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'The Hangover' and male nudity: What's so funny about the penis?


With The Hangover Part II opening — presumably to record-setting box office numbers — this weekend, the best jokes in the movie will fuel watercooler chitchat for weeks. But a few of the biggest gags won’t be repeated in any workplace environment, at least without human resources getting involved: penis gags. We’re not talking about witty lines of dialogue about the male member, but rather scenes of full-frontal dude nudity (or dudity). The Hangover  Part II is swimming with penises. Or is it penii?

What is it about the sight of a guy’s junk that’s so funny? READ FULL STORY

'Happy Endings' star Casey Wilson asks you to save her film, ass

Casey Wilson (Happy Endings, SNL) and June Diane Raphael (NTSF:SD:SUV) were partway through the shoot of their indie buddy-com Ass Backwards (co-starring Jon Cryer and Alicia Silverstone) when they lost funding. As you can see in their promo video (link below), this news made them both cry. A lot.

But they haven’t thrown in the towel. Instead, the ladies are turning to viral marketing, creating a Kickstarter paged called “Save Our Asses!” as a last-ditch effort to bankroll the movie. READ FULL STORY

Lady Gaga edges Oprah atop 'Forbes' Celebrity 100 list

Forbes placed the singer at the top of its Celebrity 100 list, which ranks the most powerful people in the entertainment business.

Let’s not quibble too much with Forbes‘ methodology, which credits celebs with the strongest web presence. In this case, they might be confusing simple popularity and crass self-promotion with real power, but let’s move on. Oprah, who earned $290 million in the last 12 months, ranked second, and Justin Bieber debuted on the list in the third spot. READ FULL STORY

Ben Affleck out of 'The Great Gatsby'... so who will be in?

EW has confirmed that Ben Affleck will not be joining the all-star cast of The Great Gatsby after all. Affleck had recently been in talks with Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann about playing the part of Tom Buchanan in the much-anticipated, 3-D adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary classic. But sources tell EW that Affleck had to pass due to a scheduling conflict with Argo, the Iran hostage thriller he plans to direct next.

Affleck would have joined an A-list cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio as the dashing title character Jay Gatsby, Tobey Maguire as the story’s narrator Nick Carraway, and Carey Mulligan as the object of Gatsby’s affection Daisy Buchanan. Recent reports have also claimed that Isla Fisher may join the film as Myrtle, the floozy with whom Tom Buchanan cheats on his wife Daisy.

With Affleck out, that means that the dizzy, busy Gatsby casting carousel will heat up once again, as Luhrmann searches for another actor to play Tom Buchanan and also fill the still-vacant role of Jordan Baker. READ FULL STORY

Kirstie Alley and George Lopez make peace (on Twitter, of course)

Attention world! We can all breathe a huge sigh of relief with the news that Kirstie Alley and George Lopez have settled their feud, which has been playing out over Twitter after Lopez likened the Dancing With the Stars competitor to a pig on his TBS talk show.

After a string of 140-character barbs (which included the suggestion that Lopez give back the kidney his wife donated him), the actress seems to have relented, tweeting, “In fairness.. Mr. Lopez sent me a HUGE Slew of flowers today… I formally accept your flowers and your regards…heres yur kidney back..;)

Elizabeth Taylor and 'The Scandal of the Century': A look back at the romance that rocked the world

For the past 50 years, Cleopatra has remained the gold standard of Hollywood excess. The 1963 epic nearly sank Twentieth Century Fox. It took two-and-a-half years to shoot. It burned through two directors and two regime changes at the studio. Its budget rocketed from $2 million to a then-unthinkable $44 million. And, most famously, it left the marriages of its two stars — Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor — in ashes. Nowadays, in an age when celebrity breakups and affairs are more or less routine happenings dissected and dispatched by the tabloids in the blink of an eye, we aren’t so easily shocked. But the early ’60s were a different time. And the titillating, tawdry gossip coming from the Roman set of Cleopatra was like catnip for the world. Once they’d had a taste of Liz and Dick and ‘Le Scandale,’ celebrity would never be the same again.

Cleopatra was already off to an inauspicious start by the time the production got to Rome’s Cinecitta studios in 1961. READ FULL STORY

Jane Russell: A tribute to the sultry silver-screen siren

Jane-RussellImage Credit: John Kobal Foundation/Getty ImagesJane Russell, the Hollywood silver-screen siren who ignited a tinder box with Howard Hughes’ bosom-heaving 1943 western The Outlaw, died on Monday at age 89. But the legacy she leaves behind will always be more than just the sum of her ample parts. The raven-haired beauty was only 19 and working as a receptionist in a doctor’s office when the notorious ladies’ man Hughes spotted her and cast her as Rio MacDonald, the smoldering girlfriend of Sheriff Pat Garrett, in The Outlaw. Overnight, she was catapulted from obscurity to infamy, thanks to the movie’s poster, which featured Russell reclining suggestively on a haystack, holding a pistol in one hand and implying a world of sin with her curves. Censors went apoplectic and the Roman Catholic Church protested the film, but it was too late — a star was born. READ FULL STORY

'Bourne Legacy' could star Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, or...Paul Dano?! A casting agent weighs in.

Bourne-filmsImage Credit: Jasin Boland; Tina Gill/Janet Mayer/Bob Charlotte/Allen Berezovsky/PR PhotosWho will be the next Jason Bourne? That’s the question that’s got Hollywood buzzing today after a bunch of names were floated online as possible stars of summer 2012’s The Bourne Legacy. Ever since Matt Damon said that he wouldn’t be returning for a fourth installment in the action-packed, amnesiac spy franchise, fans of the series — and its creators — have wondered who would fill his sizable shoes. Tony Gilroy, who wrote the first three chapters and who will direct Legacy instead of Paul Greengrass, is now reportedly in the process of meeting several young Hollywood actors for the spin-off film. It should be noted that none of these actors would be playing Damon’s character, Jason Bourne, but rather another assassin on the run a la Bourne. The list is a mix of Who’s Who and Who’s That?  READ FULL STORY

List time: 30 game-changing Black filmmakers for Black History Month

Spike-Lee-Perry-OssieImage Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos; Janet Mayer/PR Photos; Anthony G. Moore/PR PhotosThe internet is lousy with lists of ‘The Top 100′ this and ‘The 50 All-time Greatest’ that. And generally speaking, these ranked run-downs don’t offer much in the way of surprises or thought-provoking insights (unless they carry the Entertainment Weekly stamp, of course). But the gallery that the folks over at BlackVoices.com have cooked up for Black History Month is definitely worth checking out. READ FULL STORY

What's the best (and worst) movie to feature an 'Office' cast member?

Office-movie-starsImage Credit: Suzanne HanoverThrow a rock at a movie screen in the next couple of months and there’s a fair chance you’ll hit a film starring someone from The Office. (You’ll also be thrown out of the cinema or, at the very least, be assailed with cries of “Who the hell brings a rock to the movies?” But I digress!) No Strings Attached, with Mindy Kaling, is still in cinemas, and this Friday sees the release of the Ed Helms-starring Cedar Rapids. Two weeks after that arrives Hall Pass, which features one Jenna Fischer. Meanwhile, the mighty Rainn Wilson will soon be seen in both Peep World and Super, the new movie from director James Gunn.


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