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TV Insiders podcast: EW experts pick the best and worst 'Dancing with the Stars' contestants ever

Image Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC; Bob D'Amico/ABC

With Dancing with the Stars getting ready to celebrate its 200th episode, we thought it the perfect time to look back on 11 seasons of ballroom bliss and bedlam. On the latest edition of the TV Insiders podcast, DWTS expert Annie Barrett shares her selections for the best and worst hoofers to ever shake their groove thang on the dance floor. Who is the best of the best? Who is the worst of the worst? And who was neither good nor bad enough to merit our attention at all? Answers await in the podcast below! Also on tap for this special Halloween edition: Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and star Andrew Lincoln stop by to talk about the best way to kill a zombie, Michael Slezak and I discuss the latest developments involving urine on Survivor: Nicaragua, Michael Ausiello weighs in on the shaky future of NBC’s The Event, and Clark Collis shows up to flaunt his fancy English accent. You can download all the insanity straight to your mp3 player, or click on the video player after the jump to enjoy all the podcast magic on your screen right here, right now. And if you have a question for the TV Insiders, you can tweet it to @EWDaltonRoss. READ FULL STORY

Halloween madness: What horror-movie marathon will you be watching this weekend?

Happy Halloween, PopWatchers. If you’re like me, you’ll be observing All Hallows’ Eve this weekend in the awesomest possible way: parking your buns on the couch and settling in for a marathon of whatever horror movies your friendly neighborhood cable channels have programmed, regardless of whether I’ve seen the movies before or not. Now, I’m not a horror buff (I leave that to my colleague Clark Collis), but I do enjoy getting a fright this time of year. (Last Halloween, I watched Carrie for about the millionth time.) But the thing is, I’m lazy, so instead of taking the time to make a thoughtful, informed selection of classic horror flicks in whatever video store is still in business in my ‘hood — or even Netflix-on-demanding them — I just turn on the TV and follow orders. These networks make it so easy for us!

Judging from their schedules, I’ll be spending a lot of time over with AMC’s Fearfest. Among the channel’s many creepy offerings are 28 Days LaterEvil Dead 2 (which EW.com video guru Jason Averett has been trying to get me to see for about eight years now), Halloween (pictured), Halloween II, and Halloween III. AMC might very well be airing every single entry in the Michael Myers canon, but I don’t think I have the stamina to sit through all of ‘em — especially the 21st-century suckfests. (I once interviewed Jamie Lee Curtis, who called Halloween: Resurrection “Piece-of-Sh**-ection.”)

I’m also looking forward to Fright Night and Christine, though I was disappointed to discover that Encore has scheduled Child’s Play 2, but not Child’s Play! How can a novice like me, who has never seen any of the Chucky flicks, start with the sequel? Come on, Encore. Get with it.

What about you, my fellow Jack-o’-lantern couch potatoes? What will you be watching? And if I were to look beyond my cable box, what classic horror flick would you suggest I seek out this weekend? Horror-movie educate me, PopWatchers!

'Saw 3D' director recommends five fright flicks to watch this Halloween

saw-3d-directorImage Credit: Brooke PalmerKevin Greutert knows all about things that go bump, splat, and “Aaargh! My eyes! My eyes!” in the night. Greutert edited the first five movies in the Saw franchise and has directed the last two, including Saw 3D, which is out today. He also came within a poltergeist’s whisker of making Paranormal Activity 2, but that’s a whole other kind of horror story.

We put the thumbscrews to Greutert, until he agreed to recommend five frightening movies to watch this Halloween weekend.

You will find his choices after the jump.

'The Walking Dead' official credits are more tense, less comic-y than the fan-made ones

The actual opening credits for The Walking Dead have surfaced, and they’re…nice. But after the super-evocative fan-made titles from a few weeks ago, it’s hard not to feel a smidge let down. READ FULL STORY

Chloe Grace Moretz is 13 years old and she will kick your ass

Chloe-MoretzImage Credit: Dan Smith; Saeed AdyaniAs we mentioned yesterday, EW recently gathered five of the most promising child stars — Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka, Let Me In’s Chloe Grace Moretz, Modern Family’s Rico Rodriguez, The Last Airbender’s Noah Ringer, and True Grit’s Hailee Steinfeld — to talk shop. Chloe Grace Moretz, at just 13, is enjoying a moment few actors will ever realize. After her break-out role as the exquisitely foul-mouthed Hit Girl in Kick-Ass, and her forlorn turn playing a vampire in Let Me In, she’s now filming Hugo Cabret in London with Martin Scorsese. Next up for this busy home-schooled 8th grader? Karyn Kusama’s The Rut, Derick Martini’s Hick, David O. Russell’s Old St. Louis with Vince Vaughn, and — good grief, this girl gets killer roles — Emily the Strange. READ FULL STORY

Happy Halloween! Our Scariest Big-Screen Psycho Killer tournament champ is...

PSYCHO-KILLERS-WINNERImage Credit: Everett CollectionYou still wake up sometimes, don’t you? You wake up in the dark and hear the screaming of the lambs.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Yes indeed, ’tis the weekend of tricking, treating, and curling up on the couch to watch the scariest of scary movies. And right here at PopWatch, we’re celebrating by crowning the champion in our Scariest Big-Screen Psycho Killer single-elimination bracket tournament. Over the last month, you’ve voted like fiends and winnowed down our field of 32 slashers, serial killers, and sociopaths, leaving Halloween‘s Michael Myers and The Silence of the Lambs‘ Hannibal Lecter as the last murderers standing (alongside a pile of bloodied, mutilated corpses, naturally). And in what turned out to be a closely fought battle … Hannibal the Cannibal devoured his masked competitor by a margin of 53%-47%! Congrats, good sir! (But please don’t come any closer!)

Click here to see how Hannibal Lecter advanced to our finals, and to review how the entire bracket played out. Here’s hoping, however, that he doesn’t get complacent and turn his back on his vanquished competitor. To steal a turn of phrase from the old Chumbawamba song, Michael Myers has a tendency to get knocked down, but he gets up again.

Thanks for playing. Happy Halloween!

'Vampire Diaries': Michael Trevino talks Tyler's transformation (and his first leather jacket)

Michael-Trevino-VampireImage Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/The CWEven before season 2 began, producers of The Vampire Diaries were talking about Michael Trevino’s beefed up role as a werewolf. So SPOILER-THAT-ISN’T-ACTUALLY-A-SPOILER: Last night, in episode 7, Tyler Lockwood finally (accidentally) killed someone and activated the family curse. (Read our recap.) Shortly after the episode aired on the East Coast (which Trevino watched while flipping back and forth from the World Series), he phoned EW to talk about what’s next for young Mr. Lockwood, which scene he’s yet to shoot that’s making him nervous, and why episode 210 is already one of his favorites.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Watching this episode, I was like, finally! We’ve known it was coming for so long, and now it’s on. Did you have a bit of that reaction to?
Yeah. It’s official now. It’s just a hint of it. It’s at the point where the next few episodes are going to be about preparing for the next full moon that comes. You’re gonna see Tyler do more research, because now he realizes he’s not going to be able to stop himself — it’s just inevitable.

Have you shot that full transformation yet? Are we going to see you shirtless and chained like Mason was?
We have not shot that. I think we might shoot that next week. It’s gotta be soon. I’m not sure how exactly it’s gonna happen, to be honest with you. I would think that he’s gonna go down to those old ruins were Mason was and probably do what he was doing and just lock himself up. And hopefully he doesn’t hurt anybody. He won’t be able to control himself, especially the first time.

Are you doing anything special to prepare for that? Are you bulking up even more?
I’m trying to, yeah. [Laughs] As far as hitting the weights and dieting, it’s hard to do. So just a little bit, nothing extreme.  READ FULL STORY

Reminder: Send us your pop culture Halloween costumes

Horror-movie-DVDsWe know you’ve been working hard to put together your best pop culture Halloween costume prior to the 31st. You know, the one that will dazzle and impress your friends based on your accuracy, humor, and originality (Where did you find that authentic blouse a la Joan Harris? My, your Liz Lemon shoes are so…bi-curious!). So while you’re at it, why not impress your anonymous friends and foes here on EW.com for a chance at eternal internet fame and some pretty cool DVDs (Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist Extended Director’s Cut, Pan’s Labyrinth Special Edition, The Shining, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Collector’s Edition, courtesy of Warner Home Video)? Sounds like fun! Remember, we’re calling for your pop culture Halloween costume photos and are will crown 5 winners. Go to our Facebook page (don’t forget to like us first, this is a two-way street!) and “attach” your photos to our wall. Much like your judgmental friends, we’ll be judging on accuracy, creativity, and humor. Be sure to include your name, location, and what you’re supposed to be.

The contest runs through the end of the day and winners will appear on the site in our Readers Halloween Costume gallery over the weekend. If you’re a winner, we’ll also message you on Facebook requesting your mailing address so we can ship you your loot (and go trick-or-treating at your door…juuust kidding).

What are you waiting for? The contest is liiiive! Check out the official rules after the jump. READ FULL STORY

TV Insiders podcast: EW experts explain why 'The Walking Dead' will scare the beejezus out of you, and pick the best Halloween TV episodes ever

Image Credit: AMC; ABC Photo Archive/Getty Images

BEWARE! Zombies are everywhere this Halloween! At least on TV they are. On Sunday, IFC will air the entire run of Dead Set — which, in the most genius plot device of all-time, centers on a zombie outbreak outside the Big Brother house. (Finally!) That same night, AMC will debut the first episode of The Walking Dead, the Frank Darabont-directed adaptation of the popular comic book. Zombie aficionado (zombionado?) Clark Collis joins the TV Insiders (Michael Slezak, Annie Barrett, Michael Ausiello, and yours truly) to rip, tear, and sink our teeth into both shows. Exactly how scary — and gory — are they? We’ll tell you on our latest podcast. Not only that, but Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and star Andrew Lincoln pop by to give us their unique, blood-splattered perspective. (Kirkman also gives his pick for the best zombie movie ever — and the choice may surprise you.) But that’s not all we have up our spooky sleeves. We’re also offering our picks for the best Halloween TV episodes ever, discussing the future (or lack of it) for The Event, breaking down Survivor etiquette when it comes to peeing in a pool, and sharing Annie’s picks for the best and worst Dancing with the Stars hoofers ever. You can download all the insanity straight to your mp3 player, or click on the video player below to enjoy all the podcast magic on your screen right here, right now. And if you have a question for the TV Insiders, you can tweet it to @EWDaltonRoss. Listen now…if you dare!

Click here to read Clark Collis’ extensive history of the ultimate zombie film: Night Of the Living Dead

'Night of the Living Dead': How a 42-year-old zombie movie refuses to die

walking-dead-night-of-the-living-deadImage Credit: AMCThere are people who believe zombies should only walk. And there are people who believe they can run around like steroid-injecting track stars. Then, there’s Frank Darabont, executive producer of the new AMC zombie show The Walking Dead, who believes both aforementioned groups are full of hooey. “Well, it depends on the zombie’s mood,” says the Shawshank Redemption director. “If they’ve recently fed, they’re a little less interested, a little more shutdown. Other times, they’re riled to a predatory state and can get a little faster.” So, they’re mostly walking — but sometimes they jog in the manner of an arthritic grandmother? “Yes, exactly,” laughs the filmmaker, who also directed the Walking Dead pilot, which debuts, appropriately, on Halloween. “This all goes back, by the way, to the original Night of the Living Dead. The Internet adherence to zombies never running clearly ignores the first 10 minutes of that movie. Because the first zombie you see is pretty spry. He’s obviously rather hungry and worked up.”

Darabont was in junior high when he first saw George A. Romero’s 1968 tale of bloodthirsty, reanimated corpses and the bickering band of still-breathing humans they besiege — a low budget black-and-white gore fest that invented the modern-day zombie horror genre. “I remember it vividly,” says Darabont. “It was 1974, and it came to one of the revival houses in L.A. My friends and I were very affected by it.” Darabont’s fellow Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd (Aliens, The Abyss) says that she first saw Night of the Living Dead “through my fingers. I’m pretty sure I had to leave the room quite a few times. I’m one of those people who is highly suggestible. I do tend to believe, after I’ve seen something, that zombies are about to exist and somehow they’re going to come find me first. I’ve had therapy for this. [Laughs] But I’ve seen it a number of times and it really holds up.”


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