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This Week's Cover: The bloody battle over 'Scream 4'

Released in December 1996, Scream was a sleeper hit that grossed just $6 million in its first weekend but went on to rake in $103 million in the U.S. The winking, self-aware thriller, directed by A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Wes Craven, followed a group of teens well versed in the rules of horror films­ — and spoke to a young audience just as savvy about the genre’s clichés. It yielded two sequels, which amassed $101 million and $89 million, respectively. In total, the franchise surpassed more than half a billion dollars internationally. On April 15, after eleven long years, it’s finally returning to theaters, along with original cast members Courtney Cox, David Arquette, and Neve Campbell.

Fans should feel lucky that there’s another installment arriving at all, given how easily Scream 4 could have fallen apart. READ FULL STORY

There's a 'Human Centipede' musical. Yes, REALLY


The Human Centipede really is the gift that keeps on giving. Of course, for the unfortunate victims in this very extreme 2010 horror film — which features a demented scientist stitching people together to form a, yes, human centipede — the gift is diet of poop. For the public at large, however, the gift is the opportunity to construct often baroquely inappropriate spin-offs. That list already includes the Human Centipede video game, the Human Centipede foot tattoo, the House/Human Centipede 2 parody poster, the Human Centipede cat toy, the Human Centipede sock monkey, and a Funny or Die Human Centipede sketch.

But these now only seem like the appetizer to the main course that is … Human Centipede: The Musical!, a songs-filled retooling of director Tom Six’s macabre movie that has just hit YouTube. This terpsichoreal extravaganza is the work of Emerson College’s Chocolate Cake City comedy troupe, who, as they make pains to point out at the start, “do not own any rights to the story, characters, ideas, or anything else associated with The Human Centipede. We’re just some nerds who wanted to make a musical.” This shouldn’t stop you from enjoying such lyrics as: “Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce/A horrifying tale that will make you hold on to your caboose.”

Julie Taymor? I think we’ve found your next Broadway project.

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'Scream of the Banshee': Is it Syfy's newest 'classic'?

When it comes to original movies, it’s kind of hard to beat the Syfy channel. After all, this is the network that’s given the world Dinocroc vs. Supergator, Ice Spiders, and Mansquito. For its 200th (!) original film, Syfy unveiled Scream of the Banshee last night.

Lauren Holly (NCIS) stars as archeologist professor Isla Whelan, who apparently is in charge of some sort of massive organizational project down in her school’s very dark and creepy-looking basement. She’s got a couple of plucky assistants to help her, Otto (Todd Haberkorn) and Janine (Leanne Cochran), and one very disaffected why-can’t-I-ever-please-you-mom teenager, Shayla (Marcelle Baer), each of whom happen to be in the vicinity (along with an unfortunately placed security guard) when they discover a mysterious box — a box hidden behind a false wall! A box that can only be opened with an armored hand! READ FULL STORY

'Super 8' footage reminds me there are live-action movies starring kids that I can relate to


Last night, Paramount and director J.J. Abrams presented a 20-minute sneak peek at two scenes from Super 8 to a small audience in New York. They were centered around moments we’ve all seen in the trailer: A group of 14-year-olds (including Elle Fanning and newcomer Joel Courtney, pictured) shooting their own Super 8 movie by the railroad tracks when a train derails and an unseen “thing” escapes, and that “thing” starts terrorizing a gas station attendant. Abrams asked writers not to spoil anything, so we won’t talk specifics. But I think it’s fair to discuss the conversations being had as we all filed out of the theater. READ FULL STORY

What was your first truly scary movie? 'Scream' was mine.

Scream-barrymoreImage Credit: Everett CollectionAs an adult who only occasionally gets ID’ed for R-rated movies, I’m looking forward to Scream 4 as just another highly anticipated scary movie. But all the buzz reminds me of my experience watching the original Scream: Mostly, how it severely freaked my adolescent self out… and, yet, left me wanting more gore.

The original Scream came out when I was 10, but it wasn’t until a year or so later when it was out on VHS that seeing it became the cool thing to do — a necessity, really, on the level of showing up to school with a hickey or hanging out at the mall on Friday nights. On my 12th birthday, I had a sleepover party (I was not cool) with my friends. I’d rented Scream from Blockbuster and tried to peer-pressure my guests into watching it late at night. I think everyone was a little nervous, myself included, but we were determined to see it — until one of my friends, the real Butters of the group, had a crazy “I’m calling my mom” freakout before the movie even started. So, instead, we watched the back-up video, Liar, Liar, and I think we were all a little relieved. READ FULL STORY

This week in trailers: 'The Hangover Part II' behaves badly, 'Paul' and 'Bad Teacher' ask you to pardon their French

hangover2_180.jpg?w=180&h=135Time to plug in the headphones, folks: There’s enough bad language in this week’s trailers to make your coworkers think you’ve got Andrew Dice Clay hiding out in your cubicle. (So that’s where he is!) First up, a teaser for The Hangover Part II — 100 percent profanity-free, but still dirty-feeling enough that you might want to Purell your monitor after you take a gander. Next, we’ve got Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz respectively swearing up a blue streak in red band spots for Paul and Bad Teacher, both of which star horny, preternaturally skinny creatures looking for a good time. READ FULL STORY

Danny Boyle's 'Frankenstein' trailer: Who wants to see Jonny Lee Miller as the Creature?

The Danny Boyle-directed stage production of Frankenstein at London’s National Theatre features actors Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch alternating roles. One evening, Miller is Victor Frankenstein and Cumberbatch is the Creature; the next, Miller is the Creature and Cumberbatch is Victor Frankenstein. Watching the trailer below in which the actors morph in and out of the characters, I found looking at Jonny Lee Miller as the monster made me sad. He’s just too handsome to be mutilated. (I don’t even want to think about the fetal position I would be lying in right now if that had been Jude Law.) It cuts deeper than seeing Bradley Cooper so unkempt at the start of the Limitless trailer. But at least the payoff with Frankenstein is bound to be greater as we see how that response affects our feelings for the Creature. READ FULL STORY

Animatronic Kim Kardashian in 'Super C-U-T-E' Old Navy commercial becomes most prominent menace in blogger's life

I am certain she wants to kill me.

No surrender. We must find the lab that harvested this exquisite robot…and exploit it! Who’s with me? READ FULL STORY

What's the best (and worst) movie to feature an 'Office' cast member?

Office-movie-starsImage Credit: Suzanne HanoverThrow a rock at a movie screen in the next couple of months and there’s a fair chance you’ll hit a film starring someone from The Office. (You’ll also be thrown out of the cinema or, at the very least, be assailed with cries of “Who the hell brings a rock to the movies?” But I digress!) No Strings Attached, with Mindy Kaling, is still in cinemas, and this Friday sees the release of the Ed Helms-starring Cedar Rapids. Two weeks after that arrives Hall Pass, which features one Jenna Fischer. Meanwhile, the mighty Rainn Wilson will soon be seen in both Peep World and Super, the new movie from director James Gunn.


Stephen King's 'The Stand': Our wish list cast includes Josh Brolin, an Olsen sister, and... Stephen Colbert?

The-StandImage Credit: Marvel EntertainmentA new film version of Stephen King’s end-of-the-world survival epic The Stand has just been announced, so now’s the time to pray to the movie gods for who we’d like to see in it.

This is a tough one, because the 1994 ABC mini-series — while looking a little cheap (because it was network television) and being a little toothless (because… it was network television) — was exceptionally well cast: Gary Sinise as the scrappy Texan who’s the first to encounter the disease that will wipe out 99 percent of humanity; one-time teen icon Molly Ringwald as the pregnant survivor unsure if her child will do the same; Rob Lowe as the deaf-mute Nick Andros following visions through an empty world; and the mystical badass Anti-Christ known as Randall Flagg, played by Jamey Sheridan (now best known for Law & Order: Criminal Intent and NBC’s Trauma).

The trend in movies is that concept is the star, not the actors. King’s name and his apocalyptic story, which has been a pop-culture touchstone since 1978, will be the biggest draw. So don’t expect the whole cast of Ocean’s 11 in this new version of The Stand. But maybe some of them. Here’s my wish list (although, be warned, some plotline spoilers follow):


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