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Who is the coolest Muppet Baby?


Naysayers, I know what you’re thinking right now: “That’s a trick question. The Muppet Babies are not cool.” But I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. Muppet Babies introduced a generation of kids to both Jim Henson’s beloved creations and a host of other pop culture milestones — who else saw the cartoon’s parody of Raiders of the Lost Ark long before they saw the movie itself? That alone earns the series some serious cool points. Furthermore, Muppet Babies taught us that when our rooms looked kind of weird, the best thing to do was close our eyes and make believe. This is still my general coping strategy. Finally, the babies were part of a cartoon dream team that successfully convinced children that smoking marijuana is akin to committing a triple homicide. They saved lives, people!

So even though the Muppets’ older selves are grabbing all the headlines these days, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and remember the menagerie at Nanny’s house. Read through the members of the crew, then let us know: Which Muppet Baby is the coolest one of all? READ FULL STORY

Cabbage Patch Kids get a TV special. What other '80s toys deserve a pop culture comeback?

It’s a good day to be a product of the ’80s, PopWatchers. Not only are some of us making scads of money, but Mikey from The Goonies (okay, Sean Astin, if you must) is going to voice Raphael in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series for Nickelodeon, and now the Cabbage Patch Kids, much like the Turtles, will once again be invading your living room.

Paramount Pictures confirmed to EW that Galen Walker, who is currently producing a live-action TMNT movie, will be also be producing the new Cabbage Patch Kids project. The Original Appalachian Artworks, owner of the Cabbage Patch Kids, sold their rights to the CWA Carlin West Agency, who will make the animated special. (West said in a statement, “I am excited that [creator] Xavier [Roberts] has granted us the rights to bring the magic of the Cabbage Patch Kids into the world of entertainment. I also am also thrilled to work on this project with Galen.”)

Yes, it’s true, those dolls with the perfectly round heads, yarn-like hair, unblinking gaze, and cutesy dimples that your parents fought to the death for to get you in the Christmas of 1983, are coming back. READ FULL STORY

Clip du jour: Nine-year-old boy dancing exuberantly to 'Vogue' restores our faith in humanity

When Robert Jeffrey was nine years old, his family took a trip to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. There, he jumped at the chance to lip synch his favorite song against a blue screened-cityscape. The year was 1991. The song was Madonna’s “Vogue.” And the resulting video is just what you need to get you through the last few minutes of work today.

Robert, if you’re listening — any chance you’d be up for doing a “Young Me/Now Me” style remake of this video? I bet you’ve still got the moves. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: Did you put a line from a song or movie in your yearbook?

After you take a minute to absorb the news that Dakota Fanning has just graduated from high school (I’ll wait… ) let’s recall something from our own glory days, shall we, PopWatchers? Though most of us can’t boast a Hollywood actress in our class, we’ve all gone one thing that, for better or worse, will forever remind us about those trying four years: the yearbook.

Sure, high school photos are the most unintentionally hilarious and horrifying aspect of a yearbook (they’ve devoted entire websites to it, after all), but I’m personally a fan of reading what people chose as their personal quote. READ FULL STORY

'One Tree Hill' renewed for ninth season? More like 'Old Tree Hill.' Yeah, I said it.

My word-for-word reaction when I heard One Tree Hill was renewed for a ninth season — presumably to be its last – was “Wait, no way that show is still on.” But it is.

I, like many of my high school ilk (or was that middle school? I’m too young to feel this old), used to worship the ground that Chad Michael Murray walked on. I used to live for the nights new episodes would air. (Tuesdays?) But of course this was back when it was on the nearly fully decomposed WB — or “the Dubs B,” as we in the suburban hood used to call it.

Over the years I lost touch with the One Tree Hill gang. Chad Michael Murray left, somebody apparently became a famous singer (it wasn’t Gavin DeGraw), and a whole lot of cross-pollination happened. OTH‘s rating are low but its fan base is high, and intense. Did I say intense? I meant crazy intense.  READ FULL STORY

Rider Strong thinks Corey and Topanga married too young. Guess the fate of other '90s sitcom couples!

Ahh, Corey and Topanga. The TGIF generation’s Tracy and Hepburn. True love in its finest form.

Except, like most awesome things from the ’90s (slap bracelets, financial security), it seems the happy couple may not have made it to the new millennium. At least, not according to Rider Strong. In a funny, and surprisingly insightful interview with Vanity Fair, Strong, who played Corey’s (Ben Savage) best friend Shawn, shared his thoughts on all things Boy Meets World, from the unexplained disappearance of Mr. Turner (seriously, what?) to whether or not his TV pal and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) lasted.

When asked if he thought Corey and Topanga, who wed in the final season, would be divorced by now, Strong sadly answered, “Probably.” READ FULL STORY

Airlines to offer 3-D movies? Still no extra bag of peanuts.

I don’t fly too much, but when I do, I can be miserable to be around. My seat is too cramped, we sat on the runway for an hour, I wasn’t allowed a second bag of peanuts. I’m a grouchy flyer. Yet, in all my harumphing, I’ve never once thought to myself, Jeez, why can’t they just show Leap Year up here in 3-D! Nevertheless, according to the Hollywood Reporter, MasterImage 3D is poised to install glasses-free 3-D screens on the planes of several airlines (and in cars too).

Is 3-D entertainment really what’s missing from air travel these days? Don’t the airlines already charge you extra these days if you dare insist on carrying-on your wallet? I’m sorry that I’m not more enthusiastic about the possibilities of 3-D up in the air, as I’m a fervent fan of the technology, when done right. I’m just not sure flying at 35,000 feet is a conducive environment, and to be honest, I’d trade the 3-D perk for some extra leg room. READ FULL STORY

'Hey Dude' to finally get released on DVD. Now hurry up and get 'Salute Your Shorts' and 'Legends of the Hidden Temple' out there, too!


“It’s a little wild and a little strange/When you make your home down on the range/Start your horse and come along/But you can’t get a ride if you can’t hold on.” If you don’t know the rest of these lyrics to this you’d might as well stop reading (and really analyze what you were doing with your time from 1989 to 1991), but for everyone else who understands the importance of staying away from those “man eatin’ jack rabbits and that killer cacti”: Hey Dude is finally coming to DVD!

For anyone who grew up in the late ’80s and early ’90s (that had cable…or at least went to their friends’ houses who did), watching Nickelodeon shows like Hey Dude was as an important rite of passage as owning a Skip-It and ruining your parents carpet with Gak. Now, for the first time, the folks at Nick are letting us relive a piece our childhood by releasing the first season of Hey Dude on DVD. READ FULL STORY

'Storage Wars': The best (and weirdest) things unearthed by A&E's treasure hunters

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That’s the basic idea behind Storage Wars, A&E’s inexplicably addicting series about abandoned storage lockers and the brave men (and woman) who buy them at auction, hoping that they’ll contain something of value. The catch is that the buyers can only take a cursory glance at the storage units that are for sale before making a purchase, so there’s no way to know whether they’ll stumble upon a gold mine or a locker stuffed with junk. But luckily for both the dudes in question and the show’s audience, usually the units contain, at the very least, a few interesting tchotchkes — if not something that can be resold for big bucks. READ FULL STORY

Vintage vid: How Walt Disney Cartoons Are Made. Magical, and charmingly dated!

Take a moment to travel with us to yesteryear. Step away from your FrontierVille ranch and wrap up that lunchtime Chatroulette session, because this vintage informational video is chock-full of good ol’-fashioned Disney magic and Brylcreemed coifs that deserve your attention. On the heels of their 1937 success with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first full-length animated film in history, Disney takes us behind the scenes of its animation process, with a word from Walt himself. READ FULL STORY

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