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Snap Judgment: New songs by Hilary, Avril, and Hayden

Girls_lAs I mentioned in my previous post, I’m going through a bout of self-loathing today, but instead of turning to the cilice (ouch!), I’ve decided to take a listen to new singles from three songbirds whom I’d typically avoid at all costs. (I’m not being snobby when I say that, BTW; regular PopWatch readers know I’m down with Fergie Ferg and Kylie, plus a whole bunch of divas who are probably working for change this very minute.) Anyhow, let’s all have a listen and see if any of ‘em will be securing a spot on my iPod, shall we?

- Avril Lavigne, "Girlfriend": Okay, yeah, so the chorus has a foot-tappingly cute beat, but does this song (streaming over at Idolator) have anything else to recommend it? I mean, even if the ghost of Janis Joplindescended directly from rock & roll heaven into Avril’s body, she’dstill have a hard time breathing life into lyrics like "She’s, like, sowhatever/ You can do so much better/ I think we should get together."Of course, then at least we’d be spared Avril’s affected pronunciationsof words like "bettah" and "othah." I dunno, I’ll take Kelly’s vastlysuperior "Text Message Breakup" if I want an angry white chick screaming over a danceable beat.

addCredit(“Lavigne: David Livingston/Getty Images; Duff, Panettiere: Michael Buckner/Getty Images”)


Is the wonky logic of 'Heroes' starting to irk you?

204251__milo_lDon’t you just hate people who wait for your favorite TV show/band/book/movie to be embraced by the masses, then start pointing out everything that’s wrong with it? Yeah, I kinda hate those people too. Of course, right now, I’m going to be one of those people, and therefore, by the time I finish writing this blog item, I will officially hate myself. But that’s what a therapist is for, PopWatchers. And so, despite the rising urge to betch-slap myself the way invisi-guy Claude thwacked waffle-boy Peter (Milo Ventimiglia, pictured) during last night’s episode of Heroes, please allow me to point out the growing list of questions and inconsistencies that are detracting from my enjoyment of NBC’s Monday-night hit.

- Since turning herself in to the police (for a series of violent murders in which she tore her victims to shreds), Niki/Jessica has snapped a wooden baton in half and beaten the bejesus out of at least one guard. So how come her shrink was left alone in a room with her with only a taser?

- No one knows better than HRG that Sylar is a vicious murderer with unrivaled powers of escape. So how come he left that doctor dude all alone to treat Sylar? Why weren’t at least two or three armed guards stationed around the clock outside his glass cell, just in case the dude returned to consciousness and tried to bust loose? And how did Sylar get out of the paper factory without triggering an alarm system that would’ve alerted the Haitian or some other HRG cohorts?


Who should die on 'Heroes'?

151423__mohinder_lIn TV Guide‘s latest story on Heroes, series creator and executive producer Tim Kring reveals that a regular character, "someone who has been with the show from the very beginning," will pay the ultimate price during February sweeps. And while I’ll be shocked (and shaken) if he’s planning to off one of my favorites (like Hiro or Nathan or Micah), there’s one player in particular whose death would be cause for celebration — the waffling, whiny Mohinder Suresh (he of the ludicrous dream sequences), who is coincidentally portrayed by the cast’s most wooden actor, Sendhil Ramamurthy (pictured)

Every time the guy pops up on my screen, I recall the words of my colleague Dawnie Walton: "Someone is Mo-hindering my ability to enjoy the show!" Seriously, one minute Mohinder is dropping everything to head to America and complete his father’s work, the next he’s decided it’s all a bunch of bunk. He’s supposedly paranoid about keeping the heroes’ identities out of the wrong hands, and yet he keeps a list of their names and a map of their whereabouts in an apartment that might as well be dubbed Break-in Central. The only constant is his droning, insipid voice-over narration. Plus, with the way Ramamurthy delivers his lines like he’s the third banana in a bad high-school production, I always find myself drifting off to the happy place during Mohinder’s scenes. So yes, in the Heroes‘ death pool, the man has got my vote. Are you with me? Or if you were Tim Kring, would you choose to exterminate a different character?

addCredit(“Heroes: Michael Muller”)

Things Hollywood Should Apologize For, Vol. 1

Moore_lLike they are in Washington, D.C., apologies in Hollywood are a dime a dozen, but true remorse is hard to come by. Which is why it was so pleasing to see Mandy Moore (pictured) genuinely own up to her shortcomings in a new Jane magazine interview, as quoted in this morning’s New York Daily News. We refer to the part where, in reference to her own hit songs, Moore reportedly said, "I feel bad that people wasted their money on such trite, blah pop music."

Mandy, we salute you. We can only hope that such a frank confession will result in further Hollywood/entertainment industry apologies. For example: Hey, NBC ad people, you need to apologize for putting us loyal Heroes fans through that whole, "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" nonsense only to replace it with the infinitely less catchy "Are you on the list?" slogan. Also, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu? You definitely need to say sorry for making me want to crawl into bed and cry after watching each of your films. Your movies are symphonies of pain.

Okay, PopWatchers, your turn. What would you like to see Hollywood apologize for?

addCredit(“Mandy Moore: Jeff Vespa/WireImage.com”)

'Heroes': America just can't get enough...

204251__masi_l_1…and neither can we. I was lucky enough to see an early screener of tonight’s fall finale episode (the show returns on Jan. 22) and I can easily say that it will rock you like a hurricane. Indeed, as the ads have promised, a Hero will fall. But, even better, to hold your mind and your nervous system hostage until it comes back, tonight’s episode features not one, but FOUR cliffhangers. Catch my last TV Watch of the year tomorrow morning.

Not as exciting, however, is the news that, in another sign of Studio 60 sinking deeper and deeper into its increasingly meta-tastic rabbit hole, the show has recruited HeroesMasi Oka (pictured) — who plays the hit show’s lovable time/space traveler Hiro — to appear as himself as host of the terminally unfunny show within the show. Seems to me to be a cynical attempt to keep even a small fragment of the approximately five million viewers that change their channels come 10 p.m. every Monday night.

Still, after listening to Oka talk in subtitled Japanese and jabberin pidgin American for 11 episodes, I would like to see him speak inthe stone-cold, Brown University-educatedEnglish that is his everyday voice. I sorta hope he plays himself as ajerk, which would be funny and completely antithetical to what we’vecome to expect from his geeky persona. What this news really instilledin me, however, is a nostalgia for the days of character crossovers,like those couple of ones they did way back when with Law & Order and Homicide, or when Hanna-Barbera made that Flintstones/Jetsons movie. Studio 60 and Heroes, however, might not be the best pair of NBC shows to experiment with (I would rather see The Office take a field trip up to the city and run into some 30 Rock people on a tour). Are any of you Heroes fans actually going to watch this particular episode of Studio 60?

addCredit(“Heroes: Trae Patton”)


How 'bout a frothy glass of 'Lost'-'Heroes' to start the week?

204251__masi_lIt’s a little early on a Monday for what my colleague Scott Brown so winningly refers to as a "geekgasm." Then again, I know a lot of you are (like me) still nursing Battlestar Galactica hangovers, so let’s dole out a little hair of the sci-fi dog, shall we? Will a Heroes-Lost cocktail do the trick?

Regarding everyone’s favorite Monday-night adventure, TV Guide is expected to report that Star Trek‘s George Takei has been cast as Hiro’s father. The erstwhile Mr. Sulu will travel to the U.S., intent on abducting Hiro (played by Masi Oka, pictured) and bringing him back to Japan  — a rather challenging task, considering junior’s teleportation skillz. (Thanks to TV Tattle for the link.)

The rumor coming off the Lost set is about 140 times more sensitive, though, so for those of you who like to avoid spoilers, let’s discuss it after the jump.

addCredit(“Heroes: Trae Patton”)


'Heroes': Error message

145221__hereos_lLook, I don’t mean to kvetch mightily about Heroes (which I totally heart), but if Tim Kring and his staff are going to throw little nuggets our way, they should do it subtly. And by subtly, I don’t mean flashing messages like the "Are You Sure You Want to Quit?" on Mohinder’s computer so big and so often that even casual viewers balancing their checkbooks mid-episode will stop and go, "Ohhh! Mohinder must be questioning his decision not to continue his father’s work!" Don’t even trip because you know I’m right, people. Also, would you let a total stranger shave you with a straight razor, even if she had a cute pixie hairstyle? I didn’t think so. That’s all.

Double Vision: Floppy-haired sensitive guy edition

151337__mc_lThat ruminative gaze, that delicate bone structure, the ever-errant hank of dark hair covering one eye… If we never see indie rock icon Conor Oberst, a.k.a. Bright Eyes (pictured, left), and Milo Ventimiglia (right), currently playing the supernaturally gifted dark-horse brother Peter Petrelli on NBC’s Heroes – in the same room, we’ll know why.

Everyone else is wearing the Constantine, so why shouldn't you?

20128__constantine_lForget the buzzhawk. Associate picture editor Katy Caldwell has noticed a new hair trend on fall TV: The Constantine. Named for the American Idol Season 4 finalist (pictured, left) and flaunted by Lost‘s Henry Ian Cusick (I love you I love you I love you) and Santiago Cabrera from Heroes (you are also attractive), the Constantine is characterized by loose waves, lack of motivation to shave, and supersleek shine with a chance of grease in the early evening. Bonus points may be awarded for embracing layers, standing downwind, being hot.

The Constantine: The time is now! Who else should try it?

addCredit(“Constantine Maroulis: Eric Charbonneau/WireImage.com; Henry Ian Cusick: Bob D’Amico; Santiago Cabrera: Mitch Haaseth”)

Get ready for an official EW.com 'Heroes' TV Watch

We’ve heard your plaintive cries in the wilderness, PopWatchers, and your pleas have not gone unheeded. We’re happy to announce that, starting with tonight’s episode of Heroes, your favorite new superhero show will get the benefit of a full-fledged EW.com TV Watch. Writing the post-show analysis every week will be EW’s Gilbert Cruz; alas, Gilbert has no superpowers that I know of, but perhaps he’s keeping them secret for now and will reveal them in the fullness of time. Check EW.com’s home page tomorrow morning and every Tuesday for Gilbert’s Heroes TV Watch column, and keep an eye on PopWatch, where we’ll continue to address any supplemental cheerleader-related questions of burning import, and where we’ll still gush over how lovable Masi Oka is whenever the mood strikes us.

UPDATE: The TV Watch column for last night’s Heroes is here. You can catch up with PopWatch’s recaps of all the previous Heroes episodes here.

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