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'Pants on the Ground' hits 'The View'

Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we officially have 2010′s version of “The Macarena” and “Who Let the Dogs Out” — Larry Platt’s “Pants on the Ground”. The 63-year-old debuted his loopy rap on American Idol last week, where resident meanie Simon Cowell said, “I have a horrible feeling that song could be a hit.” Well, right again, Simon. Since then, Platt’s ditty has gone viral on the internet. And this morning he appeared on The View to perform his rapping sensation. Is he in on the joke? Who knows? And isn’t that part of the weird fun of the thing anyways? Take a look at what you missed below and afterwards begin the countdown until Platt snags a three-picture deal with 20th Century Fox.

Do you wanna get Frosty with a Wendy's 'music video'?

I used to casually look away when it came on, but to no avail: The Wendy's commercial about the "Frosty Posse" has taken over the already-tiny "useful" section of my brain. By knowing it so well, I've elevated myself to "fairly in the know" status re: Top 40 music. This couldn't be lamer. But it's not entirely my fault. The song — which may have inspired Jay-Z's "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)" — is an entire minute long!

A friend of mine used to joke that I have at least a 10 percent chance of dying (happily) with my lips firmly suctioned to the spout of a Frosty machine. Seriously, what a way to go.

Should fast food ads quit trying to be music videos? I say no. But if you happen to be sitting across the subway car from me as I accidentally implement eye contact while mouthing the salacious line "Ooh, baby. Do you wanna get Frosty with me?" I could see how you, baby, might answer otherwise.

Kanye West, life coach: How one of the world's biggest rappers helped ME

Kanye-west_l A few weeks back, I got a phone call from Kanye West and J. Sakiya Sandifer, who recently published a slim self-help book called Thank You and You're Welcome. My interview with the co-authors turned sour midway through, when I dared to ask Kanye what he thought of Eminem's album. "This is like Andy Kaufman going in, and they're like, 'Do Mighty Mouse!'" the rapper noted. "He's like, 'I don't want to do Mighty Mouse!'" (I think that he was supposed to be Andy Kaufman in that analogy, and I was the inconsiderate audience. Sorry, man, I was on deadline!)

Luckily, Kanye was in a forgiving mood. "I don't get offended anymore, actually," he said. "How did you like the book? I mean, it's like a 15-minute read." At this point, it emerged that I did not, in fact, possess a copy of Thank You and You're Welcome. So we all agreed to schedule another interview for the following week, by which time I would have been able to read the book. Their publisher sent over a copy; I read it cover to cover and drafted what I thought was a list of interesting questions. But when the co-authors called me for our second interview, things only got stranger. What follows after the jump is my testiest exchange with West and Sandifer — most of which did not make it into the printed version of our Q&A.


Eminem: Is the surly rapper secretly a big ol' softie?

Eminemnice2009_lEminem has always been kind of an intimidating fellow, but I think he might actually be a decent dude. The proof? The rapper is flying out 200 laid-off Detroit auto workers to watch his Jimmy Kimmel Live! performance on Friday, in an attempt to draw attention to the economic woes facing Detroit. As someone who grew up in Michigan, I think it’s pretty phenomenal for Eminem to do this. Detroit has been suffering for a long, long time — long before this latest economic decline. Eminem often gets a bad rap — haha, rap — but this is an incredibly generous thing to do and, personally, it makes me want to buy his new album, Relapse, so much more.

What do you think PopWatchers? Is Eminem actually a really good guy?

addCredit(“Karin Catt”)

Kanye West: Master of humility or marketing genius?

Kanyewest_lKanye seemed like he was feeling chastened after a recent South Park episode mocked him as a…gay fish with a big ego. (Watch the episode here. Too much to explain.) Indeed he even responded on his blog with a good-natured post, saying "IT HURTS MY FEELINGS BUT WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM SOUTH PARK! I ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN WORKING ON MY EGO THOUGH." Nice, Kanye, I thought. Way to be gracious and thoughtful. But wait a minute. Turns out Kanye’s just happens to also have some new marketing deals in the works. It seems this week he’s signed up for a personal fragrance and a Kanye-branded energy drink. And he also released his own Nike shoe, the Air Yeezy, last weekend to hoards of sneaker fans across the country. So the South Park episode aired just as he was hawking his shoes? Was this part of his master plan? Did he know? Did he just get the last laugh on South Park? Conspiracy!

addCredit(“Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images”)

'South Park': Kanye West is a gay fish, yo

On last night’s fish sticks-centric episode of South Park, the "most talented musician in the world," Kanye West, failed to comprehend the most hilarious joke in history: If you put fish sticks in your mouth, you must be a gay fish. The ep was almost as brutal to Kanye and bumbling comedian Carlos Mencia as its animators were to poor Ellen Degeneres’ nose. Press play below for "Kanye’s" auto-tune-y celebration of his true gay-fish nature. "It’s a rap, girl."

Despite the above musical genius (is "genius" connected to…"breaded"?) my favorite line from "Fishsticks" was probably Cartman: "Dude, if I’m gonna be creative, I can’t eat fruit." You can watch "Fishsticks" in its entirety at South Park Studios.

UPDATE: Kanye responds in all caps in his most upstanding blog item to date! [Kanye's blog]


The Real Must List: What's yours?

Does everybody know what time it is? Tool Must List time! I’m Mustin’ pretty hard this week (that sounds weird, you know what I mean, deal with it) on the weekly videos from The Real. The hip hop sketch comedy duo, comprised of two white boys from Westchester, N.Y., post commentary on contemporary hip hop disguised as funny Internet videos. Poking fun at everything from Puffy’s lack of b—-a–ness, the beef between Rick Ross and 50 Cent, and those Time Life music compilation commercials, The Real’s videos bring you clever writing and celebrity guests (like Pete Wentz, Cam’ron, and Travis McCoy) delivered via the sarcastic charm of the Rosenthal brothers (and no, I’m not just saying that because I worked on my college paper with one of them).

This week’s episode looks especially promising, with Mr. Mariah Carey himself, Nick Cannon, joining The Real to prove to the world that the recent rumors about his financial situation are false. (Sample assertion: ”I’m not broke, fellas. And to prove it, I wanna buy your show. I wanna buy it, rename it ‘Mariah,’ and give it to my wife as a present.”)

Check out Nick Cannon saying crazy things after the jump, then watch the first installment of Must List Live embedded below, then let us know what’s on your Must List this week. List up to three items from current TV/movies/music/books/games/online. Don’t forget your e-mail address, in case we decide to use your submission in the magazine. Deadline is Thursday, April 2 at noon ET.


Tom Morello, Boots Riley's Street Sweeper to tour with Nine Inch Nails

Morelloriley_lTake it from Trent Reznor: Nine Inch Nails’ summer tour with Jane’s Addiction "just got that much cooler." Bear in mind that this is a tour whose acronym spells NIN/JA, so it was pretty cool to begin with. Anyway, the reason Trent’s so extra revved up right now is that they’ve just added Street Sweeper, the new project from Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello and The Coup‘s Boots Riley, as an opening act. Apparently, this little radical superduo has been kicking around for a while already, but this is the first I’ve heard of it, and I’ve gotta agree with Trent. Morello and Riley are a match made in protest-music heaven.

Street Sweeper’s subtly titled song "Fight! Smash! Win!" (currently streaming over at their site) suggests that their sound tends more toward the funk-rap-metal Rage template than the mellow Guthrie-ite Nightwatchman side of Morello’s music. Riley’s revolutionary lyrics are on point as always. Sounds like these guys could have some great work in store. Anybody else looking forward to hearing what else Street Sweeper is cooking up?

More on Tom Morello and Boots Riley:
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addCredit(“Morello: Douglas Mason/Getty Images; Riley: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images”)

The Roots on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon': Spot Inspection

There’s been some concern-trollish hand-wringing going on in certain quarters since word got out last fall that the Roots would be the house band on Jimmy Fallon’s new late-night show. Cool artists signing up for a safe, steady mainstream gig: Oh, the horror! Now, the Roots have been one of my favorite bands for years. I was a little dubious about their latest career decision, myself — especially when I read that their participation in the show might be limited to playing seconds-long "sandwiches" instead of actual Roots songs — but I’ve been trying hard to take a wait-and-see attitude about this. Now that Fallon’s been on the air for a week, though, it’s show-and-prove time.

The Fallon episodes I’ve caught this week have included some sweet musical moments, like when the Roots played a couple of songs with Ludacris last night. I’d think that was dope if I saw it at a Roots concert, and it’s still dope to see it on TV. More collabs like this with the guests du jour can only be a good thing. Meanwhile, they’ve also rocked at least one moderately LOL-worthy comedy bit, Monday night’s "Slow Jam the News" (below). I knew Black Thought could rap about literally anything with no preparation, but crooning seductively about the House stimulus package? Damn, Tariq!

That said, I’m still not 100 percent sold on Fallon as a late-night host. There were times when seeing this band reduced to his sidemen made me want to call up Jeff Zucker and tell him to just greenlight a TV show where the Roots sit there playing awesome jams from their albums for a full hour every night, already. It would be more entertaining than Fallon, I swear! But look: These guys have been on the road continuously for something close to 15years. They can’t live that life forever, even if I’d like them to, andI think they’ve earned the right to settle down however they want. If that means playing five-second intros and outros for Fallon’s interviewees, plus at least a few spotlight performances like the ones they got this week, I think I’m mostly okay with that. For now. Especially if they still make albums and do occasional concerts during gaps in Fallon’s TV shooting schedule. If they really become full-time TV sidekicks with no other public activities, though, all bets are off. How about you?

More on Jimmy Fallon and the Roots:
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Young Jeezy signs with Kanye West/Lil Wayne management team

File this one under "power moves": Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy is signing up with Hip-Hop Since 1978, the heavy-hitting management firm that handles both Kanye West and Lil Wayne, according to a press release. (His longtime manager Demetrius "Kinky B" Ellerbee will continue to work with the new team.) This is a big piece of inside-baseball news, a signal that Jeezy has entered the realm of rap royalty. Will HHS1978 be able to take him to the same level of cultural dominance they’ve helped Kanye and Weezy reach? Right now, who knows. But for the guy who informed us that "It’s the recession/Everybody broke," Young Jeezy certainly seems to be doing pretty well for himself. Jeezy fans can celebrate by watching his newly-released video for the very solid single "Circulate" below (some NSFW language/imagery).

More on Young Jeezy:
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