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Shaquille O'Neal Vs. Justin Bieber and Jimmy Kimmel: The Shaq of all trades

Shaquille O’Neal can do anything. Badly. But give him credit for sharing his mediocrity with the rest of the world. That’s the concept behind Shaq Vs, his show where he takes on celebrities in their chosen field. Last night, he challenged Jimmy Kimmel to a monologue contest and took the stage with Justin Bieber. Shaq admitted that he always wanted to be like Fame‘s Leroy, and he looked half-decent freestyling on the dance floor. READ FULL STORY

Forbes ranks the richest rappers: Some guys named Shawn, Sean, and Aliuane top the list

Forbes has once again taken time from covering entrepreneurs who work with short-term CDs and gold-backed bonds to cover those who work with 12-track CDs and gold teeth. And again, Jay-Z has topped the business magazine’s annual list of highest-earning hip-hop stars, raking in an impressive $63 million over the past year. That’s over twice as much as his nearest competition, Diddy, and $28 million more than he made last year.

Kanye West experienced one of the bigger drops, going from third place in 2009 all the way down to 10th, right behind Pharrell (the only other artist in the Top 20 who uses his real name). Kanye’s drop could be a result of VMA backlash and his subsequent laying-low, but with a new album coming up, it’s hard to imagine that his estimated $12 million won’t increase soon.

Personally, I was surprised that a lot of the names on the list, like Diddy, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, haven’t had a huge hit in awhile. Also, where’s MC Hammer? I would have assumed that his Cash 4 Gold investment strategy would have paid off by now. I’m probably less surprised at the names on the list than I am at the names on the list. Calvin? Clifford? Aubrey? Lonnie? Somehow I think I now understand the need for their monikers. Here’s the full list:


The BET Awards: The parade of wacky red carpet choices continues

BET-red-carpet-fashionLast night’s BET Awards brought out many things: Kanye’s highly anticipated return, Eminem’s surprise performance with B.o.B. and Chris Brown‘s emotional tribute to Michael Jackson. What it did not bring out, though, was dazzling fashion. You name the crazy, and it was there. No pants: Jada Pinkett-Smith; bandeau tops: Cassie; and next to nothing: former Sweet Valley twin Brittany Daniel, continuing this year’s trend in out-there red carpet statements.

Music award shows are famous (or notorious?) for their edgy red carpets. By no means do I expect flouncy dresses or girly ball gowns, but when did dressing in the most jaw-dropping outfits possible become the norm? Is the m.o. now to shock and, at times, horrify?

If celebrities want a real lesson in daring to be different, my advice is to follow Cate Blanchett’s lead. She practically wrote the book on toeing the line between edgy and tasteful.

What did you guys think of the fashion from the BET Awards?

Photo: Dan Steinberg/AP Images; Hollywood Press/startraksphoto.com; Chris Hatcher/PR Photos; Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

The roof is on fire: Jay-Z and Eminem rock the top of the Ed Sullivan Theater on Letterman

Jay-Z-EminemImage Credit: Jay-Z: Gary Miller/WireImage.com; Eminem: Albert MAlbert Michael/startraksphoto.comA troika of rap royalty graced the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater last night, as Jay-Z and Eminem played The Late Show With David Letterman while Diddy looked on approvingly from a seat on the sidelines.

Before the performance, “Jay” and “Em,” as Letterman learned to refer to them, did the typical Late Show shtick. Eminem read the Top 10, which included groaners like “Don’t get mixed up with drugs, gangs or oil executives,” but actually made it funnier by announcing them with a face so straight it looked like someone just shot his dog backstage. Eminem has always been adept at pretending not to be in on the joke, thus making things awkward-hilarious. Remember this? Jay-Z’s interview with Letterman, on the other hand, was definitely more on the awkward side than the hilarious side. After a bit of banter, the ever-chuckling host laid a trap for the rap-star/mogul/multiple retiree when they got to the subject of whether Lebron James should come to New York. Being part-owner of the Nets, Jay-Z was not against such a prospect, but Letterman quickly launched into a populist declaration that Lebron should stay in Cleveland and not “cut the heart out of that city.” The audience, many of which must have taken a day trip from Ohio, sided with Letterman and gave Cleveland so much love that I was expecting things to burst into the opening credits of The Drew Carey Show. Jay-Z could only peer out sheepishly from under his hat brim.

But he regained his composure once he got to the roof. Following a solid rendition from Eminem of his new single “Not Afraid,” the self-proclaimed Greatest Rapper Alive took the stage and performed the heck out of the chant-like “On to the Next One,” smiling and working the audience from a bunch of strangers awkwardly swaying and confusedly pointing into something resembling an actual crowd. Eminem then joined him for their Blueprint collaboration “Renegade,” giving everyone a taste of what to expect come September when the two play concerts scheduled in Detroit and New York

Those who caught the show, what did you think? Excited to see the two of them sharing the stage? Anyone hoping Letterman would jump up there with them and do a verse, maybe start a rap feud with Leno?

Eminem supports my same-sex marriage? Okay. Where's my gift?

Dear Eminem,

I was totally stoked to hear the news that you’ve decided to not only stop calling me a f*****, but to also support my gay marriage. Unfortunately, it’s been almost six years since the big day, so unlike Star Jones, my wedding registry is no longer active over at crateandbarrel.com. Sad the way time flies, no? But the good news is, I’ve broken more wine glasses over the last six years than you’ve had radio hits. A lot more. Yes, what I’m trying to say is that we’re equally low on both red and white stems, so whatever you want to get us, really! Oh, but did I mention I’m partial to a massive goblet? Yeah, some things never change: I’m into a healthy pour.

So anyway, best of luck with your upcoming Recovery album, and thanks for finally hopping off the “Sanctity of Marriage” Express (which really ought to be pulling up outside the Bachelor/Bachelorette offices any minute now). Keep an eye out for your honorary toaster! (Two more converts, and I’ll qualify for an iPad!)


Read this if you don't know who 'Rain' is, or if you do

Remember when Rain won the MTV Movie Award for Biggest Badass Star and everyone was like “Who is Rain?” No? Well, you were smart to be watching Breaking Bad instead. Here’s the deal with Rain. He’s a Korean pop sensation with whom Stephen Colbert feuded in 2008 because both were up for the top spot in the Time 100. Stephen challenged Rain’s reign with his spoof video, “He’s Singin’ in Korean.” Then Rain actually showed up at The Colbert Report to look his “old nemesis” in the eye, and Rain and Stephen had a proper dance-off. Smoke machines, empty studio, tight red jeans on a respected newsman, a struggle to the near-death for Dance Dance Revolution domination, the works. This time he was DANCING in Korean! Please do relive it after the jump. The takeaway from all of this is that 1) Stephen Colbert is hot; 2) Trivia: Rain played Taejo Togokahn in Speed Racer; 3) This is why every time it rains, I look to the sky, shake my fist, and yell “Raaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnn!” Nerd. READ FULL STORY

Justin Bieber's BET nod: Jimmy Kimmel gets opinions from South Central L.A.

Apparently, Jimmy Kimmel was just as puzzled as the rest of us by Justin Bieber’s recent BET nod for Best New Artist. But unlike those of us who simply trolled the blogosphere for commentary, Kimmel actually hit the streets, sending a camera crew to L.A.’s South Central to find out what real people think about the news. The results? Some pretty hilarious reactions. Check out the video after the jump, and then sound off in the comments: What do you think of Bieber as a BET nominee?


Akon's new fragrance, Konvict: does it smell like the clink?

femme_konvictMost celebrity fragrances try to evoke images of springtime, fairies, and maybe a little bit of spice — but not the penal system.

That’s exactly what Akon’s new fragrances for men and women — called Konvict — remind me of. But can you blame me? They’re bottled in two separate handcuffs that link together by a chain, each one containing 1.7 ounces of eau du prison yard parfum. Way to keep the theme going with the cuffs, Akon! Does the purchase come complete with your own orange jumpsuit?

Konvict (tagline: “Break free and live the dream”) is currently available online, for a special price of $41.95. What’s cool is that, according to the website, 10 percent of each purchase will go to Akon’s Konfidence Foundation, which is “dedicated to increasing public awareness of the conditions in Africa.” Plus, the fragrances sound like they would smell decent — Konvict Femme has lemon, mandarin and vanilla and almond musk notes, while Konvict Homme features bergamot, lemon, and a touch of sandal and cedar wood. READ FULL STORY

Jay-Z and Jack White: Will this musical collaboration blow your mind?

jayz-whiteImage Credit: White: Eric Lee, Jay Z: Andrew ZaehJack White spoke to GQ about a recent recording session with hip-hop hero Jay-Z, and sounded quite enthusiastic about the end result: “We did a song together a few weeks ago. It was incredible. I played him something that I’ve been kicking around for a while and he immediately came out with words for it. It’s unbelievable sounding,” he said.

White is certainly a busy musician. In addition to his bands The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and Dead Weather, he has recorded collaborations with Beck, Loretta Lynn, and the Rolling Stones, and was recently featured in the 2009 documentary It Might Get Loud, alongside guitar legends Jimmy Page and The Edge. Of course Jay-Z isn’t exactly sitting home watching soap operas, as he’s currently on tour for his 11th number one album The Blueprint 3. READ FULL STORY

Lil Wayne meets 'The Office' in this fantastic mash-up

A Lil Wayne/Office theme song mash-up shouldn’t be good. But this is so good! Of all the unlikely combos, I’d put this at the top, but Clockwork managed meld the melodies into something completely charming. This contains abundant use of adult language, obviously: READ FULL STORY

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