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'Heroes' teaser: The 'Going Postal' webisodes

The mailman featured in the Heroes teaser below must have superpowers; for one thing, he’s running instead of ambling at a leisurely pace. Also, says the postman, he can make powerful sounds with his voice (he bears the unlikely name of Echo De Mille) and may even have killed someone. Beyond that, I’m not really sure what’s going on in this preview for "Going Postal" (heh heh), the summer webisode series from NBC that premieres on July 14. I’m also not sure how it ties into the "Villains" storyline of season 3, debuting this fall on NBC, except for the enigmatic appearance of Mrs. Petrelli in the clip. Still, I’m hooked. You?

On the Scene: EW's Upfronts Party

Ewparty_l_2New York City’s Bowery Hotel was the place to be last night, especially for TV stars who needed a break after a rigorous few days spent promoting their new and renewed series at their respective networks’ upfront presentations. And who better to host a TV soirée than Entertainment Weekly? I snagged the only designer item in my closet and camped out for nearly two hours on the packed red carpet, which featured a parade of stars both random (Jaslene and Saleisha from Americas Next Top Model) and hotly anticipated (hello, casts of 30 Rock and Gossip Girl!). After the jump, my rundown of the night’s festivities…


Bored, striking TV writers swap shows

Theoffice_lThere must be a little-known proviso in the Writers Guild rules that permits striking TV writers to pen scenarios for shows other than their own in snarky magazine articles. So it is with New York magazine, which cross-assigned teams of writers from various strike-afflicted shows to dream up season-ending arcs for other strike-afflicted shows. (Hat tip to TV Barn and TV Tattle for the link.) The results aren’t as funny as I’d have hoped, though I did enjoy the Simpsons crew’s apocalyptic take on The Office. I’d still like to see what, say, Tina Fey’s 30 Rock-ers could do with House or Heroes. How about you, PopWatchers? What TV writer swaps would you like to see?

addCredit(“The Office: Byron J. Cohen”)

Ooh, 'Heroes' dolls!

Dolls_lHey, strike-afflicted Heroes fans! Can’t wait until the next episode of your show airs, whenever that may be? Now you can create your own adventures with Mezco’s Heroes dolls! There’s Claire, Sylar, Hiro, Mohinder, and two Peters (one flying, one earthbound)! And just like on the show, the Mohinder doll is totally useless and doesn’t do anything! Sadly, there’s no Molly doll to help you find the others if you lose them.

Help me out, PopWatchers; these jokes won’t write themselves. Actually, they kinda do…

Golden Globe snubs: Which one do you take personally?

Russell_lThe Golden Globe nominations are in, and while we await expert analysis from EW’s Ken Tucker and Dave Karger (keep an eye on our Golden Globes hub), tell us: Which snub hit you the hardest? There’s a lot to choose from. For starters:
• Keri Russell (pictured) for Waitress: Would it have been too much to include her alongside Juno‘s Ellen Page? No room for two quirky indie pregnancy comedies at the HFPA inn?
Into the Wild: The only love the film got was for Original Score and Song. Sorry, Emile Hirsch and Sean Penn.
Ugly Betty: Only America Ferrera got a nod. Somewhere, a vacationing Michael Slezak is weeping for Vanessa Williams.
The Sopranos: Edie Falco was the sole nominee. At least the network dramas — Lost, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, 24 — weren’t the only ones missing from the top TV category. Which leads us to another question:
Which snubs were actually warranted?

addCredit(“Waitress: Alan Markfield”)

EW.com's top 10 searches of 2007

Lost_lLast week, Yahoo announced that Britney Spears topped the portal’s 2007 list of its users’ top 10 search queries. Other individuals in the top 10: Paris Hilton (No. 3), Beyoncé (No. 5), Lindsay Lohan (No. 6), Fergie (No. 9), and Jessica Alba (No. 10). Which made me wonder: what would the list look like for EW.com’s search engine this year? According to our internal tracking, these were the 10 most popular searches this year on EW.com:

1. Lost (pictured)
2. Heroes
3. The Office
4. Stephen King
5. Sopranos
6. "Doc Jensen"
7. 24
8. Harry Potter
9. American Idol
10. The Hills

Britney doesn’t appear until No. 49.

What does this mean? First, that you guys really, really like Lost. (No. 6, of course, refers to EW.com essayist Jeff Jensen’s Lost-centric "Doc Jensen" columns.) Second, you really like TV, more than movies (only Harry Potter — and maybe, Stephen King — count in that direction) and more than music (only Idol qualifies there). Third, you’re much more interested in projects than in celebrities; the only real-life individuals in the top 10 are both EW columnists. Finally, you’re not much interested in gossip.

Tell us, who or what have you searched for this year on EW.com? What pop culture searches do you find yourself conducting most often, here or elsewhere?

addCredit(“‘Lost': Mario Perez”)

You Say You Want a (TV) Resurrection?

I need a castle, preferably someplace in Eastern Europe. Nice living quarters, natch. Central air is a must. But it absolutely needs a spiffy Frankensteinian electric rig in the attic — because I want to bring stuff back to life. (And I’d love it if said castle were in black and white. I’m a purist, what can I say?)

Specifically, I want to bring some long-dead TV shows back from the dead. But the electric mojo will only work on programs that were taken before their time, snuffed just as they were revealing their true potential. In a world where there’s no TCA press tour because there aren’t really gonna be any new shows, reaching into the abyss and yanking back some gems is a perfectly valid dream.

And, since it’s my dream, here are the shows I want back:


M is for...Most Annoying Characters on 'Heroes'

Heroes_lSPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this if you haven’t seen Monday’s Heroes. Seriously!

Okay, so it’s already been four days since it aired, but I still can’t stop thinking about the improved but still somewhat irksome mid-season finale of Heroes. Though killing off two long-running heroes—Niki and Nathan—was an interesting way to detour from a path of predictability (seriously, don’t make Maya cry, people!), I was actually more shocked by the characters that remained alive and kicking at episode’s end. Namely, the “M”s: Maya, Mohinder, and Monica (pictured, l. to r.), as well as Molly and Micah. Is it a coincidence that these folks not only share the same first letter of their monikers, but also an ability to annoy and offend even the most devoted viewers with their consistent and utter stupidity?

Really, when the show’s writers reconvene after the strike ends, they ought to consider
a "Moldavian Massacre"-style story arc to wipe out the dreaded M crowd–except, of course, for Matt; spare the mind-reader, save the show!–don’t you think? Or am I just a sadistic person for calling for the deaths of precious pre-teen characters?

The 'Heroes' plot device that's ready for retirement!

Heroes_l SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read this if you didn’t see last night’s Heroes mid-season finale. Seriously.

If you did catch it, I’m awarding the trophy for most played-out plot device to…the miraculous healing of characters who’ve suffered gunshot wounds. In the past three episodes, including last night’s finale, four characters have benefited from the shot-then-not treatment.

Granted, we knew that Peter and Adam would heal from the bullets fired by Victoria Pratt, but c’mon writers, don’t revive Maya (who should’ve stayed dead) from a blast to the chest, two episodes after HRG rallied from a bullet in the eye. It’s just cheap, especially considering we already saw Kensei/Adam heal from his arrow wounds early in the season, and DL and Matt Parkman survive their respective shootings at the end of season one. Does Tim Kring feel like he can temporarily kill off anybody, since there’s the safety net of Claire’s regenerative blood? (Hey, remember when she got shot, then bounced back, in season one?) At this rate, maybe gunned-down Nathan (seeing a trend yet?) will return in new episodes having been healed by Peter, Claire, or some really good off-screen surgery.

Are you ready for this plot device to go the way of Eden McCain? And what other cheap tactics have you pulling your hair out?

Who's buying the (genetically modified) farm on tonight's 'Heroes'?

Heroes bids an indefinite, strike-mandated adieu when ”Volume 2: Generations" comes to a close tonight. NBC promises in their promo (watch it below) that "two heroes will fall." If this actually means death (and I think it does), I’m pretty sure that Sylar will be dining on Maya’s brains (with some squid-ink pasta and a nice chianti?). I mean, it might just be wishful thinking on my part, but the wonder-twin’s death would bring quick resolution to an unpopular storyline.

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