be a big-screen assault on all moviegoers’ senses, a film that would even drive a Happy Gilmore-era Sandler to clock his future self right in the kisser. In fact, stepping into my 7:30 p.m. screening, I wasn’t counting out the possibility that Jack and Jill was a giant prank, that the theater lights would go down and a screen would show up laughing at moviegoers, “You actually thought this movie existed?!”

But Jack and Jill actually does exist. And, as I sat watching the 90-minute film, I realized Jack and Jill wasn’t bad. It was terrible. READ FULL STORY

'Abduction': Hilariously bad movie makes for fun moviegoing experience. It's the new 'Swimfan'!

There’s so much about Abduction, the new Taylor Lautner thriller, that’s appalling, fascinating, and unintentionally hilarious. Abduction is a pretty bad movie, but after my showing — set in a theater about half full (I’m being optimistic!) — pretty much everyone left in a good mood. In fact, I’d even recommend the film to most of my friends. It was bad in such a blatant way that it didn’t feel insulting, and it certainly wasn’t boring. After half an hour, I stopped paying close attention the plot, because it made no sense whatsoever and was riddled with holes, but the many jaw-droppingly awkward moments drew delighted ridicule from the audience. For all the wrong reasons, Abduction is sparkling entertainment. I’ll throw up a SPOILER ALERT here, but honestly, it doesn’t matter if I give anything away any major twists — you’ll be surprised by plenty regardless. READ FULL STORY

ABC's 'Take the Money and Run' premiere has me wondering where I could hide a briefcase of cash in the EW office

Probably in the bottom-right “fruit” door of the fridge. No one would, or should, ever go in there. Run! Run away! I am rich now!

Anyone else catch ABC’s series premiere of Take the Money and Run, which should really just be called Mindf—ing? Here’s what happens: Two people get a briefcase with $100,000 inside and an hour to hide it. Then some real investigators (who may access the pair’s phone records, GPS coordinates, and acquired receipts from that hour) attempt to induce severe nervous breakdowns by holding them in prison, eye-mocking them when they show up for questioning sessions in their orange DOC jumpsuits THAT ARE RIDICULOUS FOR THEM TO BE WEARING BECAUSE THIS IS FAKE BUT I GET IT BECAUSE IT’S TV, and basically turning the scenario from “You are participating in a potentially lucrative game show. What a fun, sexy time for you!” to “You took my money. Prepare to die.”  READ FULL STORY

Don't go outside! Sit here and name the saddest part of this frame from NBC's 'It's Worth What?'

I finally set up DirecTV in my new apartment last night, and within just a few seconds of flipping through network television’s 9 p.m. Tuesday lineup was able to achieve a stunning sense of overwhelming dread, horror, and hopelessness. Hooray!

Here’s the Saddest Thing I saw on Summer TV Last Night:

Three sad women posed onstage as Madonna, Paris Hilton, and Scarlett Johansson (though my first guesses were a deranged doll, a chronic nose-picker, and a Debbie Downer who’s unsatisfied with her recent shopping spree at The Limited). The show: It’s Worth What? on NBC.  It doesn’t really matter why this tragic arrangement of humanity occurred; suffice it to say that the whole point of It’s Worth What? on NBC seems to be that host Cedric the Entertainer gets to say “It’s worth WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?” before commercials.

It’s scary in there, you guys.

If you see other Things That Make You Die Inside on summer TV and want to make others share your pain, leave ‘em in the comments or send ‘em to me @EWAnnieBarrett on Twitter. It’ll be like the opposite of my hidden gems initiative, just for summer. Pellets of misery? Oh, I love it! Include an exact timestamp so I don’t have to watch the whole show. Do my job for me!

So what’s the saddest part of this frame? I say “DOG FOOD CAN” placard. You?

Annie on Twitter

Sarah Palin's 'The Undefeated': We saw it so you don't have to!


A documentarian could hardly ask for a better subject than Sarah Palin. Love her or hate her, the former governor of Alaska has managed to remain in the public spotlight thanks to her captivating (and polarizing) persona — a self-appointed mama grizzly who positions herself as so outside the political system that she can host a reality-television show and somehow get away with it.

Ideally, a documentary about Palin’s swift rise to national prominence would investigate both her notable triumphs and numerous gaffes. But considering The Undefeated‘s title, no one is going to approach it expecting a balanced account of Palin’s career. I checked it out Sunday night at a multiplex in Orange, Calif., one of 10 theaters it played in last weekend and the closest one to Los Angeles. (The film expands to 14 locations this weekend.) About 30 moviegoers joined me, filling up maybe a fifth of the auditorium. And they dug what they saw, showering the movie with applause at its conclusion.

As for my thoughts, let me begin by saying that the film’s staunch one-sidedness, while unfortunate, isn’t a major flaw in-and-of itself. READ FULL STORY

Martha Stewart's animated web series (for children?) continues to baffle us

Last week, AOL Kids launched an online web series called Martha and Friends, about, presumably a young Martha Stewart — or at the very least, a wee Martha Stewart enthusiast who just so happens to share her name — and her fellow black-eyed pals Kevin, Lily, Hannah, and her talking dogs, Francesca and Sharkey. The gang engages in Martha Stewart-like activities, and speak to one another like they’re in an infomercial. (“Try mood mist, an avocado mask, homemade lip balm and everything you need for a natural manicure!”) READ FULL STORY

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