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Lena Dunham and Jimmy Fallon get nostalgic, play Pyramid on 'The Tonight Show' -- VIDEO

Lena Dunham and Jimmy Fallon have a lot more in common than we knew.

Dunham stopped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday to promote Sunday’s season finale of her HBO comedy, Girls. And while it’s not surprising that these two had a breezy, fun conversation — thanks in no small part to their mutual admiration — what we didn’t expect was a five-minute nostalgia trip, with the duo reminiscing about video stores and the impact of Reese Witherspoon’s early career.

It turns out both Dunham and Fallon had gigs working as video store clerks when they were teens. In the interview below, we learn that Dunham worked at Mr. Video 3 for $4.75 an hour when she was 14, while Fallon was 17 when he worked at Video 2. Dunham laments the “video store guy” — those dudes who “are kind of mean, they think they’re smarter than everyone, [but] they’re probably not because they work at a video store” — going the way of the dinosaur. She says those guys at Mr. Video 3 “had real opinions about film, whereas I was like, ‘Whatever Reese Witherspoon is in, give it to me.'”


NBC releases illustrated pilot script for 'Hannibal'

Did you eat up the Hannibal premiere last week? Well then you’ll positively feast on the news that NBC has released the pilot script, complete with bloody illustrations, production notes, and episode stills.

A few minor, but crucial, things are different: For example, in the script we see Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham first practice his mind trickery on a yoga mat, and the police officers and agents he works beside don’t seem fazed by his reverse-analysis. Also, that golden FRUM-ing arc of light is actually a pendulum, if (like me) you hadn’t already figured that out.

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