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Celebs fight a good fight with Trevor Live: Red-carpet photos from the star-studded event

Typically an assortment of so many A-list stars in one place can only mean one thing in Hollywood: an awards ceremony. (That, or Garry Marshall just made another ensemble comedy about a holiday nobody likes.) And while an award was given out at Trevor Live (to none other than Lady Gaga) over the weekend at the Hollywood Palladium, celebrities convened for a much greater cause: to raise money and awareness for The Trevor Project an organization that provides “crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.” Just a few names in attendance: Amy Poehler, Neil Patrick Harris, Queen Latifah, Zachary Quinto, and Amber Heard.

EW was on the scene for the star-studded fund-raiser and caught up with a few of the celebrities on hand on the red carpet. Check out the photos, as well as what some stars, like Darren Criss, Kris Allen, and event guest-director Adam Shankman, had to say about the night: READ FULL STORY

OWS celebrity support score card: Adam Carolla joins the haters, Tom Morello rallies on for the cause

Those involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement may not have 100 percent support for their rally cry against the 1 percent, but when it comes to support from Hollywood, the odds are still (mostly) in their favor.

In the three months since the start of OWS, any increasing amount of celebrities have taken the side of the grassroots political movement. Whether they’ve visited an actual Occupy site, performed (like Tom Morello did, both in New York City and Los Angeles), marched alongside the protesters, or simply just tweeted their support, plenty members of Hollywood has opted to take a stand with them.

Of course, as is the case with any political movement, where there’s support, there’s an opposition. READ FULL STORY

'Out100' issue names Kathy Griffin Entertainer of the Year, Jesse Tyler Ferguson Artist of the Year

In celebration of the 17th anniversary of its Out100 issue, Out revealed its four commemorative covers, which highlight — among others — Entertainer of the Year Kathy Griffin and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who has been declared their Artist of the Year. (Pictured right, with fellow cover models Andrej Pejic and Larry Kramer.) The issue, which honors the men and women who made notable strides throughout 2011 in the LGBT community, features a list that includes Adam Lambert (who previously met with controversy following his appearance on Out‘s 2009 issue), Chaz Bono, Dustin Lance Black, Andy Cohen, Tim Gunn, Don Lemon, Brad Goreski, Roland Emmerich, and EW’s own Jess Cagle.

Griffin said of her long-standing relationship with gay men, “We have each other’s back … I was beyond a nerd [in school]. I was that girl who went to the dance with a gay guy, but he didn’t know he was gay yet. I asked four guys to the Sadie Hawkins dance, and they all said ‘No.’ Do you know how embarrassing that is? And then, one adorable gay man who just happened to be in Fiddler on the Roof with me said ‘Yes.’ We’ve been friends ever since.” Modern Family‘s Ferguson (who calls the Emmy-winning sitcom “a cultural touchstone for gay marriage”), on the other hand, joked about his Artist of the Year title, “Jane Lynch must have said, ‘I don’t want it this year, stop showering me with praise, please give it to someone else. And I was, like, fourth on the Someone Else list.”

The Out100 issue hits stands on Nov. 22.

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Brad Pitt says he'll retire from acting in three years. (But we won't even be done watching 'Tree of Life' by then!)

Not even Harold Camping’s vision of the future could have seemed this bleak. In an interview with the UK’s version of 60 Minutes, Brad Pitt threatened claimed that he’ll retire from acting within three years.

When asked why was he ready to step down from being one of the biggest, most respected movie stars on the planet, the 47-year-old said, “I am really enjoying the producing side and development of stories and putting those pieces together. And getting stories to the plate that might have had a tougher time otherwise … I have gotten away with a few things in writing and I have been pissed off about a few things. How’s that?” What’s he pissed about exactly? “Oh, dear God. I mean, come on. I’m gonna pass on that one.” (Listen, Brad, whatever it is that upset you, we promise to make it up to you. Was it this? We totally understand. But we’ll all get through this together!) See Pitt’s interview here. READ FULL STORY

The Muppets get a Facebook campaign to host the Oscars: A great idea or a really great idea?

It’s time put on makeup. Its time to dress up right. Its time to raise the curtain on the… Muppets Oscar show? At least, that’s what 19,000 Facebook users (and counting) are hoping for with their latest social media campaign titled — you guessed it — The Muppets Should Host the 2012 Oscars.

While the campaign — which states “The Academy Awards are a sacred American institution. Who better to host the 2012 Oscars than another American institution: The Muppets?”– officially began all the way back in February, yesterday’s news of Eddie Murphy’s departure as Oscar host has given the movement new life. But will the new Oscars producer Brian Grazer go for it? Or will he, as Dave Karger pondered, go with Tom Hanks? Or Steve Martin? (Hey, don’t worry just yet, Muppeteers. You can never underestimate the power of a Facebook campaign. Just ask Betty White.) READ FULL STORY

Eddie Murphy discusses whether he'll curse during the Oscars and if he'll ever return to 'SNL' -- VIDEO

While there’s no way to know for certain what kind of Oscar host Eddie Murphy will be until the actual broadcast, he’s dropped some clues along the way while he’s been out promoting his new comedy, Tower Heist. From what he’s told reporters and fellow former Academy Awards hosts, including David Letterman and, today, Ellen DeGeneres, he’s going to be “the worst host ever” by not doing any musical numbers, wearing a powdered sky-blue tuxedo and losing control of his bladder. (In other words, the lone three things James Franco and Anne Hathaway didn’t do.)

Still, Murphy is uncertain of one aspect: Whether or not he’ll curse. During a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs today, the actor/comedian who had penchant for profane stand-up acts, said, “I don’t plan on cursing. I’m not going to, when I get to the Oscars… say ‘S–t!’ I’m going to say other things… every now and then, a curse may slip out. I’m not planning on it, but who knows?” Watch the preview clip below: READ FULL STORY

Celebrities' Halloween costumes: Heidi. 'The Today Show'. Nicole Richie. Who had the best get-up?

I must say, I was pretty disappointed in Jim Halpert during last week’s Halloween-themed episode of The Office, PopWatchers. John Krasinski’s Jim is usually so dependable when it comes to inspired, albeit sort of lazy, costumes. But instead of classics like Three Hole Punch Jim and Facebook (or, Bookface, if you will) we were treated — nay, tricked — into him teaming up with Kevin and Daryl to go as the Heat’s not-so-dreamy team. (Insert unamused Jim face here.)

Thankfully, perennial Halloween showstoppers like Heidi Klum and the gang at The Today Show left us with no such crushing disappointment. (Or, in Halloween terms, when someone gives you fruit or pennies instead of candy. WHY?!) Klum said “Auf Wiedersehen!” to her clothes (and, well, her skin for that matter), as she she showed up to TAO Las Vegas over the weekend — on gurney with a white bed sheet, no less — dressed as a corpse. Klum, who always pulls out all the stops for the holiday told People, “This is my 13th Halloween party. This year I wanted to be a dead person.” Robbie Williams, you just got served. Check it out: READ FULL STORY

Is Jessica Simpson pregnant or not? For once, it's none of our business.

Seeing the photo to the left, it’s easy to understand why people believe Jessica Simpson is pregnant. Loose-fitting jacket, pronounced bump — for once, bloggers and tabloids are dying to congratulate the multi-hyphenate on her changing body. And yet, Simpson is saying… nothing. READ FULL STORY

Racing star Dan Wheldon remembered on Twitter

On Sunday, two-time Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon tragically passed away at the age of 33 from a fatal accident during a race in Las Vegas. Wheldon, who is survived by his wife Susie and their two children, was remembered on Twitter in the hours since his passing by sports and Hollywood stars. Actress Ashley Judd, who is married to driver Dario Franchitti, posted lines from John Donne’s poem “Death, Be Not Proud” and then tweeted, “Hardest parts, Thinking about Susie, Sebastian, Oliver. Seeing my husband grieve. Nights are so awful at first. Poor woman. Such pain.” Danica Patrick, one of the many in the racing community who reacted to Wheldon’s death on Twitter, wrote on her page, “There are no words for today. Myself and so many others are devastated. I pray for suzi and the kids that god will give them strength.”

Here are how some other stars paid tribute to the English-born Wheldon on Twitter: READ FULL STORY

Russell Simmons tweets support for Occupy Wall Street, as Bill O'Reilly has some choice terms for Zuccotti Park protesters

While the Occupy Wall Street movement doesn’t have one specific person leading the way, the diverse assembly of organizers, volunteers, and activists has attracted one notable name eager to be the protest’s mouthpiece: Russell Simmons.

When news that the tenants of Occupy Wall Street, who have turned New York City’s Zuccotti Park into something of a tent city for nearly a month, would be “evicted” for a clean-up by the real-estate company that owns the park, it sparked outrage, particularly with Simmons. The mogul, who visited Occupy Wall Street earlier this week with Kanye West, tweeted that he has “been there 15 times” since and was more than willing to sacrifice himself so that the Occupy Wall Street movement could stay put at its main hub.

On Thursday night Simmons posted from his page, “Dear @MikeBloomberg pls do not throw out protesters at Zuccotti Park. I will pay for clean-up to avoid confrontation #OWS.” He followed up with another tweet to New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, “Dear mike I have long supported u and u have been good mayor, don’t take me to jail tomorrow I’m not 22 I don’t wanna go :-) but I will.” READ FULL STORY

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