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Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris get into a war of words. But we only have one word for it: Whyyyyy?!

There is nothing worse than getting caught in between a couple, post-break-up, while they go back and forth with their “he said, she said” routine. (Actually, getting caught in between this would be worse. Way worse.)

So imagine our discomfort when Crystal Harris stopped by Howard Stern’s XM radio show on Tuesday to plant irreversible images in our head bash the boat captain/magazine mogul. In addition to claiming that she’d never seen Hef naked because the 85-year-old rarely takes off his clothes (here’s an artist’s rendering of what he would probably look like), Harris said that sex with Hef only went for “like, two seconds.” The 24-year-old, who said she wasn’t turned on by the Playboy founder (jowls just aren’t for everyone) then meticulously articulated her post-traumatic Hef disorder for listeners, “Then I was just over it. Was like, ‘Ahhh.’ I was over it. I just, like, walked away.”

But Hef wasn’t going to take this lying down (not unless he had an orthopedic mattress or it was time for his 2 p.m. nap). READ FULL STORY

Kenan, Kel, Clarissa, Doug: I've missed you, my old friends

All-That-Cannon-KenanImage Credit: Lisa Rose/NickelodeonAs you know, we here at Entertainment Weekly love nostalgia. So when TeenNick announced it would launch its retro programming block, The ’90s Are All That, last night, we were at the party before our RSVP even arrived back at Nickelodeon HQ. Personally, the very thought of seeing Clarissa and Sam… Kenan and Kel… Doug and Patti Mayonnaise again… Oh how it made my heart flutter. So, if you, like me, feel a tingle down your spine every time you hear the familiar chords of Clarissa‘s “Na, na, na-na-na…,” if you know how Michael Stipe fits in to The Adventures of Pete & Pete, if you still have your original ticket stub to Good Burger: The Movie, or if the name Roger Klotz makes you shake in your suede boots, read on.


'Antiques Roadshow' comes across million dollar cups. Those cups runneth over, all right...with money!

Attention, PopWatchers: The glass you are currently enjoying a beverage out of could be worth millions of dollars. While that probably isn’t the case for most of us (or the news excited you so much you just dropped your said million dollar cup — whoops!), it is for a man in Oklahoma who brought a collection of cups for appraisal on Antiques Roadshow.

According to the Associated Press, an unnamed man brought Chinese rhinoceros horned cups that he owned to a taping of the popular PBS series during their stop in Tulsa. READ FULL STORY

'Captain Planet' to be made into a live-action movie: 'The power is yours' (to remember '90s cartoon catchphrases)!

Earth! Wind! Fire! Heart! No, PopWatchers, I am not just shouting the names of bands from the ’70s (sorry, Water, you didn’t fit in the theme of my joke). Rather, I am calling for all the forces that combined to make the super awesome ’90s animated superhero, the one and only Captain Planet, to team up once again.

That’s because Cartoon Network has signed a deal with producers Susan Montford and Don Murphy (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Real Steel) and their company Angry Filmworks, to make a live-action movie out of the beloved animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers, which ran from 1990 to 1996. Said Stuart Snyder, the president and COO of Turner Broadcasting System Inc.’s Animation, Young Adults, and Kids Media division in a statement, “We are extremely excited about bringing the good Captain back to life. His adventures are known worldwide and he is recognized across generations. We expect to make a spectacular series of films with the amazing team at Cartoon Network.”

Yes, fellow ’90s nostalgia geeks, the series that taught us the importance of saving the Earth (and that if you live a green, albeit crime-fighting, lifestyle, your hair will also be green) is going to be made into a film. READ FULL STORY

Justin Timberlake says 'yes' to the Marine Corps Ball. He might go!

The floodgates are officially open. If you’re in the military, a celebrity will accompany you to the sock hop. Following his Friends With Benefits co-star Mila Kunis, who agreed to attend the Marine Corps Ball with Sgt. Scott Moore, Justin Timberlake accepted an invitation from servicewoman Kelsey De Santis (watch it here) while at a press conference for the film. He’ll go…provided his schedule will allow it. He said yes! It’s just that yes means maybe sometimes. Also: No means no, and benevolent acts of dateness means that perhaps someone’s got a big movie coming out! We’ll be sure to brief you daily about where Justin Timberlake might be on Nov. 12.

Ha! When asked why he made a military woman squeal, Timberlake said, “I don’t get asked out. Ever. So I was very flattered by that.” Whatever, Justin Timberlake!

Read more:
Mila Kunis IS attending the Marine Corps Ball after all. National crisis averted.
Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake both invited to Marine Corps Ball: Will they go?
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'Lost' actor Doug Anthony Hutchinson and teen bride Courtney Stodden talk to 'GMA'. So this is love?

During their oh-so-unsettling appearance on Good Morning America on Friday (they were doing this to try and help their image, correct?) Lost actor Doug Anthony Hutchinson and his 16-year-old wife, aspiring model/singer Courtney Stodden wanted us to know their love is as real as her “head to toe … R-I-double L” body. And not only are they rilly, rilly in love (the two claim their courtship began online, which was monitored by her mother), but Hutchinson is really just “51 going on 21.” (You’re getting warmer, guys!)

Of course, that wasn’t reason enough for some of the people closest to Hutchinson. While Stodden’s family gave their blessing, Hutchinson’s mother and brother have cut ties, as well as his manager and agent, who have dropped him as a client since the wedding. And despite harsh words from the Internet, death threats, and Stodden having to leave high school because she was being bullied about her looks, the couple are going to power through while they shop around for a reality series and Hutchinson writes — wait for it — a children’s book series.

You can watch the full clip below, in which Stodden tells Lara Spencer how marrying Hutchinson would be nothing more than a convenient “blessing” to help her career, and Hutchinson explains how he didn’t go to jail for their relationship. Now, some fair warning, PopWatchers: You can’t un-see the faces Stodden makes at Hutchinson from 4:48-4:57, so view at your own risk. READ FULL STORY

Have you ever asked for a refund after walking out of a movie?

Walking out of a movie makes the statement to your fellow theater patrons, “I hate this film so much that I can’t stand one more minute of it!” But walking out of a movie and then asking for a refund not only means the movie felt like a waste of your time, but your hard-earned money as well. It’s the dissatisfied movie-going experience double whammy.

Recently, The New York Times reported that not only are folks walking out of Terrence Malick’s love-it-or-(literally)-leave-it Tree of Life, but some are demanding refunds, too. READ FULL STORY

Report: MoviePass cancels test run. Is the service already doomed?

It seems like just yesterday that I was asking if MoviePass seemed like a good idea. Actually, it was Wednesday. Still, a lot has happened in those two days, namely that MoviePass, a new service which would allow film enthusiasts the chance to see as many flicks in theaters as their heart desired for $50 a month, has already hit a snag.

According to Deadline.com (EW reached out to MoviePass, who did not respond immediately to our request), the new company, which was following a similar formula to the mega-successful Netflix, has canceled its test run that was scheduled for San Francisco this holiday weekend. READ FULL STORY

MoviePass to allow moviegoers to see as many flicks as they want a month for $50. Worth it?

If you’re anything like us, you’re going to spend the dog days of summer planted indoors, namely at an air conditioned movie theater, seeing everything under the unforgiving sun (Transformers: Dark of the Moon may blow your eardrums out, but at least you’ll be cooled off). While it’s certainly cheaper than buying a pool or sitting in front of your open refrigerator all day (turns out that really hikes up the electric bill), going to the movies a few times a week definitely adds up.

With the average price of a movie ticket in San Francisco hovering around $10, an avid moviegoer could very well spend roughly $100 a month at their local multiplex (that’s not including assorted goods at the concession stand, which, let’s be honest, would be about $100, too.) In other words, Californians, you may have to start subletting your living room in order to keep going. Or just start charging your out-of-towner friends for your Full House tour.

Alas, there’s MoviePass, a new $50-per-month service — launching this weekend in, you guessed it, the San Francisco Bay Area — which will allow subscribers go to unlimited movies in theaters. READ FULL STORY

Who is the coolest ThunderCat? (Ho!)

For an animal that’s synonymous with being uncool to have inspired possibly the badass action cartoon ever is an epic feat in itself. To have that cartoon still stand as one of the coolest shows to love more than 25 years after it’s inception is outstanding. Having grown up on ThunderCats myself, I tend to have an eagle eye for the trademark black-and-red shirts that roam the streets in increasing numbers. My freshman year of college, my roommate put up posters of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and paintings of sophisticated, angry-looking French cats. I put up this similarly feline-themed poster (later to be transferred to my cubicle at the school newspaper). And yes, I did special order it online. For Christmas years ago, my mom gave me DVD box sets of seasons one and two. And yes, I was 19 years old that year.

That gift was given much to the dismay of my older brother, who insists to this day that not only is he the bigger ThunderCats fan, but that Lion-O is the coolest ThunderCat of them all, which makes him wrong about two things. Now, you may be thinking, “That’s so not true, no space-cat can surpass Cheetara in my book,” and unfortunately, that would make you wrong as well. I contend, my Mumm-Ra-fearing friends, that the hands-down coolest ThunderCat of all time (presumably until July when Cartoon Network reboots the series and forever changes the landscape and dynamics of planet Thundera) is indisputably Panthro. Yes, Panthro! I said it. His badassery simply cannot be contended with. Or can it? Let’s debate!  READ FULL STORY

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