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Nominate the best (and worst) new hairstyles of the TV season!

Miloemily_lI love everything about ABC’s Brothers & Sisters. Actually, that’s a lie. I love everything about ABC’s Brothers & Sisters except for the heinous new bangs they’ve slapped on Emily VanCamp’s moody half-sister Rebecca this season. Every time she takes the screen, I’m so disoriented/distraught that I have to use my DVR "seven-second jumpback button" (the one with the swirly arrow — if you haven’t discovered it, it’s downright miraculous)to get myself back into the action.

Meanwhile, I’d agree with 99 percent of the world (including series creator Tim Kring) that season two of Heroes has been hella jank. That said, there’s been one positive development lost in all the kvetching: Milo Ventimiglia’s shorter haircut. Out are the floppy, emo-boy locks that obscured Peter’s eyes throughout season one. In: a sudden and unfeasible case of sexy.

In fact, I feel so strongly about Peter and Rebecca’s ‘dos, I nominate them respectively as the best and worst new hairstyles of the current TV season. But, by all means, if you think other updated coifs deserve recognition, list ‘em in the comments section below. After all, winning first prize doesn’t mean anything unless there’s a first-runner-up in tears.

addCredit(“Milo Ventimiglia: Justin Lubin; Emily VanCamp: Vivian Zink”)

And the Oscar nominees for Best Actress are…

Jessica Alba in The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Jessica Simpson in that Macy’s holiday ad. Squid-ink eyes and Micah’s cousin on Heroes. Tyra Banks on today’s vajay-jay themed episode of The Tyra Banks Show. And Julianne Moore pretending to enjoy making chicken strips on Rachael Ray.And the winner is…

'Heroes' spin-off not happening

Badass_lHeroes: Origins, the much-anticipated until recently, anyway spin-off has been put on hold at NBC. According to the trades, you can blame the threat of the writers strike and not — we repeat not — the original series taking a hit in the ratings and with critics in its sophomore season

Is this a relief? (Presumably the Heroes masterminds can now focus on fixing their flagship.) Or is this is an opportunity lost?

addCredit(“Heroes: Paul Drinkwater”)

'Veronica Mars': The fourth season lives! (On the Internet, anyway)

Brace yourselves, Veronica Mars fans. The late, great show’s much-discussed season 4 mini-pilot — which finds our heroine kicking off her career with the FBI — has made its way to the Internet. Getting a glimpse at the season that might have been (but, alas, never will be) prompted a long, nostalgic email chat with my fellow EW staffer (and Mars addict) Tanner Stransky. Check the pilot out for yourself (part 1 below, and part 2, after the jump), then join our discussion in the comments section below.

From: Jennifer
To: Tanner
Re: Veronica Mars season 4 mini-pilot
So I just caught the Veronica Mars fourth-season mini-pilot. I looooved seeing our girl doing anything, especially after sitting through another dismal Heroes last week just to get glimpses of Kristen Bell. And here she is, being all genuinely awesome and genuinely witty, instead of a Heroes-ed up imitation of such! "There’s lesbians to fend off and hazing rituals to be endured … I’m on a schedule." Oh, man, there’s nobody I love this much on the fall schedule.

From: Tanner
To: Jennifer
My thoughts exactly: Is there any current freshman series with this much wit and such a likable main character? I also felt like this short presentation towed the line nicely between rebooting the old series and introducing new aspects of the character. She’s obviously got some baggage with her faux-Logan lover who pops up at the FBI, too. One of my main questions, though: Where’s Keith Mars? I’d be happy if he popped up at the FBI, too.

From: Jennifer
To: Tanner
OMG, Keith Mars!!! We need him around, for sure. I mean, we need him in the pretend pilot that isn’t happening. But a girl can still dream, right? (Heck, CBS is the CW’s big-sister network, and they could use some youth on the sched, right?) What I loved about this, too, was that it was a little–just a little–like having Alias back. Even better, Alias sans Rambaldi. And what would make it even more Alias-like? Having the spy daddy around, too. And I gotta admit, I would be aching for a Logan return. Veronica is even better with him as her foil, no doubt about it. I do hope they would get into solving more complex and–dare I say it?–multi-episode, maybe even whole-season-long, mysteries. Or am I just setting our imaginary show up to have all the ratings power of classic Veronica Mars and Alias…which is to say, the ability to virtually make viewers evaporate into thin air?


'Heroes': How would you mend this broken season?

Matt_l Recently, I told you why I was sticking with Heroes,despite its sophomore slump (EW’s Gillian Flynn spanks the show with a C+ review in our latest issue). I haven’t changed my mind yet, but last week’sepisode left me feeling a little woeful. Raise your hand if (spoiler alert!) you saw the "Parkman’s dad is the nightmare-man" twist a mile away. Yet while I can deal with thislatest reveal being a little too easy and way too convenient, what’s with the worse-than-Sylarbaddie looking about as threatening as my high school drama teacher?

What I really want to see on Heroes this week are some loose ends getting tied up. It’s the fifth episode of the season already, and if you remember,it was this same time last year that Future Hiro appeared to Peter on the subway and declared, "Save thecheerleader, save the world." In other words, I think the show’s writers really need to find a single earth-saving mission to pull these disparate characters together.

But that’s just me. Well, me, plus a gajillion other crabby Heroes fans. What do you think the show needs to return to must-see status? Which story arcs are working, and which need retooling? Is the Parkman storyline leading somewhere fantastic, oris it just a dead end? Have your say PopWatchers, then come back Tuesday morning to readMarc Bernardin’s TV Watch. And while you’re waiting, you can add to our Heroes wiki.

Why you should stick with 'Heroes'

Heroes_lFor the past three weeks, I’ve been having a serious internal debate: will I, or won’t I continue to watch Heroes on Monday nights? The cons started to pile up as each week passed — lovesick Hiro again?, that awful promo two weeks ago featuring "the box," boredom with the Dominican twins, frustration with Claire’s flyboy,West, and their budding romance — but I’ve decided to stick with it and you should too. Theshow has offered up some tantalizing incentives to keep tuning in eachweek. The murder of Kaito Nakamura, Isaac’s painting of a Godfather-style executed Noah (the daddy formerly known as HRG), Kensei’s healing power, and my favorite tidbit: Angela Petrelli’schilling/silent command for Parkman to get out of her head during herinterrogation. Aside from these delicious plot points, I’m hopelessly devoted to my favorite Heroes: Nathan (Adrian Pasdar, pictured), whose storylinewill hopefully expand soon, and Claire, whose search for identity as an adpotee and hero is irresistible.

So, folks, that’s why I’m leaving my Monday nights open, atleast until the end of "Volume 2: Generations." Yes, it’s been alittle slow and disjointed, and yes, some of our beloved characters arein painfully dull situations, but c’mon people! Who doesn’t love a goodold-fashioned murder-mystery, especially one that promises to revealmore dirt on the older generation of heroes and the sinister Company?

What are your likes and gripes withVolume 2 so far? Will you stand by your show or jump ship? Who are you favorite Heroes? Defend your ideas below, and if you’ve a yen for more Heroes, helpbuild our wiki, EW’s Ultimate Heroes Fan Guide. Plus, remember to check out Missy Schwartz’s Heroes TV Watch Tuesday morning for a full recap and commentary on tonight’s episode.

Who's the weakest link on 'Heroes'?

Heroes_lLook, I’venever missed an episode of Heroes.It’s good escapist fun. But that doesn’t mean the show doesn’t have itsproblems. I’ve been mulling it over all week, and my nominees for worst performanceon the Heroes season premiere are…

• James Kyson Lee (Ando, pictured left): I’veseen more nuanced performances on Scooby-Doo (yeah, the animated series) thanhis cartoon/awful reaction shot to the assassination of Hiro’s father Kaito (GeorgeTakei).

• Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder, center):As I’ve noted before, somebody’s Mo-hindering my enjoyment of Heroes. And whileRamamurthy was marginally less unconvincing on Monday than he was for most ofseason one, he still managed to get upstaged by a spoon. Okay, a gold spoon, but still…

• Adair Tishler(Molly, right) Yes, she’s a child actor, but I bet she makes more money than you andme put together. Which makes her fair game. So let’s not pretend herprecocious-precious performance isn’t grating as hell.

And the awardgoes to… well, I leave it up to you, Heroes fans. Declare the winner recipient in the comments section below. Or else tell me why I’m an idiot. Readers’ choice!

Can't wait? Let's talk 'Heroes'

Sylar_lSave the cheerleader… and earn valuable prizes! Still scratching your head over the fates of Sylar (Zachary Quinto, pictured), Peter, Nathan, Claire, Hiro, and the rest after last season’s baffling Heroes finale? Can’t wait for tonight’s season premiere to see if other fans agree with your pet theory? Have at it below, then come back here after tonight’s episode to discuss. And don’t forget to look for EW.com’s analysis Tuesday morning in Missy Schwartz’s TV Watch column.

addCredit(“Heroes: Mitchell Haaseth”)

Live-blogging the Emmys telecast on Fox

Ryan_l8:00 p.m. Slow clap: L-Yeah! L-Yeah! Oh wait, sorry, gonna try to be neutral here for at least five minutes. Em-my! Em-my! Em-my!

8:01 p.m. Seeing that this Family Guy medley isn’t actually live, you think they could’ve come up with funnier stuff than a Charlie Sheen pedophilia joke and a bit about the age of the Desperate Housewives ladies. That said, rhyming Zach Braff with "doesn’t have to make you laugh" made me chuckle. A little.

8:02 p.m. Oh Fox, so classy with that closeup of T.R. Knight during the Isaiah Washington Joke.

8:05 p.m. Uh-oh. Ryan’s trying to be funny. And the audience is trying to be nice and pretending to laugh. But seriously, my dream of a shtick-free Emmys — where every acting nominee gets a 30-second pre-awards highlight clip is about six minutes away from flatlining.

8:07 p.m. Tell me I did not just hear a Hayden Panettiere age-of-consent joke in the first 10 minutes of the telecast.

8:10 p.m. Maybe Ray Romano said something funny during that technical glitch where they cut to the ceiling? ‘Cause I’m not really laughing at any of this mess.

8:11 p.m. Okay, that bit about Romano’s sexual encounters ending thesame way as The Sopranos’ final episode…that was kinda priceless.

8:13 p.m. I liked Jeremy Piven better when he was on Cupid. And I’m not just saying that because he beat Rainn Wilson.


Uhura joins Sulu on 'Heroes'

Nichelle_lYes, yes, you don’t need me to tell you how cool it is that they keep casting actors from Star Trek: Original Flava on Heroes. Still: first Sulu, now Uhura. (Warning: some mild spoilers in this TV Guide story about the character Nichelle Nichols, pictured, will play on Heroes.) As my wife says, "Now, if they would just cast William Shatner, I could be happy and go to heaven." What say you, Bill? Surely walking around saying "Denny Crane!" all day has lost its novelty, yes? It’s time for you to return to NBC and acquire some superpowers. All hailing frequencies are open, Captain.

addCredit(“Nichelle Nichols: Mike Guastella/WireImage.com”)

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