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TV Recaps: 'American Idol,' 'Hell's Kitchen,' and 'Scandal' -- VIDEO

See what you missed on last night’s episodes of American Idol, Hell’s Kitchen, and Scandal with our recaps below!


TV Recaps: 'American Idol,' 'Hell's Kitchen,' and 'Scandal' -- VIDEO

Find out what happened on last night’s episodes of American Idol, Hell’s Kitchen, and Scandal with our TV recaps below!


TV Recaps: 'American Idol,' 'Scandal,' and 'Hell's Kitchen' -- VIDEO

Missed last night’s American Idol, Scandal, or Hell’s Kitchen? Then catch up with our recaps below!


'Hell's Kitchen' and 'MasterChef' premieres: Gordon Ramsay presents f--ing Monday nights on Fox

Why would anyone eat at Hell’s Kitchen? Nobody ever gets their food. Is there a decoy staff that actually cooks things backstage or does the well-dressed (or if you want my real opinion: slutty and annoying) “audience” just head home hungry? I must look into this.

Chef Gordon Ramsay (“YES, CHEF”) has swooped back in to completely dominate summer Mondays with the season premieres of Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef. One show will make you pat yourself on the back for not swearing in the last 30 seconds, and the other will make you cry. Marvel as Ramsay switches gears from “This f—ing pigeon [is so raw it] could fly” and “You treated those scallops like a homeless rat” on Hell’s Kitchen to STANDING UP AND HUGGING the first featured “home cook” on MasterChef: a 19-year-old college freshman named Michael who’d just come out to his dad before trying out for the show. Plus, a blind woman made it through. Seriously? I’ll borrow some of Ramsay’s words from HK and attempt to apply them to MC with a positive spin: “Shut it down and f—ing clean up.” This was awesome! READ FULL STORY

Gordon Ramsay on 'The Tonight Show': Did he bug you, too?

Ramsay-on-LenoTo say Gordon Ramsay, the chef/host on Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef, is a sweet gentleman is like saying Sofia Vergara is a homely woman with a dumpy wardrobe. Clearly both are false: Ramsay’s MO is a mixture of screaming, profanities, and screaming profanities, while Vergara is Modern Family‘s hot-to-trot sexy mama. So when the two came together as guests on last night’s Tonight Show (a rerun of an episode I missed a few weeks back), it was a bit jarring to see classic Ramsay behavior. Instead of being mildly amused by his attitude, I was full-out annoyed. Between making sexual references toward Vergara, making fun of her son’s name, and at one point “playfully” slapping Vergara (1:42 in the second clip), I was really turned off. And yes, I’m glad Jay Leno stepped in to defend the actress, but he didn’t help the situation all that much. Was making fun of Vergara’s accent (“coooookies”) the best he could think of? Take a gander at the interview in the clip below.


'Hell's Kitchen' finale recap: All's well that ends well done

Hells-Kitchen-finale-HolliImage Credit: Patrick Wymore/FoxIt’s your third anniversary and you and your wife are going out for dinner. You arrive at 8:45 for 8:30 reservations and the maître d’, an oleaginous and well-tailored Belgian, tut-tuts at your tardiness but shows you to your waiting table. You’re a little surprised at the décor: The restaurant is essentially an enormous warehouse filled with cameras and klieg lights. Oh well, you guess that’s just modern dining.

The maître d’ leaves you your menus. For some reason, there appears to be only one option for each course, dependent upon where you are seated. You try to wave him back to ask if there’s some mistake, but you are interrupted by the clang of a dropped pan. There is a silence, as everyone’s eyes, and cameras, shift over to the open kitchen area. And then… READ FULL STORY

'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Charge of the Bite Brigade

hells-kitchenImage Credit: Patrick Wymore/FoxOh, Benny boy: The spine, the spine is aching! Poor Benjamin overexerted himself cleaning all the broken dreams out of the Hell’s Kitchen dorm. And we oughtn’t forget the weight of the world, which sat unsteadily on Ben’s sagging shoulders. The HK medic emerged from his home under the stairs, but he could find nothing physically wrong. The medic called his old enemy, the HK chiropractor, who cured Benjamin”s spinal column but couldn’t save his soul. So Benjamin ascended the stairs to the throne room of Caesar Gordonius the First, who sat behind his desk in an ergonomic swivel-chair specially designed for him by the Squid-Men of Triton.

“I can’t cook on the line,” said Benjamin. His overlord stared across the tale, pondering, confused. No one ever taught Gordo the meaning of the word “can’t.” In days gone by, Doctor Gordo would have torn Benjamin’s head off and served it with risotto. But the time of yelling was done. It was time to teach his chefs a valuable lesson. About inspiration. About leadership. About what it means to be human. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. READ FULL STORY

'Hell's Kitchen' recap: In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man wishes everyone weren't blind

hells-kitchenImage Credit: Patrick Wymore/FoxThe He-Man Woman Haters Club was throwing an emergency meeting. Red Ben was feeling fat and sassy after last week’s near-miss Elimination. “I’m gonna f—ing bury these girls,” he proclaimed, echoing the words of Premier Kruschev. Blue Jay joined in the Testosterone Fest: “I have every intention of making them look silly.” The camera cut away, but I imagine the fellows spent the rest of the evening taking shots of Jager, playing Smash Brothers, and finally, giving each other manful hugs.

It turned out that, much like the first five minutes of old-school Simpsons episodes, this sequence had very little to do with the ensuing episode of Hell’s Kitchen. I was as excited as everyone else last week when this scene was teased in the preview – oh wow, two people forming an alliance! But of course, Hell’s Kitchen isn’t really an “alliance”-style reality show. More problematically, it’s not really clear what kind of reality show Hell’s Kitchen is, at least not this late in a troubled season. After a lame competition, a lame reward (oh wow, I’m on a blimp!), and a lame dinner service, the episode fizzled out into vaguely rah-rah oblivion.


'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Blue-eyed girl, Blue-haired boy

Eons ago, the world was covered in darkness. God had not yet created heaven. Mad Doctor Gordo had not yet created hell. George Washington was still carving America out of Pangaea, using his all-powerful hammer and sickle. Into this shapeless void came a Talking Demon from beyond the beyondest beyond. This demon annoyed the crap out of everyone. No matter how hard you tried, you just could not shut it up. The citizens of Earth (mostly vampires and robo-dinosaurs – this was about 5 million BCE, long before the dawn of man) banded together to imprison this utterly annoying Talking Demon in the Negative Zone. Unfortunately for the universe, the horrible demon was released in the summer of 2010 to participate in a reality show. (You gotta do something to shake things up in season 7.) The Talking Demon was rechristened Autumn, because Autumn is the most annoying season of the year.

Do you doubt this tale I am spinning? The remaining chefs on Hell’s Kitchen don’t. Blue Jay and Red Ben spent most of the episode staring blankly into the Confessional camera, asking variations on the question: “Why the f—ing f— is she still f—ing here?” It’s a good question. Is it because the Hell’s Kitchen producers enjoy splicing quick-shots of Autumn wearing her bra into their montages? Is it because Chef Ramsay has gone loudly insane, and none of his minions dare tell their emperor about his nonexistent new clothes? READ FULL STORY

'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Salvatore the Lobster goes for one last swim

hells-kitchenImage Credit: Patrick Wymore/FoxWatching two hours of Hell’s Kitchen per week makes me dizzy. And not because we’re experiencing twice as many Chef Ramsay freakouts. If anything, this season has witnessed the arrival of a kinder Gordo, a gentler Gordo, a Lots-O-Huggin’ Gordo who smells of strawberries when he wishes you farewell on your journey through life. No, I feel dizzy because watching back-to-back episodes convinces me that I am losing grip on reality. Because I have absolutely no idea at any time whether a contestant is a great chef or a terrible chef.

Last night, two chefs who have been non-entities at best were suddenly revealed as legitimate contenders. Meanwhile, the two most talented chefs stumbled, stammered, imploded, exploded, and generally acted like caveman fifth-graders. (Also, maybe I’m hallucinating, but I could swear that Jay said, “Jason has no talent in the kitchen” about three seconds before he said “Jason is a very talented chef.” Well, which is it, Man-With-Blue-Hair?) I can understand when characters in a scripted show act differently from one week to the next, but when that happens on a reality show, the only response is to curl up into the fetal position and chant “Life is Chaos, Life is Chaos” until the spinning stops. Such existential uncertainty makes it hard to analyze the field of remaining contestants, but we’re at the halfway point of the season now, so perhaps we should take a few moments to survey those who remain.

First, though, a brief requiem for the dearly departed:


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