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'Heroes' recap: Claire gets her girl on and Peter trips the light fantastic

Heroes-Claire-Kiss_lTwo things of note happened in “Hysterical Blindness,” this week’s edition of Heroes, and only one of ‘em was interesting: 1) Claire kissed a girl, and 2) We finally saw the Heroes version of Dazzler.

Claire kissed a girl. We don’t know if she liked it — and Claire and Gretchen were pulled away for sorority rush duties — but I do know that unless Heroes devotes some real story time to this plot thread, the whole stalkery-Gretchen-macking-on-Claire business will feel like a cheap and tawdry ratings stunt. Not to continue to invoke the hallowed name of Buffy, but the care with which Joss Whedon brought Willow into college life and then out of the closet is a good model to follow. I just hope Heroes doesn’t hastily retreat from homosexuality with the same clumsiness it’s cozied up to it. READ FULL STORY

'Heroes' recap: Characters make progress on a show that refuses to

heroes-ali-larter_dlWe’re gonna do something a little different with this week’s Heroes recap. Sure, I could blow on for hundreds and hundreds of words about what worked in “Acceptance” and what didn’t. Instead, I’ll pick out a couple of noteworthy threads, and end with a “bold” prediction. READ FULL STORY

'Heroes' recap: Shouldn't having superpowers be fun?

Heroes-Ink-Sylar_dlKnow what I’d rather watch than Heroes? Head Detective, the wacky new sitcom following a psychic cop and the crazy dude living in his subconscious! From the people who brought you Cavemen, it’s the comedy fun-ride of the season. Seriously, if it wasn’t so boring, from a story perspective, it’d be interesting — only because Zachary Quinto seems to be having fun. In fact, he’s the only one on this show who does seem to be enjoying himself. Why are these heroes so friggin’ morose all the time? Wouldn’t being a master of the universe be a kick, even occasionally? READ FULL STORY

'Heroes': The good, the bad, and the meh of the season premiere

Heroes is back, boys and girls, for its fourth season, aptly subtitled Redemption. A better name couldn’t have been chosen, as that’s exactly what this show needs. It needs to redeem itself in the eyes of people like me, once-loyal viewers who’ve felt betrayed by what’s  transpired in the superheroic world that executive producer Tim Kring built.

And, in case you’ve forgotten, last season ended with Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) dead and Sylar (Zachary Quinto) brainwashed — by Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg), Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman), and Angela Petrelli (Christine Rose) — to believe that he was the dead senator. (And look like him, too, thanks to Sylar’s shapeshifting power.) The Bennets have split up. Hiro (Masi Oka) and Ando (James Kyson Lee) are putzing around Tokyo. And Mohinder’s some kind of taxi-driving snake-man.

So how’d the season premiere do in picking up those threads?  Here’s the good and the bad. READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars,' 'House,' 'Heroes,' and 'How I Met Your Mother': What to watch tonight?

House-Mother_lFirst I spotted Halloween candy at CVS. Then I saw a leaf on the ground. Then I wore a sweatshirt under a jacket (best day of the year). But now I know for sure that it’s fall, because there is way too much TV on at 8 p.m. tonight. In a good way. What to watch? DVR? Skip? Save? Let’s break it down….

‘DANCING WITH THE STARS’, two-hour premiere, ABC
Reasons to watch: This could be your only chance to see Tom DeLay on the dance floor. (Although something tells me it will be on The Soup and perhaps The Daily Show….)
Reasons to skip: DWTS is on again tomorrow and Wednesday. Tonight’s the men, tomorrow’s the women, Wednesday is a results show and tribute to Patrick Swayze, and watching all three might put you in severe dance overload. Also, yeargh, the early rounds are boring. READ FULL STORY

'Heroes' Season 4 trailer: At what point do we stop caring?

I look at this trailer and the only person I’m interested in is Robert Knepper’s carnie colony colonel. No one else — Sylar, Nathan and Peter Petrelli, Claire and Noah Bennet, Hiro and Ando — moves the needle in the slightest.

How did we come to this, a rampant apathy? Are you still invested in Heroes? Does its return fill you with hope that the producers have learned from their past mistakes, or does it have you scanning the listings to see what else will be on Monday nights?

'The Listener': I hear 'no'

Greg-grunberg-tweet_l Oh, SNAP! Actor Greg Grunberg (Heroes) can't get excited about his own network's new drama, The Listener, which debuts tonight on NBC. He dissed it in a Twitter post today, calling out the show for being unoriginal. The show follows one Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik), a young paramedic whose big secret is that he can hear people's thoughts. And he wants to use his special powers for good! It's like What Women Want as a Canadian drama staring a hunky EMT. So, eh, I'm saving my telepath enthusiasm for Sookie Stackhouse. (Besides, EW television critic Ken Tucker agrees with Grunberg and gave it a C-.)

What about you, PopWatchers? Are we all being too harsh, or will you be joining us on the No Thanks train?

Milo Ventimiglia's 'Ultradome': Two geeks enter, one geek leaves

Startrekhero_lEvery geek has done it, at one point in their lives or another, posit hypothetical battles and try to decide who’d win. Would Superman beat the Hulk? Darth Vader vs. Gandalf? The U.S.S. Enterpise vs. the Battlestar Galactica?

Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia is looking to dramatize these "eternal" battles for a Web series called Ultradome, which would use THE AWESOME POWER OF SPECIAL EFFECTS (sorry, caps are really the only way to convey BOOMING VOICE) to pit fictional figures against one another in an arena environment. As Ventimiglia told the Hollywood Reporter: "My whole life has been spent engaged with friends in intellectualdebate…like whether Captain Kirk is tougher than Spock or ifMiddle Earth is a more difficult place to live than Tatooine. With Ultradome, we can bring these debates tothe public and settle them in the most logical way possible:through armed combat."

Cool, right? But here’s the catch: You won’t see, say, CG versions of Star Wars‘ Han Solo facing off against Firefly‘s Malcolm Reynolds. You’ll see two two fans dressed up as the character they’re championing doing battle. And suddenly I’m way less interested. Why? Because I don’t necessarily want to watch anything that reminds me of this. I mean, I get it: The rights/licensing issues alone would make it prohibitively expensive for a TV series, let alone a series of webisodes. It just feels like something you’d see in a recessed corner of Comic-Con, with a gaggle of slave Leias cheering the combatants on.

But, hey, props to Milo for letting his geek flag fly. He walks it like he talks it.

(And, for the record, Superman would defeat the Hulk. As my friend John correctly reasoned, while the Hulk’s strength is, theoretically, limitless — given that it’s based entirely on his level of rage — Superman’s power is will-based. He flies because he wants to fly. And will doesn’t require leverage. Do not ask me when we had this conversation. All I will say is, it happened after we were both married.)

addCredit(“Star Trek: Everett Collection; Ventimiglia: Chris Haston/NBC”)

C'mon, 'Heroes,' really? THIS is how you end your season?

Man, some days, it’s hard to be a geek. It’s tough being the dude who cares about this stuff even if he doesn’t want to. It’s a calling, really — like pulling a sword from a stone or being handed one of the Lantern Corps rings — and you can’t turn it down. You have to watch the season finale of Heroes, even if you’ve sorta stopped caring. To save you some time, here’s the episode, and after the jump, the four spoilery things you "need" to know:


'Heroes' gets another season: Who's interested? We are!

Heroes_lHeroes will be back for a fourth season. Does that prospect excite you? Bore you? Bounce off you like bullets off Superman’s chest? Count me as being…well, if not exactly excited, then really interested. Even though I’ve been pretty disappointed with the season, I remain enthusiastic and fascinated by its premise and potential. Especially right now: I don’t think the Big Theme of "heroism" has ever been more relevant. The whole idea of "sacrifice" — the chief quality of heroism — is certainly a tricky value to adopt here in these rough economic times. And then, there’s The Dark Knight and Watchmen, big, bold movies that dare to give superheroes a makeover into more complicated, more flawed creatures. Will kids these days leave our current moment even believing in the concept of heroism? All of this makes for great dramatic grist for Heroes, which at its best isn’t just fun, it has the ability to reflect back to us our of-the-moment attitudes about heroism. Of course, the show shouldn’t be pedantic or obvious about it. The Monica/Katrina storyline in season 2 was a little too on the nose. (But I dug the actress, and I really liked the character’s photo-memory power; I kinda wish the show could find a way to bring her back.) And the current national security/Homeland Security-themed storyline feels a little behind the times to me; "Fugitives" might have landed better in the first half of season 2.

Not that I want to try and give Heroes any more unwanted free advice than I already have. And not that I want the show to be all self-serious. This sentiment has been expressed before by others, but let me say it, too: When I was a kid, growing up geeky in Seattle and coming of fanboy age on X-Men by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, and Daredevil by Frank Miller, I dreamed that one day I’d be able to see stuff like what I was reading on TV. Those stories were just so cool, and I knew in my bones that if someone had the nuts to bring this stuff to the masses, mainstreamers would dig it, too. At its best, Heroes has done that, and I really see no reason why it can’t do it again.

This is all to say that I’m happy to see that Heroes is getting another turn at bat, and I’m rooting for it to hit it out of the ballpark next year. But what do you think? Are you pumped that Heroes will continue? And what would you like to see the show do during its fourth season?


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