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Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year: Sweet Sixteen time: Can Karl Urban shock the world? Is Cat Deeley invincible?

Our Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year game has now entered the third round, the so-called Sweet Sixteen in bracket parlance, and in college basketball, it’s often where Cinderallas finally turn into pumpkins. Gone are the merely mildly Under-appreciated, like the Dancing With the Stars Band and movie villain du jour Mark Strong. The competition from here on in will be fierce. For the most part, our seeding committee did an excellent job, but all eyes — okay, some eyes — are on No. 16-seed Karl Urban (Red), who has already upset No.1 Pete Postlethwaite and No. 9 Rebecca Hall. Does he have the juice to keep it going against fellow underdog Stanley Tucci, a 13-seed? Or will Tucci benefit from the imminent wave of Burlesque buzz and send Urban packing? Thomas Gibson (Criminal Minds) edged John Noble (Fringe) in the second round by only 1.2 points, so he has his work cut out for him this time, facing Paul Wesley. The Vampire Diaries star has benefited from a cadre of rabid online support, and Gibson will need every last Chicago Hope and Dharma & Greg fan to log-in to keep his momentum going.

Frank Masi; Adam Taylor; Michael Yarish/CBS; Bob Mahoney/The CW



Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year: Patricia Clarkson? Paul Wesley? A Real Housewife? Vote!

Underappreciated-Entertainers-3BImage Credit: Adam Taylor; Disney/Pixar; Adam Orchon/Everett Collection; Virginia Sherwood/Bravo; Quantrell Colbert/Bravo; Quantrell Colbert/BravoI’ve been pondering the philosophical implications of our latest Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year bracket game, and I’m getting dizzy. Let’s just say that the divine Patricia Clarkson (Easy A, Shutter Island) edges the voice of Barbie from Toy Story 3, Jodi Benson, in Round 1 and goes on to win the entire contest. Does that make her the most Under-appreciated Entertainer of 2010, or by winning, is she no longer under-appreciated? By that argument then, isn’t the entertainer who loses the first-round popular vote by the largest margin, technically, the most underrated? And if the most underrated entertainer falls in the forest and there’s no paparazzi around to snap a picture, does the entertainer not bleed — Stop! My head hurts.

Underappreciated-Entertainers-3AImage Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW; Virginia Sherwood/NBC; Jonathan MannionLet’s keep it simple. There are so many talented performers who are routinely excellent but don’t always get the credit. This is your chance to recognize the one who makes you smile most. Clarkson or Benson? Paul Wesley of The Vampire Diaries or Jesse Plemons of Friday Night Lights? Real Housewife of N.J. Teresa Giudice or Real Housewife of Atlanta Kandi Burruss? Big Boi, whose debut solo album was big but deserved to be bigger, or saucy chanteuse VV Brown, whose ubiquitous songs pop in and out of my favorite TV shows? Vote your heart, PopWatchers. Submit your round 1, day 3 vote after the jump, and click here to check out our entire bracket of 64 competitors.We’ll figure out the existential ramifications of the results after. READ FULL STORY

Bill Clinton refuses to stop being cool

bill-clintonImage Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesBill Clinton called in to Pittsburgh’s 96.1 Kiss morning radio show for a little Election Day chat (hey, President Obama was on Ryan Seacrest’s show, so why not?) — and the hosts, not about to talk politics, asked him about Lil Wayne’s impending release from jail. But instead of the standard jokey answer that says either “I’m too busy for pop culture” or “I am really good at faking knowledge about pop culture,” Clinton turned it into an opportunity to deliver a poignant message to listeners: READ FULL STORY

Kanye's tweets + 'Liz Lemon' = Kanye Jordan

kanye-tracy-jordanImage Credit: Universal Music; Mary Ellen Matthews/NBCKanye West’s tweets are an endless source of joy, and now they’ve taken on a new level of memedom: “Kanye Jordan” is the fun new party game where you add “Liz Lemon” in front of Kanye’s tweets to make him sound exactly like Tray Jordan on 30 Rock. (This terrifying, amusing convergence was discovered by @john_harper). Now there’s a bot account that automatically adds the “Liz Lemon” to West’s tweets, and some of the results are unreal:

“Liz Lemon, Man … ninjas are kind of cool … I just don’t know any personally”
“Liz Lemon, If baroque and mod had a car crash… what would that ambulance look like?”
“Liz Lemon, I make awesome decisions in bike stores!!!”

I could do this all day, PopWatchers. I think this means Kanye has to play Tracy Jordan in a spoof of 30 Rock on SNL in a few weeks, no? Too many meta layers?

50 Cent's dog joins Twitter, blasts master, incenses PETA

50 Cent is feuding with Oprah again. No, not that Oprah. Actually, the “In da Club” rapper has a pet dog named “Oprah Whine Free,” and — guess what? — the pooch just joined Twitter. As you can imagine, her Bio is merely “50 Cent’s bitch.” In just 24 hours after signing up, Oprah the Dog already has over 7,000 followers and has been tweeting up a storm, even provoking an outraged response from PETA.

As brainless an endeavor as this might seem, this actually got me thinking about two things: First, Fiddy has a dog named Oprah?! To refresh your memory, in 2006 he went all Jonathan Franzen on the Queen of All Media for not featuring more rappers on her talk-show. (At the time, he said “I think she caters to older white women. So I could care less about Oprah or her show.”) Needless to say, naming his dog after Ms. Winfrey doesn’t seem like an affectionate homage.

Second, Fiddy has a sense of humor? As Oprah’s Twitter ghostwriter, it seems the answer is yes. Oprah’s been using her new account mostly to vent against her master. A few sample tweets: “About to go to the studio w/my dad tonight to make a hit record ‘teach you how to doggie’ its gonna be hotter than the s–t my dad’s writing”; “he aint made a classic since get rich or die tryin”; “f— this I need a new owner.” As a particularly low blow, Oprah added, “DMX wouldn’t have treated me like this…” And you thought Kanye’s feed had cornered the market on crazy! READ FULL STORY

Casey Affleck sticks to the script on 'Tonight Show'

I think I’d like to play cards with Casey Affleck. The Oscar-nominated actor, who directed his brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix in the apparently fake documentary, I’m Still Here, visited The Tonight Show last night to reiterate his recent claims that it was just a movie and that Phoenix’s public meltdowns were simply part of the act. But his poker-face wasn’t exactly a mask of conviction. Question: “Everybody was in on it at the time [when Phoenix appeared disheveled on Letterman]?” Answer: “Uhhhh, well, you know… [breaks eye contact and mindlessly tugs right earlobe]… neither Joaquin nor I never talked to Dave…” Question: “Was it real drugs? Was he doing real coke in the movie?” Answer: “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-hhhhhhhhhhhhh. No.” I suppose that’s better than, “Hmmm. Which scene?” READ FULL STORY

Did VMAs host Chelsea Handler take on an impossible job?

chelsea-handlerImage Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesCould hosting the VMAs be the most unrewarding job in Hollywood? In light of last night’s questionable performance by E!’s late-night queen Chelsea Handler, I started thinking about how few VMA emcees have been widely lauded for their performances over the years. Just peruse this list of past hosts. Are any of these people — ranging from Bette Midler (yes!) and Dan Akroyd to Dennis Miller (twice!) and Ben Stiller — remembered for doing an exceptionally good job?

Sure, a handful, like Jimmy Fallon and Chris Rock, may be remembered with some level of fondness. But unlike, say, the Oscars or the Emmys — where, for example,  Steve Martin and Neil Patrick Harris have won rave reviews for their respective recent hosting stints — the very nature of the VMAs dictates that the lion’s share of the morning-after buzz will focus on outrageous stunts or musical performances, and not on the host. Handler seemed to be aware of this conundrum last night, and it resulted in an unfortunate “look how craaaazy I can be!” vibe that downplayed her brash intelligence and felt inauthentic to boot. READ FULL STORY

Kanye and Taylor at the VMAs: How about a wacky pop-culture reenactment?

Kanye-taylor-dirty-dancingImage Credit: Peter Kramer/AP; Juan Soliz, PacificCoastNews.comNobody puts Taylor Swift in a corner! (Because, at the rate she’s going, she’ll have Oprah-level power by the time she’s 25.) But in all seriousness, tonight’s telecast of the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards (which we’ll be live-blogging over at our Music Mix blog) will have plenty of folks tuning in to see how (or if) Taylor interacts with Kanye West on the one-year anniversary of the all-caps rapper crashing the country princess’ big 2009 VMA win. If by some chance Kanye and Taylor are still brainstorming ideas for “having a moment,” though, we cooked up a gallery of seven pop-culture scenes the duo could reenact. We’ve included a bonus eighth image — channeling Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing — in this here blog item. Click here to check out the full gallery, then head down to the comments to invent other ways Kanye and Taylor can have the time of their lives tonight.

Shaquille O'Neal Vs. Justin Bieber and Jimmy Kimmel: The Shaq of all trades

Shaquille O’Neal can do anything. Badly. But give him credit for sharing his mediocrity with the rest of the world. That’s the concept behind Shaq Vs, his show where he takes on celebrities in their chosen field. Last night, he challenged Jimmy Kimmel to a monologue contest and took the stage with Justin Bieber. Shaq admitted that he always wanted to be like Fame‘s Leroy, and he looked half-decent freestyling on the dance floor. READ FULL STORY

Forbes ranks the richest rappers: Some guys named Shawn, Sean, and Aliuane top the list

Forbes has once again taken time from covering entrepreneurs who work with short-term CDs and gold-backed bonds to cover those who work with 12-track CDs and gold teeth. And again, Jay-Z has topped the business magazine’s annual list of highest-earning hip-hop stars, raking in an impressive $63 million over the past year. That’s over twice as much as his nearest competition, Diddy, and $28 million more than he made last year.

Kanye West experienced one of the bigger drops, going from third place in 2009 all the way down to 10th, right behind Pharrell (the only other artist in the Top 20 who uses his real name). Kanye’s drop could be a result of VMA backlash and his subsequent laying-low, but with a new album coming up, it’s hard to imagine that his estimated $12 million won’t increase soon.

Personally, I was surprised that a lot of the names on the list, like Diddy, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, haven’t had a huge hit in awhile. Also, where’s MC Hammer? I would have assumed that his Cash 4 Gold investment strategy would have paid off by now. I’m probably less surprised at the names on the list than I am at the names on the list. Calvin? Clifford? Aubrey? Lonnie? Somehow I think I now understand the need for their monikers. Here’s the full list:


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