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'House of Cards' creator Beau Willimon talks 'Breathing Time,' his intense new play


Breathing Time, a new play by House of Cards creator Beau Willimon, opens with an extremely hungover guy named Jack entering his nondescript office, plopping himself down at his desk, and swearing. A lot. So much that during a recent performance, a shocked woman in the front row halted the action onstage in order to demand a refund.

If she had stuck around, she’d have gotten to know both Jack (Craig Wesley Divino) and his officemate Mike (Lee Dolson) as the pair bantered about everything from Machiavelli to Medieval Times. Their sprawling conversation takes up much of Breathing Time‘s first act…until something happens that turns this ordinary day into anything but. READ FULL STORY

'Game of Thrones' meets 'House of Cards': Frank Underwood kills Jon Snow in parody ad -- VIDEO


How helpful would it be to have a character break the fourth wall and actually explain what’s happening in the complicated Game of Thrones storylines?

The folks at Quiznos’ Toasty.TV, who created the video below, hired the perfect man for the job: none other than everybody’s favorite anti-hero Frank Underwood (well, a really good actor who impersonates him) from House of Cards.

In the mock clip, faux-Underwood pops in on the Seven Kingdoms to give some exposition and wreak even more havoc. Highlights include: Underwood having “his dragon” (a.k.a. his chief of staff Doug Stamper) blow fire in Khaleesi’s face and throwing Jon Snow off an icy mountain, Jaime Lannister getting his other hand chopped off, and of course, some short jokes at Tyrion’s expense.

But the best part is watching King Joffrey eat a poisoned turkey leg while Underwood gloats about the sub sandwich he brought.

Watch the clip below: READ FULL STORY

'House of Cards' star Rachel Brosnahan loves 'She's the Man,' and other things we learned -- VIDEO


Onscreen, House of Cards‘ Rachel Brosnahan may be a drama magnet that finds herself in the center of one heck of a D.C. scandal. But in real life, Brosnahan is a comedy fan who’s more likely to be found quoting She’s the Man. “It’s the best movie,” Brosnahan excitedly explained to EW. (A woman after our own heart!)

Fans of lines like “I’m brilliant! Shh!” aren’t the only ones who will want to check out her Pop Culture Personality Test. Elsewhere, Brosnahan also discusses her fear of scary movies and love of singing The Spice Girls….and yes, she belts out a few of the iconic lyrics.

Watch the fun below: READ FULL STORY

Hey TV: Stop Raping Women

They’re scenes all too familiar to any TV viewer: A woman is shoved down, she screams or sobs, her eyes grow wide and then blank as she wills herself anywhere else in the world. Lately the small screen has felt particularly thick with such moments of sexual horror, as writers have been churning out story lines in which our saints, our heroines, and our hard and cruel women too, are raped or forced to relive their nightmare of it. Try to imagine a singular abuse endured by an equivalent number of male characters. And yet it seems whenever a female character needs a juicy arc or humanizing touch, writers fall back on the easy, awful crime of rape. READ FULL STORY

'House of Cards': All of Frank's best asides in one handy video

Get on Frank Underwood’s bad side, and he might just brutally murder you. If you’re lucky, though, he’ll simply respond with a catty aside to a camera you can’t see — which, in its own way, is just as harmful. Maybe. (Wait, no, it isn’t at all.)

Anyhow: If you’re yearning to see a version of House of Cards that excises all the boring political intrigue and visits to superhackers and long shots of people staring, smolderingly, as they plot their revenge, you’ve come to the right place. Our latest supercut is nothing but Cards at its best — that is, Frank breaking the fourth wall and making like a bitchy southern belle who’s just emerged from a particularly taxing Junior League meeting. He’s sort of like the Dowager Countess of Washington, D.C., except the Dowager Countess stages fewer suicides. READ FULL STORY

'House of Cards' episodes 4-7 react: Journalists are lame

One of the more enervating moments of this stretch of episodes happened in episode 6 when poor Lucas practically whimpered to his former ally Skorsky from behind plate-glass in a federal prison. “He’s going to get away with it, isn’t he?” Lucas asked of their evil, palm-rubbing vice president. Skorksy, defeated, nodded sadly. “Yes, he is.” Spoiler Alert?

There was a nice hard-charging energy in the first half of the premiere when it seemed like Zoe, Lucas, and Skorksy — especially Skorsky, who I always loved because she seemed like the rare grown-up in the room — could actually take a bite out of Frank’s heel. Of course Zoe was then shoved out of the equation, Skorsky fled to Ithaca, and Lucas turned to pallid mush. This whole Lucas diving deep into the web and aligning himself with that sinewy cartoon figure Gavin and his chirping guinea pig has been a non-starter for me. And that goes double for that smash-nosed federal agent in his JCPenney rubber-soled shoes. (Sit, Gavin. Good boy. Ruff!) READ FULL STORY

'House of Cards': Let's talk all of season 2


Did you spend all of Presidents Day weekend breathlessly binge-watching the second season of House of Cards? Good — because so did I. (It’s what George Washington would have wanted.) And after coming up for air, fortifying myself with a few racks of slow-cooked ribs, and spending way too long Googling variations on “fluffy pet from the future and/or outer space” — seriously, there is no way Cashew is actually a guinea pig — I’m finally ready to process what I just saw.

(Spoilers, obviously, follow.) READ FULL STORY

TV Recap: 'House of Cards,' 'The Following,' and 'The Bachelor'

Missed House of Cards, The Following, or The Bachelor? No problem! Check out EW’s video TV Recaps of the episodes below. READ FULL STORY

'House of Cards' episodes 2 - 4 react: This Woman's Work

As always, this is SPOILER CENTRAL ZONE, so stop reading now if you haven’t watched the first four episodes of season 2. Many turned away from the premiere, which really felt more like a season finale, feeling as struck in the gut as hungry Zoe Barnes. Where could the season go after Frank had so violently declared his bottom?

Well, let’s take a break from Frank for a second. And from the shake-hands-stab-backs war over entitlements. And from that braying elephant of a man Tusk who suddenly is such a ubiquitous presence in the Oval Office. And most especially from Lucas and his flop sweat and tedious tumble down into the Deep Web. It was the women whose story lines ‒ for better or worse ‒ compelled me in this stretch of episodes.  READ FULL STORY

'House of Cards' premiere react: Blood on the Tracks

Whoa. Whoa! And in the middle of the season premiere no less. There were many great moments in the House of Cards  season 2 opener — some funny, some creepy, many nasty — but all of them pale next to the Cathedral Station shocker. [SPOILERS AHEAD!]

It took me two viewings of the premiere to grasp the insidiousness of the conversation between Claire and Francis in bed, the episode’s pivotal exchange. “You haven’t said a word,” Claire said. “No,” said Frank. “Where does that leave us?” she wondered. “I’m fully prepared and I have been for some time,” he answered. “I know you’ll do whatever you think is best,” she said approvingly, before leaning over to rest her chilly face on her husband’s cold heart. It was a great scene with very little said. They could have been talking about any banal subject a married couple debates before lights out: switching cable providers, telling the neighbor his bamboo was encroaching on their property. Anything! But before we descend into the Metro bowels with Francis and Zoe, let’s back up to the beginning. READ FULL STORY

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