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Today in pop culture platinum (literally): Look who's gone gold!

Kanye West, that demure little media flower, made headlines this week when he compared himself to Hitler.

But it turns out that he is fewer Kevin Bacon degrees away from another evil despot — or at least, the poster for a movie about the super-sociopathic son of one.

Am I the only one who just noticed how go-for-baroque twinsies the album cover for Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch the Throne and the movie poster for the Dominic Cooper-starring Uday Hussein chronicle The Devil’s Double are? Gold bouillon for everyone!


Inside the mind of will.i.am -- and his and Fergie's Barbie and the Rockers connection

If you’ve ever wondered about will.i.am’s creative process, a new four-part web series premiering today on Lexus’ LStudio.com has some interesting answers. For The Sessions Project: will.i.am, the Black Eyes Peas’ frontman and producer was interviewed by photographer Norman Seeff, who directs the web series that will be reshaped into an hour-long special on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network later this year. A new episode will premiere on LStudio every Tuesday for the next three weeks. Here’s what we learned from fairly fascinating episode 1, which you can also watch hereREAD FULL STORY

'Pop Up Video': The return of VH1's most seductive time-waster

Before American Idol became the go-to venue for aging hipsters wanting to launch a musical renaissance, there were few places for rock relics to be seen or heard by a younger audience. One of the best, however, was Pop Up Video, the 1990s VH1 program that made shamelessly dated music videos redeemable with the aid of humorous, often sarcastic, trivia. Many a college student sat mesmerized while Pop Up Video skewered former hits like A-Ha’s “Take on Me,” or David Lee Roth’s “I’m Just a Gigolo,” only to be reminded they missed Chem Lab when they reached the bottom of the Bugles bag. READ FULL STORY

Luther Campbell is 'dead serious' about political run

Donald Trump may not be on the ballot next fall, but there are still some unlikely celebrities seeking public office. Take, for example, Luther Campbell, the raunchy impresario who fronted the controversial rap band 2 Live Crew. The former Uncle Luke is running for mayor of Miami-Dade County, and if he gets his way, he govern long time. Campbell, now 50, seems to recognize his controversial history makes him an unusual political candidate — his posters read, “I’m Dead Serious… Are You?” — but the Miami native has one thing his rivals lack: name recognition. Plus, he knows his fair share about the workings of government from the numerous obscenity court cases his music inspired. Still, I’m not so sure. Does his online commercial look “dead serious”? READ FULL STORY

Is Justin Timberlake already a 'Saturday Night Live' all-timer?

Justin Timberlake is not yet a Five-Timer when it comes to hosting Saturday Night Live (he’s hosted just three times), but he’s already established himself as one of the show’s best all-time guests since his first solo gig in 2003. So you can imagine the excitement that percolated when a tweet from SNL (that was quickly removed) indicated that Timberlake would host this May, sometime after Tina Fey’s May 7 performance.

So where does Timberlake currently rank in the pantheon of SNL hosts? He’s certainly one of the most versatile, killing in digital shorts (“D— in a Box“), dance numbers (“Single Ladies”), skits (Barry Gibb), and Weekend Update. (He also sings, from time to time.) At this point, he can pretty much do the entire show in two minutes or less. READ FULL STORY

Chris Brown apologizes for 'GMA' meltdown

A day after erupting in his Good Morning America dressing room after host Robin Roberts asked him questions about his 2009 arrest for assaulting Rihanna, Chris Brown explained and apologized for his actions on BET’s 106 & Park. “First of all, I want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office, or anybody who was offended or really looked, and [was] disappointed at my actions,” said Brown. “Because I’m disappointed in the way I acted.” Click below for fuzzy footage of his apology on 106 & Park.

But the singer maintains that GMA mislead him about the topics they would discuss, as he was under the impression that his appearance would strictly be about his new album, F.A.M.E. “I felt like they told us this just so they could get us on the show to exploit me. That’s what I thought. So I kind took it very, very hard,” said Brown. READ FULL STORY

Are Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly making a 'Step Brothers' rap album? We hope so!

It’s rare, but every once in a while a celebrity tweet breaks through the white noise of the Internet and makes you sit up and take notice like a shih tzu hearing a dog whistle. Take this one from Will Ferrell’s FunnyorDie.com cohort Adam McKay yesterday: “Are we currently working on a Step Bros rap album? Yup.” READ FULL STORY

Josh Groban raises us up by singing Kanye West's tweets

Josh Groban (with the help of Jimmy Kimmel) has a meme on his hands: singing Kanye West’s tweets. Hearing the crooner belt out “Man… whatever happened to my antique fish tank?” is truly a treat like none other. READ FULL STORY

Antoine Dodson's 'Chimney Intruder' rocks 'Lopez Tonight.' Hide yo ears!

Internet memes are giving-trees that shouldn’t be overwatered. Going on Lopez Tonight to premiere the pre-autotuned second incarnation of a spontaneous 15 minutes is, by definition, overwatering. And Antoine Dodson did it. Below, the less-charming Christmas version of “Bed Intruder“: “Chimney Intruder,” in which Santa is likened to a potential rapist. READ FULL STORY

Hanukkah goes viral with dynamite 'Candlelight'

Good news, Hanukkah-celebrating friends and neighbors: Hanukkah songs are not just for Adam Sandler anymore! New York Yeshiva University’s The Maccabeats have gifted us with “Candlelight,” a holiday-themed parody of Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite.” Some sample lyrics from the video, which is currently going viral: “I flip my latkes in the air sometimes / Sayin’ ayy ohh, spin the dreidel / Just wanna celebrate for all eight nights / Singin’ ayy ohh, light the candles.” Nearly one million YouTube watchers approve! Watch the video here: READ FULL STORY

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