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Occupy Wall Street marches on in NYC: Do protesters feel celebrity support is helping or hurting their cause?

On Monday, Sept. 26, NPR.org wondered if the still-growing Occupy Wall Street movement was newsworthy. When readers questioned why there was so little coverage from the news organization at that point, NPR News Executive Editor Dick Meyer replied, “The recent protests on Wall Street did not involve large numbers of people, prominent people, a great disruption, or an especially clear objective.”

What a difference two weeks makes. Not only has the movement swelled in New York City — and expanded to Boston and Washington D.C. — but Hollywood has become involved in the social and political uprising. On Monday, Kanye West and Russell Simmons visited Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, the unofficial headquarters of Occupy Wall Street, to show their support. And West and Simmons are just two of the latest stars to make an appearance at the site: Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, and Roseanne Barr have taken part in the protests, while celebrities like Jon Stewart, Alec Baldwin, Jane Fonda, and Yoko Ono have voiced their support via Twitter or other outlets. (Other artists like Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeff Mangum, Talib Kweli, and members of the punk band Anti-Flag have even played music for the masses as well.)

But for a group that seemingly turned on Geraldo Rivera Monday, how do the Occupy Wall Street protesters feel about the involvement of these “prominent people”? READ FULL STORY

Kanye West blesses Occupy Wall Street protests

Depending on which side of the political spectrum you fall on, Occupy Wall Street is either a futile attempt for progress made by smelly hippies or a much-needed democracy-in-action movement that speaks to the struggling working class. Bonus incentive if you fall on the latter: There are celebrities galore!

On Monday, Kanye West joined the growing list of stars who have visited the protesters who have been making their point(s) in downtown Manhattan for about three weeks. West was accompanied by Russell Simmons, who tweeted after the experience, “I just walked @kanyewest thru the #occupywallstreet. I love how sweet and tolerant he was to the crowd.” (It’s pretty fair to say that Geraldo Rivera didn’t get quite the same reception when he visited the area.) Simmons, who posted photos of their visit on Twitter, wrote on Tuesday morning, “This morning I applaud @kanyewest for using his celebrity to help others His appearance yesterday mattered!! #occupywallstreet.” Yes, citizens, thank goodness for Kanye! READ FULL STORY

Occupy Wall Street protest boasts visits from Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon. Up next: Zombies!

Two weeks ago, a group labeled Occupy Wall Street began taking to the streets of Manhattan to protest… something. Or, rather, everything: White collar crime, global warming, gas prices, general economic malaise, and, of course, shirts.

But, of course, a vague protest isn’t a protest until Hollywood jumps on board — and indeed they have. Big names like Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, and Roseanne Barr have all showed up at the demonstrations — which, over the weekend, led to 700 arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge — to voice their support for the cause, which is spreading to other parts of the country, like Los Angeles and Boston. READ FULL STORY

'Real Steel' premiere: Are you lining up for Hugh Jackman's boxing robot movie?

Real Steel, Hugh Jackman‘s Merchant Ivory family-friendly boxing robot action flick, had its world premiere in Los Angeles Sunday. Jackman, along with his Real Steel co-stars Evangeline Lilly, Anthony Mackie, and youngster Dakota Goyo, as well as boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard (who choreographed the moves of the robots through motion-capture animation), rapper 50 Cent (who is featured on the film’s soundtrack), and stars like Nikki Reed, Chord Overstreet, Rico Rodriguez, and of course, some robots, all hit the (very hot) red carpet yesterday for the movie’s premiere.

So what did the stars have to say about their big budget, big sparring robots flick? Well, that it’s heart may be the biggest thing of all. As Jackman told EW at the premiere, “The film is fantastic. I am so proud of it. And I have seen it with audiences of all ages around the world and everyone seems to really enjoy it. There is something in there for everyone.” And the actor, who plays a former boxer who builds and trains a boxing robot with his son (Goyo), emphasized to TrailerAddict.com that aside from the obvious crowd-pleasers — the robots — audiences are getting caught up in the film’s romantic and familial storylines. “They connect to the heart of it,” he said. Watch: READ FULL STORY

Dorothy's 'Wizard of Oz' ruby red slippers to go up for auction. If I only had the funds!

With Halloween but a few weeks away from us, it’s time to start considering your costume. If you’re sticking with the oldie, but always goodie, choice of going as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, your get-up could be the most authentic one on any road, yellow brick or otherwise.

That’s because one of the pairs of the iconic ruby red slippers worn by Judy Garland in the 1939 classic, will be sold to the highest bidder on Dec. 16 (okay, so you’ll have them for next Halloween) during Profiles in History’s three-day “Icons of Hollywood” auction. READ FULL STORY

'8': On the scene at the new, star-studded Broadway play by Dustin Lance Black

For one night only, the stars turned out on Broadway last night to stage a reading of 8, the new dramatization — directed by Joe Mantello and penned by Dustin Lance Black, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Milk — of Perry vs. Schwarzenegger, the landmark 2010 trial that led the Federal Court to rule Proposition 8 unconstitutional. To say that the night’s cast was star-studded is an understatement; performers included Morgan Freeman, Rob Reiner, John Lithgow, Bradley Whitford, Ellen Barkin, Cheyenne Jackson, Matt Bomer, and Christine Lahti, among many other big names.

A crowd of celebrities, theater lovers, and LGBT rights supporters packed into the small but historic Eugene O’Neill Theater. On the way to find my seat, I spotted Barbara Walters, Jeffrey Toobin, and Fran Drescher, with gay ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson in tow. Amid set pieces for The Book of Mormon, which is currently in engagement at the Eugene O’Neill, the stage was set simply with director’s chairs arranged Inherit the Wind-style to represent a courtroom. The performers walked onstage to thunderous applause READ FULL STORY

Tyler Perry tops 'Forbes' list of the highest-paid men in entertainment over the past year

Madea Goes to the Bank. Okay, so that probably won’t be the title for the next installment of the wildly popular film series, but it could be considering Tyler Perry’s titular character has definitely helped him rake in the cash. This week, Forbes released their list of the highest-paid men in Hollywood (not to be mistaken with their list from last month of the highest-earning actors) and the multi-faceted Perry, who has taken on writing, directing, acting, and producing duties in film and television, topped them all with an intake of an estimated $130 million from May 2010-2011.

Perry, who was behind four movies from 2010 to 2011 (including Madea’s Big Happy Family and For Colored Girls) and his hit TBS sitcom Meet the Browns, likely won’t be falling far on the list either, as he’s already extended his partnership with Lionsgate with a multi-year deal and took over for Idris Elba’s role in the anticipated I, Alex Cross.

Perry edged out, by a fairly substantial margin, the man responsible for The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who earned a reported $113 million over the course of the year. READ FULL STORY

Hollywood Walk of Fame says 'Hell to the no!' to reality stars. Somewhere, Snooki cries, 'Wahhh!'

For years, people have come from all over the world to visit the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles to follow in the footsteps of celebrities and snap photos of the plaques dedicated to some of the greatest artists of our time. (Then they hop over to Grauman’s Chinese Theater to discover how many of them have shockingly tiny or unreasonably large hands.) But might future generations step right over the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe and wonder where The Situation and Kim Kardashian are? In other words, youths are horrible, horrible people and we are doomed.

Thankfully, the Hollywood Walk of Fame isn’t having any of that. At least, for now. On Monday, the Hollywood Walk of Fame’s Facebook page posted, “Someone asked if we give reality show characters stars? Hell to the No!” (Hmm, I wonder what Jackée or Calvin Tran would have to say about this? Probably this.) READ FULL STORY

Steven Spielberg talks about 'Jaws' -- the greatest summer movie ever made

When Steven Spielberg’s Jaws hit theaters back on June 20, 1975, the modern-day summer movie was born. One of the first films ever to be widely released on a large number of screens across the country on a single day, Spielberg’s sea-faring saga redefined what it meant to be a blockbuster. On top of all of that, Jaws also happened to be a rollicking, enjoyable, and insanely scary movie, mixing popcorn thrills and the kind of character development you tend to only see in Oscar-bait prestige films. In a new interview about Jaws with Ain’t It Cool News, Spielberg talked about his nerve-wracking months on the fictional Amity Island (actually Martha’s Vineyard), how he gathered his cast, and Robert Shaw’s infamous U.S.S. Indianapolis scene (oh, and a few words for the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom haters out there — hint: blame George Lucas). Here are some of the more excerptable excerpts. READ FULL STORY

MTV Movie Awards 2011: Tell us what you think!


The MTV Movie Awards air tonight, and to keep track of all the popcorn trophy shenanigans MTV is famous for (see: Bruno-Eminem fiasco of 2009), check in here when the show kicks off at 9 p.m. ET for a recap on all the festivities. Reese! Rob Pattinson! Potter! Kids, we have a big night ahead of us. (This post is written in real time; refresh for updates.)

Host Jason Sudeikis opened the show in typical MTV fashion—with a good ol’ movie spoof. This time around, Jason, and Hollywood hotties like Taylor Lautner and Eva Mendes joined forces for their own spin on The Hangover, weaving in clips from The Social Network, 127 Hours and the girl-on-girl scene from Black Swan. Oh, MTV. Some things never change.

For his opening monologue, Sudeikis broke out with riffs on Arnold Schwarzenegger, MTV programming and Twilight. “My heart says Jacob but my wiener says Edward. My balls are indifferent.” Brownie points for mentioning the weird, wacky and utterly disgusting film Human Centipede. “How did Human Centipede not get nominated for Best Kiss?”

A few awards down the line—and one flawless Ryan Gosling later—Jim Carrey took to the stage in a green screen suit to introduce the Foo Fighters, who rocked the crowd, and in particular, Emma Watson and a super glittery Brooklyn Decker, who both clapped and swayed their way through the set. The new arbiters of rock ‘n’ roll?

And then…Bieber alert! The follicilly gifted pop star surprised presenters Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride and Nick Swardson along with, ya know, thousands of screaming girls, by appearing on stage to accept an award for best jaw-dropping moment. Seriously, would the Biebs miss an opportunity to wear blazers and high-tops?

In the second Twilight moment of the night (the first being Pattinson’s Best Actor win), Pattinson, Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard took home the popcorn trophy for Best Fight and managed to beat the gravity-defying brawl scene in Inception. Adding salt to the wound, Pattinson accepted his trophy, saying “I won!” only to follow by telling the expectant Howard, “I ripped your head off, and now you’re pregnant!” Even Kristen Stewart thought that one was awkward.

But this being the MTV generation, those weren’t the only Twilight moments. Pattinson and Stewart of course won for Best Kiss, making all those Twi-Hards, which apparently includes Selena Gomez, positively giddy with delight hoping the camera-shy real-life couple would seal the deal on stage for millions to see. Shocker! They didn’t. Instead, Pattinson ran off stage to give a (faux?) smooch to category loser Taylor Lautner. Not sure how Team Edward and Team Jacob are going to take that one.

As a side note, I’m totally loving these Google Chrome commercials, and the Lady Gaga one playing during the breaks is no exception. How does ad for a search engine manage to make me well up with tears?

Awkward Pattinson moment #2 came so quickly whilst honoring Witherspoon with this year’s Generation Award.” It’s probably best to just erase the whole mess from your memory, but to recap, Pattinson rehashed playing Witherspoon’s son in Vanity Fair—the scene later got cut—and then said he “f—–” her in Water for Elephants. He actually messed up the punchline, which Witherspoon later corrected with much better timing when she took to the stage, and in more Reese-related awesomeness, she stuck it to MTV with some advice for young girls, who think scandal is the route to success. “It’s also possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show.”

To round out Twilight‘s utter (and expected) domination, Stewart picked up a Best Female Performance award, and, to match her beau, gave us an equally awkward acceptance speech, proclaiming to fellow nominee Natalie Portman that the popcorn was hers. I’m sure Nat is just fine with her Oscar, thanks.

And the show’s oddest pairing award goes to the stars of Monte Carlo—Gomez, Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester—who introduced Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz. I love hearing Gomez talk about a rapper’s “flow.”

Finally, Twilight takes home Best Movie, confirming MTV’s position as the Jersey Shore-pregnant teen-Twilight network. Also, Gary Busey in a bubble!

What did you guys think of the ceremony? Did the winners pan out the way you expected? How about Sudeikis in his first-time hosting gig? And what was with that Fern Gully-themed set?

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