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Jim Carrey gay sex scene from 'I Love You Phillip Morris' hits the Web

It could take forever for I Love You Phillip Morris to find a U.S. distributor, but you can feel the full impact of Jim Carrey’s thrust today! The very NSFW clip awaits your gaze over at Queerty. If you do watch it, tell us: Are you more or less intrigued by this movie having seen this?

Also, hello, heavage is having a very big week on PopWatch.

Also: ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’ delayed for the umpteenth time

John McCain has acknowledged Snooki. On Twitter. While referring to The Situation.

Tell me which sentence (fragment) is the worst of the three in that headline.

I know! It’s difficult!

Master of abbreviation John McCain totally @’ed Jersey Shore wax statue Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi on Wednesday afternoon. As you may know, Snooki has taken time out from her janitorial work at a chocolate factory to complain about President Obama’s 10 percent tax on tanning beds. If you didn’t know that…I’m sorry. For everything.

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

2010 FIFA World Cup begins tomorrow: Are you ready?

jan-duricaImage Credit: Richard Heathcote/Getty ImagesThe 2010 FIFA World Cup begins tomorrow in South Africa. All 64 matches will air live on ESPN, ESPN2, or ABC. You’ll find the TV schedule here. Rumblings have begun around our office about Saturday’s England vs. USA match (2 p.m. ET, ABC), but really, my excitement didn’t build until a friend sent me the link to Swoonworthy’s World Cup Starting 11 (All-Nations Edition) — a list of the Beautiful Game’s hottest men. “The research was intense and grueling. Not a single World Cup squad or player was skipped. That’s right: I considered every single player. So with 23 men on 32 teams, that’s … more math than I can muster,” the site says. I, for one, would like to thank it for doing all that leg work. (Pause as I stop to think about soccer stars’ thighs. And, I’m back.) Now, I have a reason to get up at 7 a.m. Tuesday to watch New Zealand vs. Slovakia — Slovakian defender Ján Durica (pictured).

Do you agree with Swoonworthy’s list? What aspect of the World Cup do you find most entertaining? (We’re pondering an Angry Coach Watch.)

Dessert Poll: Who wore it better?

I already did a Lunchtime Poll today, but that’s no reason to avoid pitting two really excited-looking EW writers against each other in a Black Plaid Shirt Battle for the ages. Here are Michael Ausiello and Adam Markovitz inadvertently imitating the creepy twins from The Shining.

Now, don’t rush to vote for that Smurf-obsessed freak on the left just because he’s the one you know. Take a good, long look at the individual plaids. Does one seem more connected with his look than the other? Does posture matter? What about pockets? Think about it really hard and then do what’s right.

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

'Killers': I now see Ashton Kutcher as a man. At least something good came out of it.

Ashton-KutcherImage Credit: Magali BragardDo you remember the moment you finally saw Ashton Kutcher as a man and not as a man-child? For me, it was last night, watching him wear a suit as a government assassin in Killers, then walking shirtless in swimwear (pictured), then packing heat and trying to stay ahead of the hitmen who were secretly embedded in his life when he left the game for love (Katherine Heigl) and suddenly activated three years later. I intended to write an I Saw It, So You Don’t Have To! post on the movie, but the truth is, I didn’t find it as offensive as EW critic Lisa Schwarzbaum. I didn’t hate it, I just felt nothing, which is why I only jotted down three notes and why if you’re tempted to see it in theaters for any of the reasons Lisa mentions in her hilarious review, don’t. This is the kind of movie that will play so much better on a Saturday afternoon on TBS, when you’ll be satisfied with a pretty picture, a bit of light action, and an occasional chuckle from Catherine O’Hara, who plays Heigl’s boozy mom. It’s comfort viewing — nothing to alarm or surprise you.

The reviews haven’t been kind, but I do think Killers was a worthwhile venture for Kutcher, who was a producer on the film. I still can’t imagine him stepping into Brad Pitt’s role in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but I can see him now as a man who can take care of himself (and his family). That’s a start. Let Ashton grow up, Hollywood. We’re ready for it.

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'Glee': Do you irrationally hate Will Schuester?

Does anyone else just…kinda not like Will Schuester? Kate Ward and I discovered the other day that we both love Glee but cringe whenever “Schue” pops up — especially if he’s delivering an “assignment” to his underlings, talking to Emma, or pre-, post-, (or worst of all) mid-rap. And that hair! And his nickname is “Schue!” We just can’t. Maybe our allegiance to Sue Sylvester is to blame for our non-tolerance, or maybe Will Schuester is just lame.

Anyway, Matthew Morrison was on The Tonight Show last night discussing his shirtless photo shoot for Vogue and getting called a “lame-ass” by Jay Leno because he wanted to greet President Obama in his native tongue. Watch the video below, but be sure to vote first. Happy Friday!


Fabber abs: Brad Pitt in 'Troy' or Gerard Butler in '300'?

pitt-butler-absIn honor of The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time hitting theaters (and star Jake Gyllenhaal the gym), Vulture presents The Fug Girls’ History of the Sword-and-Sandal Ab, from 1914’s Cabiria through today. It’s an informative and enjoyable read examining what each actor’s physique says about his role and, more interestingly, Hollywood’s motive at the time it was filmed. After clicking through the gallery twice — one needs to be thorough — I started wondering whose abs are remembered the most fondly: Brad Pitt’s in Troy (“Consider it the movie that turned a washboard into a status symbol: If Helen of Troy’s was the face that launched a thousand ships, these are the abs that launched a thousand covers of Men’s Health. It’s like a six-squared-pack, and the abs that all other gladiator abs wish they could be”) or Gerard Butler’s in 300 (“It’s eye candy drizzled in blood and guts, elevating sword-and-sandal flicks to the faceless warrior porn they were meant to be”)? Poll!

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New 'True Blood' minisode: Bill shops for a ring, in an open robe

I consider the latest True Blood minisode, which features a female jeweler making a house call at Bill’s because he can’t shop for a diamond during normal business hours, to be in the same vein as that VILF poster. They want us to know that they know how we feel about the show’s vampires. Apparently, Bill doesn’t like to be objectified, but in this woman’s defense, he did answer the door in an open robe. It’s like that scene in Pretty Woman, where Richard Gere doesn’t want Julia Roberts to answer the phone in his hotel room, but he keeps calling her. Watch the minisode here.

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'True Blood' clip shows shirtless, post-coital Eric. (Why bury the lead?)

true-bloodThe Most Anticipated Abs of Summer 2010, those of True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard, have made their debut in a new clip from the HBO drama’s upcoming third season. Watch it here. Sookie goes to see Eric at Fangtasia, convinced that he’s the one who abducted Bill. Eric has an alibi — six hours of sex with new dancer Yvetta — and promises that as sheriff of the area in which Bill resides, it’s his duty to find him, “even if I do want what is his.” (Looking at Sookie’s cleavage twice was a nice touch: A human male would have looked once; vampires with super sex drives, definitely twice.)

Is this clip enough to suddenly make you want to win tickets to the True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience? Go to the show’s Facebook page to enter. On June 1, movie theaters in 50 cities will host a live simulcast Q&A with creator Alan Ball and cast members, as well as a screening of the season 2 finale and a sneak peek at what’s to come in season 3. Resist the urge to make a dirty joke, resist the urge to make a dirty joke, resist the urge to make a dirty joke

'Moonlight' reruns on The CW: Smart move, but for whom?

moonlightThe CW has announced that it will air reruns of CBS’s one-season vampire wonder Moonlight on Thursdays this summer starting June 3, following repeats of The Vampire Diaries. My first thought: Is this to help Alex O’Loughlin nab some more fans in anticipation of CBS picking up his Hawaii Five-O pilot for its fall schedule, or to give The Vampire Diaries an opportunity to win over some Moonlight fans who’ve yet to tune in? Or both?

Either way, it works for me. It’s obviously a nice pairing — Mick (O’Loughlin) is like the best of both Salvatore brothers, with Damon’s charisma and Stefan’s humanity. Plus, it’s got Jason Dohring, whom CW fans know and love from Veronica Mars. Moonlight wasn’t without unanswered questions when it was canceled, but you do get some kind of resolution to the all-important romance arc at the end of the 16 episodes. And it’s well-timed: Summer just feels right for totally gratuitous scenes of a shirtless vampire, particularly when people will be talking about the June 13 return of True Blood and the June 30 release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Work for you?

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