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'I Love You, Beth Cooper' trailer: Ready for a saucy Hayden Panettiere?

If the one thing in the world that would make you happy is the sight of Hayden Panetierre acting all naughty-saucy-haute-bitchy, then boy…do I have a trailer for you.

Now, what was going through my mind while watching this was not, Chris Columbus wouldn’t have been my first guess as the writer director of a pseudo-raunchy teen comedy, but okay. Nor was it, Will kids getting hit by cars become the new shot-to-the-crotch? No, it was, If these dorks had created Hayden with a primitive PC while wearing bras on their heads, and then she led them on "the night that would change their lives," this would be Weird Science.

Not that reminding me of Weird Science is ever a bad thing. (Kelly LeBrock, why hast thou forsaken us?)

Are you on board for I Love You, Beth Cooper? Or do you, like me, think that if Hayden Panetierre’s ever gonna shed those "save the cheerleader" shackles she’ll have to take roles that erode her comfort zone. Like the stage version of Cruel Intentions that exists only in my head where she’s smooching Sarah Michelle Gellar six days a week and twice on Sunday. TMI? Prolly…

Snap Judgment: 'Heroes: Fugitives.' Any better?

Heroesmasi_lYou know what? Better. Much better. Heroes still isn’t what it should be — the last season and a half of mediocrity left NBC’s super-power-hour at the bottom of a pretty big ditch — but the "Fugitives" arc shows some promise.

Why? A couple of POTENTIALLY SPOILERY thoughts after the jump.


'Anniello TV': Finally! IT IS MINE.

Ho, ho, ho. Merrrrrrrry regime change, P-Dubs one and all. Face it: That worthless hacktoid Michael Ausiello had it coming. Holla for Anniello in ’09!

'Heroes': What's on your fix-it list?

Ewheroes_lI can’t be the only guy who wants to like Heroes again. I loved this show from the very beginning, when Peter Petrelli thought he could fly. Over the last couple of seasons, it seems as if Heroes has lost its way. Our senior writer Jeff Jensen has also been wrestling with both his feelings about the show and what, as a fan, he thinks Heroes needs to do to get back on track.

Me, I’ve been watching the show closely for the past two years in my role as Heroes TV Watch writer, and I’ve got two recommendations: Thin the cast and focus. There are too many characters bouncing around Heroes-ville, and not enough time to service them all. As a result, we don’t get to know them. Hiro, Peter, Nathan, Claire, Sylar, Angela, Tracy, Ando, Noah, Micah, Daphne, Arthur, Maya, Mohinder, Elle, and Matt — all mere ciphers where real characters should be. And if you thinned that cast, you could spend time getting to know the ones who remain, instead of just visiting with them for a few minutes each episode.

What about you? Do you think Heroes is fine the way it is, or does it need an overhaul? What’s on your fix-it list?

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Ali Larter on her 'Heroes' transformation

Alilarter_lOn last night’s Heroes (read Marc Bernardin’s episode recap here), we found out a surprising fact about the origin of Ali Larter’s tightly wound political animal, Tracy. Now the ice princess has a season’s worth of exploring to do. We caught up with Larter yesterday to try to pry some secrets out of her cold dead…er, find out what she likes about her new direction on the show. Read all about it — after the jump!

addCredit(“Paul Drinkwater/NBC”)


The five broadcast TV shows you're most 'emotionally attached to'

Brothersandsisters_lLast week, Media Life Magazine reported on a new study from Marketing Evaluations, The Q Scores Company, which measured and ranked viewers’ emotional attachment to broadcast TV shows during the ’07-’08 season. ("Emotional attachment" was defined as how committed you are to continuing to watch a show.) This list of the 20 series that garnered the greatest devotion (I’ve included it after the jump) definitely got EW’s TV department talking.

And that conversation got me thinking: Let’s do our own informal poll for the ’08-’09 season: Name the five broadcast TV shows you are most committed to watching this fall. (I know we all love our cable, so this may hurt a little.)

My list: 

1. Fox’s Bones (for those of you wondering where the PopWatch love has been, Abby West will be bringing it back starting this week)

2. ABC’s Brothers & Sisters (I would happily marry into the Walker clan, if only for the wine; pictured, David Annable and Emily VanCamp) (Also: Slezak is recapping later today in PopWatch, fear not)

3. ABC’s Desperate Housewives (for as long as Gale Harold is on, anyway; bonus pic of him with Teri Hatcher, after the jump!)

4. The CW’s Privileged (it’s like an ABC Family Channel original movie, only well-written!)

5. I was gonna say CBS’ Ghost Whisperer — I’ve got to see where they’re headed with David Conrad’s character — but really, it’s ABC’s Boston Legal. They know it’s their last season, which should give them plenty of time to plot an appropriately insane, verbose, and (above all) affectionate exit for Denny Crane (William Shatner) and Alan Shore (James Spader). In the season premiere, Alan took on Big Tobacco and Denny thought his penis had Alzheimer’s — very promising.

Your turn.


Ask Ausiello how it feels to finish behind you in our Emmys pool!

Emmygame_lToday, EW.com launched its 2008 Emmys Prediction Game (pictured, with a shout-out to Monk‘s Tony Shalhoub, who celebrates his 100th episode tonight). Submit your picks in 13 major categories, and see how they stack up against those of EW TV expert Michael Ausiello. Come back after the Emmys (Sept. 21, ABC), and find out what position they earned you on the leaderboard. There are prizes — Amazon gift certificates — but we all know the real reward is bragging rights.

Tip: If, in a feeble attempt to speed up the game, you repeatedly click on a nominee and it somehow registers your selection for the next category as well, know you will have an opportunity to switch picks. (No one should have to bet on Dancing With the Stars, other than Annie.)

Zachary Levi should be Band From TV's new lead singer

I say that as if I really care about Band From TV, which you might recall (unless you’ve been fortunate enough to block out that Idol Gives Back "Before He Cheats" performance) features actors James Denton, Greg Grunberg, Jesse Spencer, Bob Guiney, Bonnie Somerville, and Teri Hatcher. But here’s the thing, I just watched this crappy clip (below) from a recent Netflix LIVE! On Location event in Los Angeles, where Chuck‘s Zachary Levi joined the group to duet with The Bachelor‘s Guiney on "The Letter," and I found myself actually wishing the sound quality was better.

Apparently, Hayden Panettiere, Adrian Pasdar (even hotter holding a guitar!), and Jorge Garcia also jam with the band. Watch Garcia take on "Mustang Sally" after the jump. Is he decent, or is that just a song it’s impossible to screw up? (Note: Turn your volume down. Hayden’s a screamer.)


Comic-Con: 'Heroes' panel packed with Season 3 spoilers

Milo_lPanel….or pep rally? Thousands of Heroes fans packed Comic-Con‘s largest venue to get the first look at season three before it returns to NBC — after a nine-month-hiatus — on Sept. 22. And when we say first look, we mean a complete 44-minute look: Executive Producer Tim Kring told the 6,000-plus crowd that he not only wants them to be among the first to see the start of Volume III (titled "The Second Coming"), but that he’d also like them to spread the word once they leave San Diego. "Go back and talk about it and say it’s better than ever," Kring said.  Spoilers begin after the jump:

addCredit(“Chris Haston”)


Let's NOT discuss Hayden Panettiere's 'Wake Up Call'

Today, I shall not speak of Hayden Panettiere’s new single and video for "Wake Up Call." Yes, I know we could all share a laugh about the Heroes star’s goat bleat "whoa-oh-oh-ohs" and the song’s Paris Hilton-lite "reggae" beat. Or we could talk about our common discomfort at watching the 18-year-old actress seductively swivel her hips, writhe her jeans over her visible red undies, and pull off an oddly accurate resemblance to Ashlee Simpson when she slips on that baggy black hoodie. But then we’d just be succumbing to the same bi-coastal media cabal that has given us a depressing baseline awareness of the "singing" careers of Heidi Montag, the sisters Simpson, and El Lohan Diablo.

So instead, let’s turn our attention to Little Jackie’s "The World Should Revolve Around Me," the hip, happening new single from the act’s terrific recent release The Stoop. No surprise that I’m loving this track, since I’m a long-time fan of the solo work of Little Jackie lead singer/songwriter Imani Coppola, but seriously, I think if you take a moment and press play, you’ll find you love it, too. (How can you not love a song with lyrics like, "I bide my time with philosophical questions/ Not for nothing/ But what came first/ The chicken nugget or the Egg McMuffin"?)

What say you, PopWatchers? How about we collectively decide that today is the day we take back the airwaves, and the conversation, to focus on music that moves and excites us, instead of gumming the latest gruel served lukewarm and tasteless off the celebu-powered assembly line? Let the revolution begin right here, right now!

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