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Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscar show: Oprah stopped by, as did just about every other celebrity on the planet -- VIDEO

Much like the half-time show and the commercials have become the main reason many opt to stay tuned to the Super Bowl, Jimmy Kimmel‘s post-Oscar episode may very well become the best excuse to sit through the Oscars. And, as expected, the late night funnyman certainly made it worth the while for viewers who endured the three-hour-plus Academy Awards last night.

One-upping last year’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! After the Academy Awards bit Hottie Body Humpilates, the host managed to get just about every single celebrity in Hollywood to participate in the spoof Movie: the Movie. Combining every movie genre imaginable with every star imaginable in every scenario imaginable (Tom Hanks as a robot lawyer, John Krasinski as a blind prince, Charlize Theron as a no-nonsense judge, Daniel Day-Lewis as Tyler Perry as George Washington, George Clooney as a brilliant but disabled scientist, Gary Oldman as a senator/centaur, Matt Damon as a humiliated grape, Gabourey Sidibe as Black Hitler, and Meryl Streep as Meryl Streep with a mustache, to name just a very few), the trailer for the movie was the montage we’d all desperately wanted all night. Watch it here:

Ellen DeGeneres addresses Prop 8 and J.C. Penney controversy -- VIDEO

Pete Schweddy may not have had anything to say to fun police One Million Moms regarding the issues they took up with him, but Ellen DeGeneres certainly did. The daytime talk show host recently faced scrutiny from the conservative group regarding her partnership with J.C. Penney as their new spokesperson. The American Family Association affiliate, which is still calling for the retailer “to replace Ellen DeGeneres” on their website, launched their campaign against J.C. Penney for not remaining “neutral in the culture war,” and that their business would be hurt because DeGeneres is a lesbian and “most of its customers are traditional families.”

Instead J.C. Penney, with the help of support from GLAAD, chose to stand by DeGeneres. (The New York Times reported that in a statement, company president Michael Francis called DeGeneres “one of the most fun and vibrant people in entertainment today, with great warmth and a down-to-earth attitude.”)

On Wednesday’s show, DeGeneres decided to talk about the issue head-on during her opening monologue. READ FULL STORY

Muppet or an 'Awww maaaan!'?: Oscars to reportedly nix Best Original Song performances


Haven’t you heard? Life’s a happy song! Unless, of course, you were hoping to sing that happy song on stage at the Academy Awards. According to Deadline, the Oscars are not having performances from either of this year’s Best Original Song nominees. That means no Bret McKenzie (or Jason Segel) doing a duet with Walter (or Jim Parsons) on their song from The Muppets, “Man or Muppet,” or a bouncy number from legendary Brazilian musician Sérgio Mendes and the nominated song from Rio, “Real in Rio.”

While Deadline reports that the decision to not have musical numbers this year isn’t “locked yet,” it wouldn’t be the first time the Oscar ceremony didn’t have them. (The 61st annual Academy Awards opted out of performances for the Best Song nominees, but did, however, have that now-infamous musical number with Rob Lowe and Snow White.)

Oscar luncheon photo 2012: Smile, you're standing next to Brad Pitt!

There’s one in every class photo, isn’t there? In the photo taken at yesterday’s prestigious Oscar luncheon for the 2012 nominees at the Beverly Hilton Hotel you can spot Best Animated Short Film nominee William Joyce (The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore) in the third row (good eyes, EW commenter!) giving bunny ears to his collaborator Brandon Oldenburg, who obliged him with a funny face.  (Sorry Armie Hammer, this might be the photo-bomb to end them all.)

Of course, there’s plenty more to marvel at at this virtual Where’s Waldo? of Hollywood. (Except in this case, everyone is Waldo and Waldo is very, very beautiful and rich.) The top row has some heavy-hitting power clusters, including Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, and Rooney Mara, as well as Michelle Williams next to Aaron Sorkin and Steven Spielberg, with Martin Scorsese on the far right. (Now that would have made for a memorable bunny-ears pose.)

Today in over-sharing: Brad says Angelina is 'still a bad girl'

Angelina Jolie:  mother of six, elbow-rubber with Obama, UN Ambassador, awards show frequenter…and bedroom vixen extraordinaire?

“She’s still a bad girl…delightfully so,” Jolie’s longtime partner Brad Pitt said earlier today on CBS This Morning. But if you were hoping for a further explanation of how the two get down and dirty, don’t hold your breath.

“It’s not for public consumption,” Pitt said, when pressed by interviewer Charlie Rose. Watch the interview after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Karl Rove says he was 'offended' by Clint Eastwood's Chrysler Super Bowl commercial

Update: Clint Eastwood responds to Rove’s comments (below).

Let’s all be grateful that the new M&M and that slingshot Doritos baby had no possible political motives, because if they had, Karl Rove might have had something to say about it. During a segment with Fox News, the network’s current contributor and the former Deputy Chief of Staff said he was “offended” by Chrysler’s “Halftime in America” commercial which featured a pro-Detroit revival sentiment and a gravelly, rousing Clint Eastwood telling viewers, “This country can’t be knocked out with one punch, we get right back up again.” (Come on Rove, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.)

Martin Scorsese campaigned successfully for 'Hugo' Doberman, but what other animals deserve accolades?

Martin Scorsese knows a thing or two about painful awards snubs. Not this year, mind you, as his cinematic love letter Hugo leads the Oscar race, but certainly in years past. Perhaps that’s why the legendary director felt so compelled to launch a campaign to get Blackie, the law-enforcing Doberman from Hugo, rightfully nominated for a Golden Collar Award. (“I’m proud of Blackie, who laid it on the line and dared to risk the sympathy of her audience. Let’s just say that on the set, she had a fitting nickname: Citizen Canine. The bath scene alone is a masterpiece of underplaying, with Blackie’s wonderfully aquiline face accentuated by the 3-D,” Scorsese wrote in an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times.)

Vanity Fair's 2012 Hollywood cover revealed: Katniss and Lisbeth go glam as issue draws criticism

Katniss’ prep team is going to have a lot to live up to after this. The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, embodying an old-school Hollywood look, is just one of the 11 actresses to go very va-va-voom for Vanity Fair (alliteration is fun!) and its 2012 Hollywood issue. Also gracing the cover alongside Lawrence is Albert Nobbs actress Mia Wasikowska making her second appearance, the ubiquitous and unreasonably beautiful Best Supporting Actress nominee Jessica Chastain, and Best Actress nominee Rooney Mara, who undergoes quite the transformation from the sexy-grungy Girl With the Dragon Tattoo to a nearly unrecognizable hybrid of Isabella Rossellini and Judy Davis’ character in The Break-Up.

'Kourtney and Kim' divorce finale extravaganza: Was the marriage real? Fake? Why...WHY?!

Now that we’ve had a few hours to absorb the horrific found footage finale of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, it’s time to decide once and for all, was Kim Kardashian’s marriage to NBA star and giant man-child Kris Humphries true love gone awry, thanks to the pressures of self-induced fame? Or a terrible hoax (sorry, hoaks) perpetrated by E! overlords and the Kardashian family to make even more money off a group of people whose one discernible talent seems to be making scads of money by doing so little?  On the bright side, it’s over! (No, not just their marriage, but the entire soul-crushing season of Kourtney and Kim.)


Paul Rudd answers girly questions. Adorable factor rises exponentially. -- VIDEO

Why do men love breasts? It’s the question that has stumped the human race for years; even Julia Roberts couldn’t figure it out. And in this new video from Rookiemag, Paul Rudd is the next to take a stab at the brain-busting question. “I’m sure there’s some kind of biological explanation such as sustenance,” he postulates. “And when we were babies, breast milk is what kept us alive.” But that’s not all — in the segment (called ”Ask a Grown Man”) Rudd also dives deep into the depths of his psyche to tackle whether guys and girls can really just be friends and if matching underwear is a necessity. Watch the video after the jump. READ FULL STORY

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